Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Best Overwatch Cosplay of Dragon Con 2017

I realize most of you haven't had your lives consumed by Overwatch, the online multi-player game John and I just can't quit, so I thought I'd put all my favorite Dragon Con Overwatch cosplay together in just one post. This way you Overwatch muggles can feel free to breeze on by, while I and my fellow addicts can all go ERMERGERSH together and dish about the Halloween event that just dropped, because HOW ARE THERE STILL NO NEW ORISA SKINS, and what is Mei supposed to be, and how awesome does Eichenwalde castle look now?! :D

I originally planned to show you the best cosplay I found of every single Overwatch character - because oh yes, I *FOUND* every single character - but to quote Inigo from Princess Bride, "No, there is too much. Lemme sum up." 

So these will be the best cosplays I found overall, regardless of character.

Starting out with a bang and BWEEEE, because LOOK AT THIS BASTION:

His light even changed from red to blue!

I seriously didn't think this character could even be cosplayed, so I stood around gawking for ages. It took me several minutes to realize the cosplayer's eyes are fully exposed - see them? Because of Bastion's head light it was especially hard to see into the neck area, so that's a brilliant design strategy, right there.

Two more:

The weathering, the clean lines, the puppetry-aspect for the long arms - I am just so, so impressed.

I love this Zarya so much I couldn't pick a favorite photo - so you get all 3: 

Seriously, this IS Zarya.


There were several excellent McCrees around, but this one was my favorite. Not only were the details NAILED, he also went the extra mile with the best light-up effects:

PLUS he had a prop cigar (I assume a modified e-cig) that blew real smoke!

Not only did I see every single Mercy skin cosplayed, I saw them all cosplayed incredibly well. Here's her Field Medic and Halloween Witch:

 I'll have more Mercys further down.

My favorite Roadhog and Junkrat pair:

And Hanzo in his Lone Wolf skin:

I was impressed this Sombra already had her new snorkeling skin from the Olympics event:

Tracer - in green! - and Reaper in his Blackwatch skin doing the classic shrug pose, which cracked me up:

Speaking of Reaper, here's a drop-dead gorgeous mashup:

I'm just not sure what he's mashed up with. Help?

UPDATE: Consensus seems to be this is a Diablo mashup. Thanks, guys!

I know these lovely ladies are mashups of Overwatch & League of Legends, at least:

And WOW did they nail it. So good.

One more Junkrat - this kid had the funny tongue-out pose down, ha:

And here come a couple Lucios!

I love that she's wearing the skates! And that they have rainbow lights on them!
[Even better, I just learned lady Lucio - aka Steph - is a freestyle Rollerblader. So perfect.]

Symmetra and Zenyatta:

My girl Orisa has to be the hardest character to cosplay, so I was super impressed by these two-legged interpretations:

[Vraskaa Cosplay & Akakioga Cosplay]

I especially love how they each incorporated face paint into the look. Just gorgeous.

Talk about jaw-dropping: LOOK at this Junkrat in his Hayseed skin:
[Dashy Props]

It was even more impressive in person!

Soldier 76 in his Strike Commander skin and Symmetra in Oasis, my favorite of her skins:

I bet you're thinking I didn't find a single Winston cosplay, aren't you? 

WELL I DID. Sort of. 

And you guys, it's the best thing everrrrr:

BABY WINSTON!! IN A STROLLER. Holding a jar of peanut butter. And of course that's Dr. Winston with him, and of course I AM melting from the lethal doses of cute. Can. Not. Even.

Quick shout-out to one of the most inventive Overwatch cosplay of the con, and that goes to this girl who dressed as one of the Loot Boxes:

She invited people to throw that little yellow dart at the magnetized board, which determined which Loot Box you got from her tray. She made the papercraft boxes herself, and they were filled with candy and small trinkets, and HOW AWESOME IS THAT? I adore interactive costumes like this - it starts some great convos, and just makes fun memories for everyone. 

And finally, let's end with two more Mercys that had my jaw dragging on the concrete:

Loooook at this Valkyrie Mercy cosplay. It's so beautiful.

 And finally, Mercy's Devil skin!

Stunning. Just stunning.

Hope you guys enjoyed! I'm sorry I couldn't share ALL of my Overwatch pics here, but you can find the rest here on Flickr!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go win some Halloween Loot Boxes. ;)

(P.S. - As always, if you know any of these cosplayers please tell me in the comments, so I can credit them!)


  1. Mei is a Jiangshi, a Chinese Hopping Vampire :)

  2. Eee so awesome! Also, when googling Orisa cosplays i found ONE person who totally managed the full Orisa outfit. it made me squee so hard. Also i was mentally trying to figure out how to do it using some sort of harness and wiring to get the hind legs to move with my legs so i could "walk". I just think it's so far outside my current skills, haha.

  3. I gave birth to the mini Junkrat "Voidwalker", you can see more of his work at @avera_cosplay or @cezar_cosplay. He is also for sale :P

    1. I'm going to hope you mean the *costume* is for sale. :p

  4. The Reaper combo looks like it's Reaper/Diablo combo. With the health potions and crazy armor? Maybe?

  5. I'm 98% sure that Reaper is mashed-up with the Demon Hunter from Diablo 3. They are very similar characters in some essences, and both stunning Blizz games.

    (I am apparently channeling my DragonCon envy by picking out characters you need a wee slash of help with on every post).

  6. Damn! My Orisa cosplay didn't make it, but my friends did and theirs were amazing!

  7. I watched the amazing Hanzo build by @seraphcosplay on Instagram, and if you wanna see an awesome McCree, my friend at @darkforce_cosplay does an amazing one (and is currently building Soldier 76!)

  8. The gal who did the Loot box cosplay is Fräulein Ninja Cosplay

  9. I don't play or watch a lot of the things you're excited about but good cosplays are good cosplays. I don't play LoL either but I know who the two crossovers are from that side, no idea what their Overwatch counterparts are.

  10. Great article! I was amazed by all the Overwatch cosplayers at the Sunday photoshoot!

    That Hayseed Junkrat was me! :D My FB page is:

  11. These are great! Especially the Bastion. I definitely want to see the rest. Also excited about the Halloween stuff, must have that Ana skin and Mei skin.

  12. Awesome pics! Do you have a link to your DragonCon Flickr album?

    1. Aha, forgot to link it, sorry about that! Link's up, you can find the album here.

  13. Those are too amazing! (and I don't even have a clue about any of them!) - Hmmm gone are the days (1975 NYC Star Trek Con) when I just painted myself blue and made a silver netting dress and called it "good enough".... ;)

  14. I'm in a group on Facebook with the loot box lady, and watching her progress shots of those loot boxes was ridiculous in the best way. Cosplayers are awesome.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Let's see who I know. The female Lúcio is @m42sc on Instagram, Tracer is @dragonlordcosplays on Insta, Tulum Sombra is @hanecosplay, aaaaaand think that's all I know. Super awesome to see everyone there!

  16. I just showed this post to my 9 year old son (who plays a lot of overwatch after school) and he geeked out over every one of these :) (and he now wants me to make him a Hanzo costume) :D

  17. The girl who did the green Orisa is


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