Monday, May 8, 2017

WDW's Spring Dapper Day 2017, Part 2

Time for Part 2 of my favorite finds and fashions from last month's Dapper Day!
 (Did you miss Part 1? Go see!)

This was the first time we had a two-day event for Dapper Day (or two and a half days, if you count the Friday night get-together at Disney Springs), and I think it was too much for folks to do both. Granted, Epcot is a lot bigger than the Kingdom, but it still felt like there were a lot less dappers there for Day 2. I suspect many people threw in the dapper towel after a full day of sweating and sunburns.

All that to say, this batch will be a mix of both Magic Kingdom and Epcot photos. :)

Starting with some pretty Princess Flappers!

 Possibly Merida on the far left? Then Belle, Snow, and Ariel.

This was as unexpected as it was adorable: Dapper Wendy, but not THAT Wendy...

...THIS Wendy. Ha! I almost wish she'd had a hamburger purse.

Speaking of purses, this Tinkerbell's is shaped like a spool of thread!

I go nuts for details like this.

My friend Steph had to help me ID this one: who remembers Powerline from A Goofy Movie?


Speaking of my friend Steph, here she is rockin' some veggies in her Kitchen Kabaret 'bound:

She has a tomato purse and an eggplant & lettuce fascinator she made herself!
(Which of course doesn't show here, ha! Oops.)

 What do you think: octopus skirt or flamingo suit with matching flamingo tie?


(The lady is laughing because after I said I liked her ears, John quipped "Not the Mickey ones, your ACTUAL ears. She's weird like that.")

This fabulous Cruella gave me the best starlet sashay when I asked for her picture. Like, the glamour snapped ON, y'all:

I love that. I love seeing people light up when the camera comes out. 

Agent Carter!

And pink dress Ariel, with a Flounder-striped parasol!

I fell in love with this Tiana's hair:

And this Monsters, Inc. mom and daughter I spotted at lunch were too cute - check out "Mike's" big googly eye!

Lovely vintage-styled ladies:

 And some perfect Small World accessories on the left here:

Her hair flowers say "Adios" and "Sayonara" - just like at the end of the ride!
Plus did you notice the Ariel sail-dress beside her? Brilliant.

This lovely lady hand-painted all the characters on her parasol, skirt, and shoes:

Less formal, but I'm crushing on this kicky rockabilly look:

Also did my best not to drool on her rainbow tattoos. (Purrrrdy.)

A pretty Pooh Bear and sweet Snow White skirt:

Now over to the Butterfly Tent in Epcot:

Because little kids in suspenders. Gah. SO CUTE.

Dapper gentlemen:

And yes, that IS John workin' the duck lips with his second violet lemonade of the day. (Sorry, ladies & gents: this one's taken.)

You guys, look how gorgeous my friend (& Epbot reader!) Melissa is:

She was a bit sad no one guessed her 'bound, but I know you guys will get it.
(That's a floating eyeball pin on her top, if that helps.)

Two of my favorites 'bounding pairs, coming atcha:

First, Leia (in a genius dress design) and her stormtrooper escort, and second...

Did you guess?

Because you guys, that's dapper Rocket Racoon and Starlord. AAAAAA! "Rocket" even has a Groot flower pin made of twisted branches! [Click to embiggen] Plus Starlord's hat has shiny metallic trim like his mask. Ahh-mazing.

This Flynn Rider is wearing Snuggly Duckling mouse ears:

And how darling are the dalmatians? (See what I did there?)

Love this floral headpiece:

Especially since the rest of her hair is tucked away in the wrap behind it. Talk about the perfect way to deal with Florida humidity! Plus I just really want to wear flowers on my head all the time.

I finally got to meet Melissa here, who've I've been following on Instagram for ages:

She's dressed as a dapper Horizons' cast member! Nostalgia overload!

And speaking of retro Epcot goodness, how about TWO Figments?

That's another reader and friend, May, on the right. Next time I'm totally stealing her umbrella, so watch out, May.

Here comes another strong argument in favor of everyone wearing flowers in their hair forever and always:

So pretty. I can't even.

A pair of Pan Am stewardesses and a stylin' Sorcerer Mickey:

And finally, this too-perfect-for-words Babette - aka the feather duster from Beauty and the Beast:

She has a feathery collar, boa, and one long feather in her fascinator. Plus that dress! Swoon-worthy.

But wait, there's more! I've uploaded ALL of my Dapper Day photos to Flickr, so head over to my gallery if you'd like to see the rest. And dappers, I'm sorry I can't feature all of you fabulous people here on the blog, but I'm afraid I went a little crazy and ended up with nearly 300 finished shots!

I hope you enjoyed your virtual visit to Dapper Day!

Oh! And watch this space for a retro Epcot quick craft, coming soon. [eyebrow waggle]



  2. Dapper day just keeps being beautiful! Love seeing all the different outfits ^_^

  3. The Tower of Terror Dapperbound was spot on!! I knew her outfit immediately! The TV purse, clock fan, eyeball pin... perfection!!

  4. Yay! I applaud the other Figment for wearing her sweater. I actually made one but made the executive decision to not wear it owing to the 94f weather. ;) I was melting just as it was!

  5. Is 'Wendy' actually Raggaly Ann? That's who I thought of, especially with those stockings!

    1. I never realized how similar those two characters were 'til now! I'm sticking with Wendy purely based on the double braids, but you've got me second-guessing. :D

    2. I'm going to vote for Wendy. I think if she had been Raggedy Ann the bottom lashes would have had that pronounced spidery look and the effort she went into with the drawn on freckles makes me think she would have taken the route if that had been the case. But I had to google both of them to check! I love cosplay so much!

    3. I'll almost promise it's Wendy after all the Twitter/Facebook burns that Wendy's hamburger's has been handing out... add to that all the extra anime-art that people have been creating for her, and yeah, the cos-play scene is going to see all sorts of "Sassy Wendy's" this summer!

    4. Definitely Wendy of the restaurant. I'm old enough to remember their old logo, which is identical to this talented woman. (Though, I'd agree it's a bit of a weird choice, not being Disney or movie related...)

    5. She'd the triangle nose for Raggedy Ann, no?

    6. Anyone else see dapper Pippi Longstocking instead of Wendy or Raggedy Ann?

    7. Totally saw Pippi instead of Wendy.

  6. "I'm sorry I can't feature all of you fabulous people here on the blog, but I'm afraid I went a little crazy and ended up with nearly 300 finished shots"

    Only 300. Just 300. You could post those.

  7. I seriously *need* that octopus skirt/dress. No idea where I would ever wear it, but I need it.

  8. OK, I need that TV purse and the octopus skirt. I think I can mod the purse, but does anyone know where to get that octopus fabric? So much cleverness. I love these posts so that I can enjoy the creativity. Thanks, Jen.

    1. Oh! I found a large octo print on spoonflower. I linked that one below, but at the price of the skirt you could upload a print of your own and make 3 skirts!


  9. Okay, I thought Melissa was doing a Rod Sterling- Twilight Zone bound, but when I got to the comments I saw I was wrong. She has made me REALLY want to do a Twilight Zone bound for my next con.

    1. She was? I mean, it's definitely Tower of Terror?

    2. I had the same Twilight Zone thought! (I haven't been on Tower of Terror, though). Maybe if her parasol was a spiral, it would be more Twilight Zoney?

    3. I thought for sure that it was a Twilight Zone bound what with the TV and all.

    4. You are all correct! The full name of the ride is The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. So she covered all the bases with one amazing outfit :)

  10. I guessed your friend was the Tower of Terror and I've never been to Disney World and only seen pictures here and there (probably here, LOL). I'm shocked no one at the event guessed it!

  11. I audibly moaned at that Babette dress. So pretty!

  12. Octopus skirt no, flamingo suit - wait, maybe Babbette's dress. Gah, so much goodness to choose from!

  13. The millennium falcon hip purse on the storm trooper though!!!

  14. ToT! The fuzzy TV purse and elevator fan are perfection!

  15. Ahhhhh so pretty! I love all of these fashions and wish I had that creativity gene. And that I could look that put together in the 90-degree heat and 150% humidity.

  16. So many beauties!! (And so much from Pinup Girl!) :) Love all the creativity, it's *almost* cooler than straight out cosplay. Makes me miss living in SoCal when I had my Dland pass!

  17. The little boy in suspenders totally reminds me of Pinocchio!

  18. Ahhhh! The Pan Am stewardesses are my friend Karen and her sister Loren! I was hoping you saw them! I think I have to save the pic so I can show my grandmother (a 95 year old actual Pan Am stewardess) that I found my high school friend on my favorite blog. The world is small sometimes. :)


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