Thursday, February 9, 2017

My Ghostbusters Funko Pop Valentine's Wreath

This post started as a tutorial for making a simple $5 Deco Mesh wreath - and I'll still include that at the bottom - but then I remembered I'm me and this kind of happened:


In addition to last year's narrowly missed apocalypse predicted in GB2, my last name means Gatekeeper. So clearly my love of Ghostbusters AND this wreath were meant to be. (John's maiden name doesn't mean Keymaster, sadly, it means "hairy." See why he took my name?)

Also in my defense, I happened to have these Funko Pops anyway and look how adorable.

 Taken with my $10 fish eye lens again, so not the best quality, but CUTE.

Now lemme show you how I made it, since the materials for everything besides the Pops only cost $6, so yay cheap craft.

I'd never made a Deco Mesh wreath before, but luckily it turns out they're pretty easy:

Especially with Tonks glaring/cheering you on.

You just attach one end of the mesh to the wire wreath form, then tug sections of it through the bars. It's so stiff it stays put, and is easy to form/fluff. [SNERK] (Sorry, my day job has corrupted me.)

The mesh instructions say you'll need 6 rolls, but I only used 3 and it looks pretty full:

You could still see the black wire form underneath, though, so I tucked a strand of tinsel garland in-between the rows of mesh to hide it:
The garland adds a pretty sparkle underneath and keeps you from having to add twice as much mesh to hide the form. Win-win.

With 3 rolls of mesh, one wreath form, and one strand of garland, that's only $5 spent at Dollar Tree. (Plus tax, of course, but let's not quibble. It's Valentine's day.

Now add another dollar for these pink glitter heart sticks:

... which I dripped green craft paint on for "slime."  (Best to use gloss paint, for shine.)

Finally comes the hard part: wiring a big Staypuft Pop figure into the center of the wreath. ARG. 

Staypuft is super top-heavy, so he tipped forward no matter what John and I tried:

We finally stuck a Command hook to the back of his head, then strung him up with wire. Add some wire around his neck too, though; because at one point our hook popped off. 0.o

Happily the other figures are easy to add (just loop the wire around their necks), and the hearts are either stuck through the mesh on their sticks or hot-glued in place.

Here's the graphic John put together for me, in case you'd like to print your own:

That's also hot-glued right to the mesh.

Yes, it's a terrible pun, and yes, you'll have to explain to all the non-geeks who Dana is, but it made me laugh. Plus eons ago on our book tour John and I had a "There is no Jen, Only Zuul" joke in the pre-show, so hey, throwback homage.

Hope this made you smile! Plus, imagine all the Pop wreath possibilities. I'm thinking Doctor Who with double hearts, or Supernatural with black wings & cupid arrows. Or forget Valentines day, and just make an everyday Pop wreath themed to your favorite fandom! Might be fun to get some of those Pops off the shelf and displayed in a new way, am I right?

If you do give a Pop wreath a try, please share pics over on the Epbot FB page; I wanna see!


Want more? Then check out my Craft Page to see ALL my tutorials and projects in one place.


  1. This is adorable, and I love the slime hearts! It makes me want them as little slimy hair clips. Maybe after clear spraypaint or something so they don't shed glitter.

  2. oh! I do need to make a whovian wreath with double hearts now!

  3. I feel like we need to invent a masculine version of "maiden" name for John. Bachelor name? Younker name? Something.

    1. how about his "paternal" name?

    2. For what it's worth, John loves having a "maiden" name - brags about it all the time. And I figure, we have so many male-centric (is that a word?) terms we women have to use, why not switch it around on the fellas for once? :D

    3. We both double barrelled (I really wanted him to take my name, but he wasn't sure how his family would react to that) and we both use the term "previous" name rather than maiden name :) Maiden name just seems icky to me!

    4. Just another example of what an amazingly cool guy, John is! (BTW amazing wreath! - You two are soooooo talented!)

  4. This is sooooo cute! Makes me want to find the Egon pop even more now though! :)

  5. Okay I need to make the Supernatural wreath. That's totally going on my front door to match my welcome mat :D

  6. I love this so much! Two nights ago we were going for groceries, and my husband suggested getting them in a newish strip mall called Azool. I had no idea what he was saying and "There is no Dana, only Zuul" was the reply I came up with. Now I'm kind of sad I already made valentines for this year.

  7. Heh, I read "use gloss paint" as "use gross paint" which seems appropriate where Slimer is involved.

  8. I love the craft, but I can't be the only one missing Winston!!!! There's a conspicuous lack of 25% of the team right now... :(

    1. Truth, but Pop Winston only comes with the Ectomobile! So if anyone wants to splurge on the double pack for me, I am MORE than happy to add him to the wreath. :D

      (Ernie Hudson is easily one of the sweetest celebs I've ever met, btw, and I have his signature on my vintage Staypuft! So believe me, no lack of Winston love here.)

    2. I noticed lack of Winston immediately :( I was afraid they hadn't made a Pop of him :(

  9. It's absolutely adorable! But my name is Dana and no one in my family would get it! Lol

  10. Jen, what am I going to do with you?! I adore you, but you are feeding my craft beast. <3 I have been avoiding the cuteness of the Pops because where did I really have to display them? All my other crap...excuse me, beloved collections, are hogging all the shelf space. And yes, I could rotate things out, but I'm bad enough at getting holiday decorations up and down in a timely manner.

    But I can make wreaths and hang them on the wall?! And who cares if I get them up or down on time because of the cuteness. I'm not even really a wreath person, but I could get behind something like this.

    Love it! Keep on feeding the beast, I will cope somehow. Possibly with a larger house. :)


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