Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Best Cosplay of Florida SuperCon 2016!

Last weekend John and I trekked down to Miami for SuperCon, and I was again pleasantly surprised by how easily we were able to park and actually get to the convention center, given how intimidating Miami can be. There are several parking garages around, and the badge lines were even relatively painless -  amazing for a con with over 50K attendees. Props to a great crew of staff and volunteers, as even with added security, mandatory bag checks, AND a sold-out crowd on Saturday, we were still through and onto the main floor in a matter of minutes.

Quick shout-out to the Disability Services folks at SuperCon, too, who were easy to spot, friendly, and knowledgeable. It warms my geeky little cockles to see these services expanding every year at cons, and I highly encourage my fellow anxiety peeps to give them a visit, as anxiety falls under their purview, and they can help.

Ok, enough intro. Let's talk about these Daleks:


(You read that in Dalek, right? Exxxcellent.)

I would like to point out that they wouldn't stop waving their arms for the photo. And that this was was my very first shot of the weekend. And that I'm still laughing.

Moving on...

A steampunk Queen of Hearts with an adorable little Belle:

And a lovely Leia:

R2 got into the spirit by cosplaying as Boba Fett:

Slightly blurry shot of a very energetic Ace Ventura:

Oh! Here's a first for me: Annie Wilkes from Misery:

She's holding the big mallet and a Regency romance novel. So clever, right? This is one of those cosplays that you walk past and then "get" about 5 steps later. (So I had to turn and chase her down.)

It's kind of perfect to see Rey and a Fallout Lone Wanderer together:
They're both scavengers in a wastelands, right? 

Cute little Cap':

And a less cute Rick N' Morty:

These Groots were made almost entirely of paper, and look how cool:
Also digging (HA PLANT PUN) the pots, which were cut in half and attached to their feet.

Here's Avatar Kyoshi from Avatar: The Last Airbender:

And a reference for those of you who are going to go watch Avatar now, riiiight? [hint hint]

This is one of my favorite shots from the whole weekend:

DC Buccaneers! Little Harley and Ivy are perfection, and I love the subtle ears in Catwoman's head scarf. So, so good.

An imposing KingPin from DareDevil:


And this Iron Patriot was perfect for 4th of July weekend:

This Ghost Rider had his own enormous bike with him, which meant he didn't move from this spot much:

After the ordeal John and I went through just getting our Junk Lady to the floor at MegaCon, I have a whole new respect for enormous cosplays now. I actually spotted this guy bringing the bike in from the parking garage, so he had to walk at least 2 blocks with it, and who knows how he got through the security line. One more thing to appreciate the next time you guys see a fan build like this!

Now, are you ready...

to go...


Not even sorry.

Wait wait, one more:

Give my compliments to...

 (The armor dude is the Master Chief. And since SuperCon banned ALL prop guns & realistic weaponry this year, this is a brilliant way of making lemonade, as it were.)

A gorgeous Glinda from Wizard of Oz:

And creeptastic Scarecrow and Mr. Freeze:

The perfect - PERFECT -  photo bomb:

Red Skull giving Thor & Loki bunny ears. YES.

He was very proud, btw - made sure I showed the ladies his handiwork. Ha!

Here's my friend Emily (dressed as Peanut from Pickle & Peanut) meeting voice actor Dana Snyder:

I had to share this, because while I already knew Dana's a great guy (he's a friend-of-a-friend, so we've met a few times), I like him even more now that he made shy, quiet Em laugh this much. He declared hers the best costume of the whole con, and managed to be both genuine and his usual dry, snarky self all at the same time. These are the interactions we go to cons for, am I right? Makes me happy when celebs are extra awesome to their fans.  

WHICH REMINDS ME... (Yes, I'm getting rambly. Sorry.)

My one regret from SuperCon was not going to chat with Rene Auberjonois, because I love him, you guys, I LOVE HIM, but he didn't have a panel and I didn't really want anything signed and so I just fangirled from a distance and then later I saw he was tweeting stuff from his table like this:

And this:

AND he was drawing little sketches of Odo's bucket for people and why didn't I go say hi arrrrrgghh.

John and I did meet Rene at Dragon Con a few years back, and he is one of the most intensely delightful individuals you'll ever encounter. (He tried to get John to sing "Le Poisson" from The Little Mermaid with him. :D) All of Rene's signing fees go to charity, and you can tell - even from a fangirly distance - how much he loves his fans. So if you ever get the chance, LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES, and go say hi for me, k?

Aaaand now it's 3AM and I should wrap this segment up. Stay tuned for Part 2, though, where you'll see the Costume Contest winners and sooo many more of my favorites!


  1. Fantastic costumes!

  2. I love living vicariously through you. Great costumes and fabulous pictures. Thank you, as always.

  3. Wonderful as always! I love seeing your cosplay photos! Also, does anyone else think that Glinda looks almost exactly like Tatiana Maslany? She could pull off a GREAT Orphan Black cosplay!

  4. You are an inspiration, I am finally contemplating going to my first Con thanks to your posts. I am even going to try and make a costume to cosplay 5 as 4 from Dark Matter. If I can make it I'll be at the Calgary Con next spring. I wish there was a chance to meet you too, but I don't expect you have a road trip to Calgary planned...ever.

  5. I love, love, loooove the Red Skull photo bomb!

    Mr. Auberjonois looks so full of joy.

    I am especially in awe at the cosplay with lots of paint. I can't even get my eyeliner to stay all day. : /

    -Just Andrea

  6. Love the photos! Looks like a wonderful con.

    And the cosplay from Misery was awesome! Note that the book she's holding is a copy of the book-within-the-book, Misery's Return, with the cover-art showing Stephen King himself (or his face, anyway!) as the studly hero. [That was an inner cover on the actual paperback, and made me laugh so hard I hurt myself when I first saw it.]

  7. Jen, it was so wonderful to meet you and John at Supercon (I was the ninth doctor, and my daughter was in a blue wig--we met you as you were waiting to see Dana)! The speedo Daleks were in the Q & A with Alex Kingston (River Song from Doctor Who). She made them get on stage with her and take a photo! My daughter got pictures of Glinda as well. Apparently she made the costume herself, and now is officially sick of glitter.

    The best part for me was on Sunday, I got my photo taken with Bob McGrath and Emilio Delgado, Bob and Luis from Sesame Street. It was my childhood! My daughter asked if I could have my picture taken with both of them rather than just the individual ones we already had, and they readily agreed (and now my daughter has declared herself to be the best daughter in the world). They were both incredibly kind and engaging, asking about my daughter and me extensively.

  8. All of these are great, and I can't wait to see more, but R2-D2 cosplaying as Boba Fett has to be the funniest thing I've ever seen! Although the Speedo Daleks come pretty darn close. Thanks so much for sharing these, I just love to see what all these amazingly creative people can do.

  9. That little Cap is the best! I love her dress!

  10. Anxiety services? Sounds very inclusive and welcoming! Phoenix Comicon can't even figure out how to treat people in wheelchairs correctly!! Ugh.

  11. I went to a con this last weekend too (CONvergence in Minneapolis), and I was SO impressed with how inclusive they worked to be. There were all-gender bathrooms, pronoun stickers for the name badges, disability services, a set-aside quiet room for anyone who just needed a moment, a private parents room where parents could feed, change diapers, whatever they needed. It was pretty amazing!

  12. I love your con posts! The interactions with others - cosplayers, fans, celebs - are the best reason to go to cons. Of course, I love the shopping, too. :)

  13. So many favorites here. R2 as Boba Fett, the little Captain America, the whole family of DC Buccaneers (LOVE), and Glinda. The photo bomb of Red Skull is awesomeness. Super Sonic is nice, but I'm loving that beautiful Wonder Woman next to him. Her costume is perfect (I grew up watching WW in the 70's)! I'm looking at that and thinking she is enduring Miami heat with pantyhose to get that shiny look. Love it!

  14. I saw some of Rene's tweets but didn't catch where he was. It looked like he was having super fun time meeting people. :)

  15. Laughing hard at the Master Chef reference.

  16. When I was little, The Last Unicorn was one of my favoritest movies ever, and Rene Auberjonois does one of the voices. You know the skeleton that mocks Schmendrick and eventually tells them how to get to the Red Bull? That's him! I figured that out years later after I saw him on Deep Space 9.

  17. Rene's going to be at Intervention 7 in Maryland this Sept, and I SO wish I could go!! D: I met him once (along with some other DS:9 stars) at a con long, long ago that my mom brought me to. I was about 13 and thought I was too cool to be excited, but I did get his autograph. *shakes fist at past self*

  18. Judging by the tans and the thigh muscles on those Speedo Daleks, I'd say their form of propulsion is a bicycle... ;0)

  19. So many oddities, so many shortened few lives.

  20. Where the Dalek guys trying to be irreverent? They failed.

  21. Really? NO one is going to comment on the SUPER creepy Deadpool in the background of the Master Chef pic? Eeeek!

  22. Thank you so much for thesr amazing shots! I was the Annie Wilkes you chased down.


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