Monday, May 15, 2017

Jen's Gems: Disney History, Steampunk Theaters, and Magic Tissue Flowers

My favorite internet finds from last week:

You know how crazy I am for steampunk decor, so imagine my Kermit flails when Inside the Magic featured this 20,000 Leagues-themed home theater:


Velvet couches, rivets galore, and even three custom aquariums outside the portholes for the ultimate under-water feel!


Then the flatscreen is hidden inside a stunning pipe organ:

Check out Michael's article for more photos and details!


Here's some crafty sorcery for you - be sure to watch 'til the end!
via the Needleful FB page

Anyone else about to run out and buy a bunch of tissue paper now? (Although the comments have a few pictures of some spectacularly hilarious fails, so... )


Here's a long read for you Dizgeeks and/or Universal fans: How "Disney Accidentally Designed, Then Destroyed Universal's Best Land Ever." It's extremely long for a web article, but if you've got the time and don't mind skimming a little, this is fascinating and well worth the click. Even I didn't know this backstory - or about the fire-breathing dragon that used to be in Animal Kingdom! Plus there are great nuggets about Wizarding World and some gorgeous concept art.

If you're fascinated by theme park history, too, don't miss this one. Go read the full article over on Theme Park Tourist.

And one more not-quite-as-long read: an inspiring feature on 18-year-old Kendalyn Johnson, who "deals with" her Asperger's through incredible cosplay builds.

Even if you're not into cosplay, this is a beautiful glimpse into the life of someone winning battles her own way, and finding creative outlets for life's frustrations. Inspiring and illuminating all at once.

Kendalyn was actually at Star Wars Celebration last month, so I'm bummed I didn't see her! I can only imagine how hard it'd be to stay out very long in this Tauntaun cosplay, though:
Go read all about this build and Kendalyn's story (I especially love how she collaborates with her mom) here on the Kokomo Tribune.


And finally, your dose of 'dorable for the week:

It just keeps. getting. cuter. Squee!

Happy Monday!


  1. Does the unicorn concept art remind anyone else of The Last Unicorn?

  2. That paper flower is so clever, how do people work these things out?

  3. I would totally mess up making that flower. ^_^ The theme park info is amazing. I wish I had seen the dueling dragons before it all got a make over, my boys are totally into dragons and as they are red/blue respectively they'd have loved to grab a photo there. Though I'm sure they will love HP when we get to go!

  4. Thank you - I think? - for the sinkhole of that Theme Park Tourist article. Very interesting! It also led me to an article about Epcot's former Horizons ride, which I still miss and wish my kids could have experienced.

    Love the Tauntaun cosplay pics, and enjoyed that article as well.

  5. want to try that tissue paper flower thing! That is brilliant!

    Meanwhile, I just found out that KFC released a historical romance novella starring Colonel Sanders titled, Tender Wings of Desire by Colonel Sanders as a marketing promo for Mother's Day. That's my mind boggling internet find of the week! :D

  6. I went to look for the 'pictures of some spectacularly hilarious fails' for that paper flower, and in the first 500 comments (of 27,000) I found 1 photo. Ninety percent of the other 'comments' consisted solely of a variety of *wow* emojis. No wonder I'm not on Facebook!

  7. That theatre is GORGEOUS. I would spend about 90% of my time in there. And probably have a steampunk waiter robot, so he could bring me beverages and popcorn.

    Thanks for sharing!
    -- Piper P from Washington State

  8. What the. That tissue paper craft!!!

  9. What a lovely article about Kendalyn & her mom!

  10. I know I'm late to the game here, but I'm currently working through the Lost Legends section of Theme Park Tourist and WOW! So much interesting info!


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