Thursday, February 2, 2017

Harry Potter Celebration 2017, Part 2: ALL COSTUMES!

Time to dive back in to Universal's Celebration of Harry Potter with the rest of my favorite guest costumes!

Starting with this perfect young Hermione, complete with floating feather headband:

Oooh, I should have asked her how to pronounce it.

I never thought Emma Watson's hair was Hermione-like enough in the movies, so I was thrilled to see several ladies going all out with the frizz last weekend. (Also, true story: my hair looked exactly like that all the way through college.)

This year was especially fun with all the new Fantastic Beasts costumes:

If you look closely, you'll see that Jacob has the bite mark on his neck!

 Queenie was easily the most popular of the new character costumes. Lots of pretty pink coats!

Took me a second to figure out who this was next to Moaning Myrtle:
She's the Basilisk! Ha! And gotta love Myrtle's toilet seat purse.

Forgot to mention this last round, but each day there was new chalk art on some of the sidewalks:

These two were my favorites.

Here's the most creatively hilarious - hilariously creative? - costume of the weekend: Pregnant Deatheater:

All the lolz, you guys. ALL OF THEM. Also, that is a fake pregnant belly, as she had to keep explaining to the ride operators. Ha!

Another fantastic Hermione (that hair!) with Ron and their pets:

A sweet gender-swapped Jacob with Queenie:

I follow these two on Instagram, btw, and they're incredible cosplayers. Give 'em a follow at MademDesigns & merricatonthemoon.

Great trio:
Gotta say, all these dapper magical gents around could make a girl a bit swoony.

Here's my friend Dana (dressed as his own character, The Wand Maker) paying homage to the late John Hurt:

Dana makes and sells his own wands using vintage jewelry, crystals, and even fandom cross-overs. Best part, though, is he stays in character and matches your wand to you ala Ollivanders! If you're local and going to MegaCon this May, do NOT miss his booth. There will be a crowd, but it's worth the wait.

One thing about HPC: you see a LOT of red hair:

Yay Weaseleys! Aren't they perfect?

Now check out this cuteness:
Little Quidditch players - and do you see the tiny House Elf in the background?

The best Harry doppelgänger all weekend:
Tell me you didn't just do a double-take.

I love their pose, too; like they just finished a hard match... and lost.

Universal doesn't allow masks, of course, so this lady Niffler - yes, NIFFLER - only put the bill in her mouth for photos:

Bahaha! Love the feet & gloves - and her shiny gold sequin purse! (The light blew it out, but the duck bill part was a pale orange.)

A gorgeous Tina and Newt Scamander:

Newt even has a little Pickett!

And when being bad looks good:

Or funny, as is the case of Snape-in-Grandmother's-clothes.

That Barty Crouch & Bellatrix are the duo Cosplay Craziness; you might recognize them from my past posts. (And yes, of COURSE he dresses as the Doctor!)

Now let's talk Fantastic Beasts - and this time I'm not talking about the pretty wizards (heyoooo):

They MADE all these creatures! I'm in awe!

This next chap took it a step further, and made his occam an actual puppet:
A video posted by Jen Yates (@epbot) on

Picture-perfect Luna:

And here's Epbot reader Traci as Ginny, checking out the family business:

Queenie, Sirius, and a scary-good Rita Skeeter:

Remember that Jacob from earlier? The one with the neck bite? Well, this happened:

Dancing with Celestina Warbeck and her Banshees! It was amazing.

And this one made me laugh so hard I almost didn't get the picture:

I don't know how many people were in there, but they shuffled down the main road with a raspy voice yelling out, "WHERE'S HAGRID? WHEEEERE'S HAGRIIIID??"

... so I guess they're supposed to be Aragog.

(Hilarious as this is, I doubt it's kosher with Universal, so please don't go planning a giant dragon costume or something for next year. :D)

What's this? A Dark and Light Luna??

Yep, Dark Luna has a dark mark!

I'll end with two more of my favorite Fantastic Beasts costumes:

This Newt even had his mannerisms down - so, so good.

And finally, Seraphin from the Magical Congress:

That dress! Later I had to get a better full-length shot of it:

Just beautiful - and she made it all herself!

Hope you guys enjoyed! See some of you here next year?

Oh, and as usual these are just my top favorites, but you can see ALL my photos from the Celebration here in my Flickr gallery. If I took your picture and you don't see it here, click on over!


  1. Thanks for these pics Jen. It looked like a whole lot of fun!

    I just had to log on and say that I agree with you -- they never got Hermione's hair right in the movies. That drove me crazy.

  2. I love my Harry Potter people. Aragog had me in stitches!

  3. Omg those baby quidditch players!!!

  4. Pregnant deatheater...looked like bellatrix...reference to the new play? Not gonna post more spoilers than that.

  5. Sooo cool! That little house elf is my fave, I think! :)

    Thanks for sharing with those of us who can't be there.

  6. Such great costumes, as usual!

  7. I think that Barty Crouch Jr *may* actually be a triple cosplay... David Tennant recently played a character in Netflix's Marvel's Jessica Jones - a character called Kilgrave, aka "The Purple Man". He's purple in the comics apparently but in the show they used a lot of purple on him as a nod to the comics.

  8. An amazing job on him (her? it?), Hannah! Absolutely adorable!

  9. That Luna by herself, I'm almost positive, is Tessa Netting. She's big in the HP fandom.

  10. The entire weekend was filled with so many good costumes, some of my favorites it seems that you did not come across them(a small group of escaped prisoners, an amazingly detailed Ravenclaw seeker and a human snitch who was beautifully done). I am happy to see many of the costumes and creatures that I missed out on seeing though!

  11. Light Luna is a dead ringer for Evanna Lynch, I had to look twice. And the 2 little quidditch players I think are supposed to actually be the spectator stands, the Gryffindor one even has the red and gold chess board pattern, but I could be wrong

  12. awesome . people are you seeing this


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