Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Awesome Crafts & A New Place To Meet Fellow Epbot Readers!

Time to show off some of my favorites from the Epbot Facebook page! 

I do this A) because you guys make awesome stuff, and B) to remind you guys to SHOW ME your awesome stuff.  Because I need crafty/geeky inspiration, too, peeps. DON'T LEAVE ME OUT.

Ahem. So.


Every newborn needs this outfit. Knitters, could you get on that?

So gorgeous, I want to try to make my own! You could paint your House crest on the front doors, line it with velvet... ah, the possibilities!

YEEES. Did you guys know I love paper craft? I have a whole board of it on Pinterest, and sometimes I go through and bust out a few in a week. It's very soothing, in a tedious, paper-cutty kind of way.

Of course I'm always chuffed to see what you guys do with my craft tutorials, and I've already had a couple foam bracer pics come in!

Love that Galaxy paint job!

(John just walked in behind me and went supersonic. "OH MY GOSH ARE THOSE FROM YOUR TUTORIAL?!" It was almost as cute as little warrior Elsa here. Almost.)

Oh, that reminds me!

Marie-Elodie says she had a little fun with Photoshop:

WOOT WOOT! Bwahahaha! I like my firey pink aura. :D

A STUNNING version of my Dollar Store Raygun:

Another thing that makes me so happy I could bust? Stories of you readers going to cons. Even better, stories of your FIRST cons. I get these a lot, and they're like my personal power-up potions. LOVE 'EM.

Technically not a con, but let's be honest: totes close enough. Rock on, Pam!

Which brings me to the awesome thing that's happening on Facebook right now, inspired by my Adult Playdates post. You know how you guys asked for a way to find each other and maybe even connect IRL? Well, Julie S. took that idea and ran with it, and Fans of Epbot was born.

Julie suggests you list your city/state when you introduce yourself on the page, and already I see some IRL meetups brewing, along with a lot of new online friendships. (Yes, I'm totally lurking. WHAT.) Be smart about it, of course, and remember you don't HAVE to meet anyone offline, but this is a great way to chat with fellow geeks, show off projects, recommend books/shows, and generally hang with folks you already have at least one thing in common with: you both have IMPECCABLE taste in blogs.


Just don't stop sharing your pics over on the real Epbot FB page, k? 'Cuz I get lonely. SO LONELY. [big kitten eyes]


  1. Share with you over at Epbot, after all this time? Always! ; )

    I'm really excited about Julie's Fans of Epbot page and slightly obsessed.

    Thanks for giving us a great jumping off point. I know you are kidding when you say, "you already have at least one thing in common with: you both have IMPECCABLE taste in blogs", but it is really true. We know the tone of your blog, we know what kind of person you are and a little about the type of people you attract. It is a pretty good feeling to have that little bit of background on someone when it comes to the big scary interwebs. : D

    -Just Andrea

  2. P.S. I decided trying to include all interests on a playdate card would be impossible. So, mine would be simple: side A: Rule 408 side B: Let's share the wonders we have seen

    -Just Andrea

  3. What about those of us who are allergic to Facebook? :(

    I braved the onslaught to peek at the entries and saw
    "Jessica Bayne - Hey gang! I live in Waterloo, Ontario with my hubby. "

    I live just south of Kitchener, and I thought you might be interested in my SF book club for women, which meets at the Huether in Waterloo.

    1. In Facebook groups there is a little search button on the top right, so even in our haven of geekiness (which has had a lot of entries...) you can search for the things you want to see! You can search Florida, or Farscape, etc. Then you don't have to wade through all the introduction posts. :)

    2. But since I'm not a member, I can't post, nor can I send messages to specific posters.

    3. Hi, Audrey - I have not joined Friends of EPBOT yet - but I'd be happy to join it and post to Jessica's introduction for you, if you'd like. And direct her here to find you.

      I completely get not being on FB - I keep saying I'm going to delete my account. Unfortunately at this point it's about the only way I see what's going on in my adult children's lives (and my grandchildren's pictures...). :) And since I've kept it for those reasons, I tend to "stalk" the visitor's post on EPBOT and CAKEWRECKS :)

  4. I wish I was creative like this :( My son is almost 4, and I know he's going to want to be some kind of superhero for Halloween this year. He's really into PJ Masks. I better start racking my brain for ideas!!

    1. I'm the Gypsy up above (and OMG I can't believe I had the guts to post it and then Jen shared it...). I don't consider myself the crafty creative type at all. While my outfit is far from perfect it got (mostly) great reviews and I had a blast doing it. So, what I'm saying is us non crafty types CAN do it. Really. Just keep it simple to start. The only thing "crafted" in my outfit was the hair bow (which you can't see all that well here but should be able to see on the Epbot FB page.

    2. Thanks, Pam! (I'm 'Unknown' from above - that was my first post on here and I guess it didn't register my name :) )

      BTW - I LOVED MST3K!!! I used to watch it all the time. Servo & Crow were the best :)

    3. It's coming back (thanks to one of the most successful Kickstarters ever)!!!! :D

  5. Awesome, thanks for sharing my raygun pics and for always having such great crafting ideas. :)

    I'm currently working on some bracers for O Comic Con this weekend (so hopefully my whole outfit comes together in time.)

  6. Thanks so much for sharing my Star Wars mobile! You know you've made something special when it gets the Jen Seal of Approval! ;)

  7. Just in case you and some of your readers might be interested, there is something called Geek Girl Brunch (geekgirlbrunch.com) with chapters all over the world! Check the website to see if your city has one. There are usually monthly meetups for brunch plus sometimes extra co-ed parties. It's free to join but the brunches require you to buy tickets (to pay for the food/location).

    It's tons of fun and I've been able to meet a lot of other geek girls in my area (DFW Metroplex). It's the one thing I can go to and randomly sit down at a table of strangers, spend a couple hours just gabbing about anything & everything, and leave knowing I've gained at least 5 more friends each time.

  8. I know an awesome couple who are expecting their first child. I have been racking my brain as to what to buy/make them. Now I know that they need a Prnicess Leia outfit! (just remebered I don't actually knowif they are having a boy or a girl, but that outfit was just too cute not to make!)


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