Saturday, May 27, 2017

Star Wars Celebration 2017: My Favorite Cosplay Fashions!

I took a little break there from my Celebration coverage, but I'm back, peeps, with the LAST ONE!

When you go to a lot of conventions, you'll find that the Big Costume Day is always Saturday, while Sunday is a more laid-back, final-stretch vibe. Since Celebration was 4 days long, I found folks were especially dismissive of Sunday, claiming it'd be a ghost town with little-to-no costumes.


In fact, I was blown away by some of the most creative closet cosplays, character dresses, and fun fashions the fans brought out.

Glam C-3PO!

True, everything was a little more comfortable and easy to get around in - but that was the beauty of it!

This was the day Star Wars fans really let their hair down, and even got a little silly:


A Twi'lek in a kimono? Why not?

There was a whole dapper group running around, with ruffles, sequins, and feathers galore:

All those colors under her skirt! SO GOOD.

I love how little Lando's mom dressed to match:

Gender-swapped Leia & Boba Fett:

Since a few of you asked: John and I didn't enter the costume contest at Celebration, because they required registration several months in advance. I was actually happy to miss it, though, because I'd have been way too nervous anyway! Plus, the grand prize winner was covered in like a million Swarovski crystals, and that is SO SHINY:

Tamatoa would approve.

Adorable Ewoks:

Two little girl Siths, showing us HOW IT IS DONE:

You know how people say they want to be so-and-so when they grow up? I want to reverse grow-up to be both of these girls. Which makes no sense, so let's move on.

Oh! Speaking of life goals: you may be cool, but are you Lego Stormtrooper-in-a-matching-Stormtrooper-jacket cool?

Well, unless this is you.

(I have no idea how this trooper got the Lego to curve around the helmet. Anyone care to illuminate me?)

Two mom-and-daughter duos:

Love this so much. My mom and I have cosplayed together a couple of times at Dragon Con, and it always makes me wish we'd started a long time ago, back when I was a kid. What I'm saying is, cosplay with your Next Generation, peeps.

Dads, too!


Easter time!

It was Easter Sunday. Need I say more?
I mean, I feel like I *do* need to say more about this Cyberpunk Kylo & Hux, but I have no explanation. Also I want Hux's shades.

One more:


 This Punk Leia had a skateboard and a sweet leather Wampa armband:

Now here comes my favorite After The Fact of Celebration:

I had no idea why that one Hux was in a romper carrying ice cream - I just knew I loved it. So later I looked it up, and discovered it's from the TFA Lego game: I discovered there's all kinds of fan art of "aerobics hux" - some a little NSFW? Bahaha! - and don't ever change, geeky fandoms. DON'T YOU DARE EVER CHANGE. (Unless it's into a pink-and-yellow romper to fetch us all ice cream.)

I like to think these lovely ladies are heading to the Starkiller Sock Hop:

That's Technically Toki in the red - she's a great follow on FB if you love cosplay. 

I'm completely in love with both these looks and want them for my very owwwwn:

The light-up shoes! (Her jacket was shiny silver to match, too.) And the pink R2 corset! Swoon!

Oops, this one could have gone in my Best Mashups post: do you recognize it?

She's the Haunted Mansion tightrope walker, Star Wars style! (And I'm drooling over her skirt!)

Speaking of skirts, YOU GUYS - I ran into Lemon Drop Cosplay, the creator of the magical transforming droid skirt - you know, the one that went viral a while back? Here, I'll refresh your memory:

A post shared by Jen Yates (@epbot) on

I could watch this all day, and still never quite figure it out. MAGIC.

Since then she's made a Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman skirt that changes THREE times, so my brain is now three times as broken, plus a Marauder's Map skirt with disappearing ink. How? HOW??

And finally, friends, geeks, compatriots, let me end with this:

 Because Sexy Rancor Head is just TOO DANG FUNNY.

(I was in the Jawa rig when I spotted her, so I made John chase her down. Thanks, Sweetie! :D)

That wraps up Star Wars Celebration 2017, gang, and just in time, since I'm at MegaCon at this very moment. Hope to see some of you locals here, and everyone else, stay tuned for more great cosplay photos!

(P.S. Oh! Speaking of my Jawa cosplay - my interview with is up! EEE!)


  1. I love seeing these posts. ^_^ I get so many ideas!! Rock on Hux for being Ahead of the Romp-him trend. XD

  2. I suspect they used Lego Tape for the curves on the helmet. Awesome stuff! I don't have any. :'(

    And that may be the coolest skirt I've ever seen!

    1. My husband thought maybe the Lego helmet had heated and curved Legos, but Lego tape would be easier. (I didn't know such a thing existed, and now I want some!)

  3. The rebel Can Can girl is my friend, Cressie Lewis - she was the one that dressed as bb-8 with a lightsaber umbrella a couple of years ago for a SW movie premiere....LOVE this!

  4. I've never seen Star Wars, but I love all of your SW-related posts! The fans seem so dedicated and fun!

  5. I'm trying to wrap my head around how the transforming skirts work, and now I have a headache. Thought I had it with the R2D2 BB8 skirt, but the one that changes 3 times? And the disappearing map?! Wow!

  6. Yaysies for the interview being posted, Miss Jen!!!!!!!!! (Just imagine her saying STAR WARS and hugging the Jawa and a Leia doll instead. :P)
    Pinkie Welborne, 16,

  7. LOL - at first I thought Sexy Rancor head was a new Lady Gaga outfit... :D

  8. Epbot is one of my favorite places on web. Love your posts.

    That skirt is so cool. It looks like when she spins she holds the waistband in different places to anchor the skirt to force which side of the pleats face out.

  9. Came for the fashion photos, commenting for the 'Next Generation' joke.

    Pleased I figured out the colour change skirt on first watch - might have to eploy that trick in a drag outfit ^^

  10. Bunny Fett made me snort-giggle loud enough to wake the dog! All of these are so creative! I wish I had even 10% of the creativity and sewing skills of these people. Soooo cool!

  11. If you use the THIN Legos, they will bend with a little heat.

  12. Skirt Lady somehow flips the pleats!

    As R2-D2, the folds of the pleats point to the right, and as BB-8, the folds point to the left.
    Apparently she has alternating strips of R2-D2 and BB-8 folded into pleats, and she uses the twirl to pull at the waistband, which somehow makes the pleats reorient themselves :-)

    1. or there are some sort of small motors with wires as described in this article
      Very cool that!!!!

  13. The Cloud City skirt the tightrope walker is wearing is by Her Universe. I love their designs! Glad to see the "Moulin Rogue One" ladies (the ones in the dapper/can-can style outfits) represented here!


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