Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Best Cosplay of Florida Supercon 2016, Pt 2!

[Here's Part 1, in case you missed it!]

Let's dive back in to Supercon's best cosplay with this adorable switcheroo:

 Elsa is wearing Jack Frost's costume, and Jack's wearing hers! Hee!

 And more cuteness: steampunk Legend of Zelda kids!

That's Link, Midna, & Zelda.

Quick reference, since some of you may not know Midna:

Not sure on this character, but look how pretty:

Update: Aha! She's a Naga based on this illustration by artist Sakizo:

And joining her in the costume contest was this excellent Beauty and the Beast group!

Especially love that Lumier.

It made me SO HAPPY to see this young genderswapped Harley, you guys:

Seeing how fans make a character their own is one of my favorite things about cons. I'll walk past 10 screen-accurate Halo armors to get this shot, because I want to show you the amount of creativity and passion out there. It's not always about the best builds. It's about loving what you love and having fun showing it off!

Undertale, that hilarious 8-bit video game I reviewed last April, continues to be huge in cosplay:

Some references - see if you can match up who's who!

Mettaton and Undyne:

And here's Mettaton's *other* form, plus a great Alphys:
This Mettaton even had a soundboard in there, playing the 8-bit sound effects!

Derek Zoolander showing off Blue Steel:


More prettiness I'm not sure of:

Check out those gorgeous bracers!

[Update: She may be Serenity from Sailor Moon. Thx, Tiassa!]

And while I'm admitting my ignorance... um... HALP:

[UPDATE: I feel like a bad Orlandian; these guys are actually a local band called Killer Robots!]

Getting back into familiar territory, this Gundam went on to win the costume contest - and it's easy to see why!

(That's Ubers Cosplay, btw, if you want to follow him!)

Superman's prop was out of this world:
Eh? EH?

And oh yes, there was Hamilton cosplay:

I also never realized 'til now how similar Eliza's gown is to Wendy's from Peter Pan.

Not sure if this is the same cosplayer, but at one point a Belle swept by with her nose in a book - literally navigating the crowded vendor room while reading. And it was amazing.

That awkward moment when a gender-swapped Velma has better legs than you:

AND can walk in heels better. AND just made you realize you want to dress like Velma now.

Better shot of that lovely Ariel:

Any Fallout fans out there? John LOVES these games, so this Fallout/Star Wars mashup made him grin:

Check out the holstered Nuka Cola - it even glowed! SO COOL.

For reference, in the Fallout games you play as a Lone Wanderer in this outfit:

Another great thing about cons: with every new fandom you get into, you suddenly understand & recognize that much more of the cosplay and merchandise around you. John and I decided it's like unlocking special con achievements. So since I just started watching Fairy Tail, ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: now I recognize more characters! And since John just finished binge-watching The Walking Dead, he got to geek out over these two:

I think Michonne's his favorite.

You also see the best family bonding at cons:
And I love how happy they were to be asked for a photo. Sometimes I take for granted that asking to take a picture is a compliment - which is why you should never be afraid to ask!

When Pikachu decides to split:

More video game goodness: a gender-swapped Handsome Jack from Borderlands aaaand:

Claptrap!! I'll always have a soft spot for that crazy beat-boxing robot. ;)

Star Wars: Dark Side vs Light

Peridot and Steven from Steven Universe:
And a reference:

On Saturday John and I got to see most of the voice actors from Steven Universe, and I can't remember the last time I was this excited about a panel:

The theater was gorgeous and huge, so sorry I didn't grab a better photo; I like hanging out in the back. The SU cast was delightful, and I never got tired of hearing Pearl's and Amethyst's voices especially, coming out of real people. Ha! Oh, and they all did the Cookie Cat rap together! LOVE.

And finally, here's a... er... unique piece of art John acquired from our friend (and amazing artist) Bianca:

It's a flower, talking sh*t.


Hope you guys enjoyed your virtual visit to Supercon!


  1. "Voltron" above is actually a "Gundam", I think!

    1. It's Wing Zero, specifically.


  2. "More prettiness I'm not sure of" looks like a warrior-style redesign of Queen Serenity from Sailor Moon. It reminds me of Noflutter's Sailor Cosmos design (http://noflutter.deviantart.com/art/Sailor-Cosmos-Warrior-Princess-607468992) but the moon tiara and lack of rainbow makes me think it's Serenity and not Cosmos.

  3. I think the girl with the wings and the bouquet is cosplaying Sakizou's Naga! She's a Japanese illustrator with really beautiful and intricate designs.

  4. I love seeing your pics. I like seeing how much time and energy people put into enjoying the shows, etc. that make them happy. Keep sharing the happy, Jen. We need it.

    Completely off topic, but this xkcd comic made me think of you and your fun craft mods. Perhaps you can try this to confuse the neighbors.

  5. The Beauty and the Beast group looks like they're sporting the look Cogsworth and Lumiere have in the musical! So awesome~

  6. Jen, I'm curious - do you hand out an Epbot card and invite people to visit your page so they might see their pictures? I'm guessing that you do, but I just wondered because you said that asking to take a picture is a compliment (which it is, of course!) but then posting that picture is like a Super-compliment :)

    1. I'd definitely second this! I really love when people who take pictures of my costume give me a business card so I can track down the photo later.

    2. No, I only give out a card when asked for one, since as a cosplayer I find cards annoying. (There's no place to put them, and SO MANY people hand them out. It's an overload.)

      I also never mention Epbot by name unless pressed; it just feels too smarmy. Of course, I should probably note I am very bad at self-promotion. Heh.

  7. That's not a Voltron, Jen. That's a GUNDAM. It looks like it's the custom movie version of Wing Gundam Zero from the anime Gundam Wing.

    Wing Gundam Zero

  8. So many fandoms so little time! But all awesome in their own ways! :)

  9. NOBODY has better legs than you, not even that Velma. I've seen them (in photos), and you've got great gams, toots. I'd kill to have legs like yours.

    Thanks for another round of cosplay goodness. I love these posts sooooo much!


  10. Seven Deadly Sins is another good one similar to Fairy Tail. Also on Netflix. And my husband and I are huge Naruto Fans.

  11. The three silver metal robot looking guys are a local Orlando band called Killer Robots. I haven't seen them in a few years, but if I remember correctly, they are aliens that landed on earth and they fight monsters, etc. it's kind of crazy performance art and they give the audience pool noodles to beat the bad guys with. It's super fun and weird.

  12. https://m.facebook.com/thekillerrobots/

  13. I haven't been to a con in ages and ages - and even then it was a Trek con, and cosplay was a very fringe thing to do...still I think I'd love to give it a whirl one of these days.

  14. Great pictures, Jen! I want to dress like Velma too.
    Love the $h*t-talkin' flower, john (thoJ).
    We have to get you both out to the left coast for CatCon next year.

  15. My (four-year-old) daughter's commentary as I scrolled through this post: "Oh, it's Ariel! Yes, that's really Ariel! Oh, wait, she has a belly button. That's just someone dressed up like Ariel. Mermaids don't have belly buttons."

  16. Jen, you would rock a Velma cosplay, because orange!! And of course John would have to be Shaggy ...

  17. I love the Legend of Zelda kids and the Dr. dad hanging out with his kid (?). I love to see families enjoying the cons together. That's pretty cool! I agree with John that Michonne is amazing! Does "Rick" talk like him too? Thanks for sharing your pics with us once again. I love seeing them!

  18. Wing Zero! People still cosplay Gundam Wing. That makes me so unbelievably happy! And that's so good. How did they do it so well?

    1. Hi there! I am the Gundam cosplayer :) Glad you like my work! If you'd like to see me check me out on Facebook or Instagram @ Uberscosplay

    2. Hey Ben, awesome work! I just added a link to your FB page to the post, so folks can find you.

  19. The group of robot dudes you're unfamiliar with are actually an Orlando-based band called Killer Robots! https://killerrobots.tv
    I've had the pleasure of seeing them a few times...they're, uh, theatrical to say the least. Great guys, and those costumes are actually really detailed. Imagine playing a whole show in those things.
    The best part about their show is the witty robot banter that happens between songs, and there's a lot of crowd interaction as well.

  20. Re: Eliza's Dress - I hadn't realized that either!! This is awesome. I just emailed my friends and said "Remember that year I was Eliza for Halloween!?!?" :-D


  22. Are the guys-- the metal guys-- perhaps from Captain EO? The guards that pop out of the metalwork pre-transformation? That's the only bell that's ringing for me...

  23. Love, love, love all these pictures! I missed out on ComicCon in Madison this year because I was directing a retreat......next year! I gave the link to your foam bracers to my teenage son who wants to cosplay as Link. Hopefully this year we'll get around to actually getting the costume together. Now to just figure out what *I* want to cosplay as.....so many fandoms....too many choices....not enough money!!!

  24. I love Bianca!!! Just ordered some prints from her and am so excited that she'll be at Dragon Con this year.

  25. Just so you know, Jen, if you did TEN posts of cosplay pictures from each con, we'd love you even more. There's no such thing as too much Jen and John!

  26. You are so lucky to have such a nerdy community who can actually identify all of your calls for help! I love these posts, thank you for writing them xxxxx

  27. As for the Hamilton pair and the Wendy/Eliza gown likeness-- that's limited to the cosplay. The real dress is far less blue, more period-correct, and far more detailed than that. I did a small amount of work on the show, and just can't quite get on board with that comparison!


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