Thursday, May 4, 2017

A Bunch Of Radar Technicians Invaded Star Wars Celebration... And It Was The Best Thing Ever

Today's the perfect day to share one of my all-time favorite things from Star Wars Celebration last month.

In order to appreciate the sheer hilarity of what I'm about to show you, you should really be familiar with SNL's "Undercover Boss" sketch featuring Kylo Ren.

If you're NOT familiar - or if you just want to watch it again, because who wouldn't? - then allow me:

Since this aired last year I've been seeing "Matt the Radar Tech" costumes at conventions, but a certain group at Star Wars Celebration took it to a whole new level:

This was also Easter Sunday - hence the bunny ears. 

The whole group was in character, and gleefully interacted with passers-by. If a Han Solo walked by, "NOT our father." If you yelled you wanted your muffin, a whole chorus of "jerkface!" erupted, or "Oh no, you're choking on food!" They repeatedly asked the world at large what a "calcinator" was, because "It's stressing me out!" And if you stood around watching the show and laughing your fool head off, then the leader might point at you, say, "I can see into your mind..." and the whole group would finish, "AND IT'S STUPID!"

Which is exactly what's happening here:

Then you get to see my little run-in with Kylo at the end. Heh.

That Kylo (or rather, Kylo Vader mashup) had a great moment, too. First they fawned over him, then they started counting his "8-pack":

Here's girl Matt asking for permission to hug his leg:

... and then hugging his leg:


But wait, THERE'S MORE.

A Darth Vader walked by, and the whole group lost its collective, muffin-obsessed mind. They went streaking over to the poor bewildered cosplayer, completely surrounding him, bowing and yelling "WE WILL FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED," and generally sending me into further hysterics.

Then someone in the crowd handed over a muffin.

So they got Vader to hold the muffin:

And just to put the finishing touch on the best bit of convention theater I've seen, a few lucky loiterers were awarded the ultimate prize: One of the Matts would run over, look you in the eye, and say, "I ran into Kylo Ren in the bathroom, and he asked me to give you this."


And I will cherish it forever.

Thanks to Matt Kevin, who organized the "Matt The Radar Tech Shredded 8 Pack Attack," and to all the other Matts, including Tori (girl Matt) and Peanut who you can follow on Instagram.

May the 4th be with you, everyone!


  1. This is the best thing I've ever seen (and you post a lot of great stuff)! Happy Star Wars Day!!!!

  2. I was watching the video and my three year old came up behind me and said "Kylo Ren is so beautiful! Bye Kylo Ren, see you soon!" And then she wanted to watch Ep 7. Should I be concerned that I'm raising the next generation of Sith? 🤓

  3. I love this so much!! A welcome diversion when I should be grading final essays :)

  4. Man, I need a group to cosplay with! So much fun!

  5. OH MY GOSH. 😆

    This is the most glorious group cosplay I've ever seen! 😍

  6. LOVE THIS! I can see why you giggled! ;D

  7. OMG, I AM DYING HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. And also with you.

  9. Best group cosplay ever! Now I'm off to have my muffin.

  10. Thank you for the best SW day lost EVER!

  11. Thank you so much for posting these pics and video of our Matt The Radar Tech group meet up! My name is Matt Kevin :-) and I organized this group of Matts at Star Wars Celebration Orlando. Thank your for this article and great pics. We have a Facebook group called "Matt The Radar Tech Shredded 8 Pack Attack

  12. This is freaking hilarious! I'm giggle-snorting over here, perplexing the dog.

  13. One of those Matts is my BF's hubby, who was also part of the Matt Attack at DragonCon.

    Usually you find him dressed as Luke Skywalker, but who can resist Matt?

  14. I ran into these guys at DragonCon last year and it was simultaneously the most confusing and fantastic thing ever.

  15. There was more than 1 girl Matt, there was even more than 1 girl Matt in bunny ears!

  16. This is so great! I went as Matt the Radar Technician to Disney last year, and it was so much fun. This group sounds absolutely fantastic.


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