Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dragon Con 2015: The Best Cosplay, Pt 2

(Click here for Part 1, if you missed it!)

Teenage Mutant Ninja GHOSTBUSTIN' Turtles!

Don't question. Just LOVE.

Nearby, I asked these regular human Ghostbusters about their blue stripes, and they told me it was in support of the new movie. Made me all happy and verklempt and stuff:

This Emily from Corpse Bride posed oh-so sweetly:

As did the Warboys:

... gettin' their Chrome on:

There were several really impressive Immortan Joes around - including 2 or 3 stunning gender-swapped versions:

This incredible Big Sister from BioShock was almost overshadowed by one of the creepiest Little Sister I've seen yet:

It was those red-rimmed eyes. [shudder] SO GOOD.

This guy had wired up a color-changing infinity mirror, which made it look like he had a technicolor hole through his chest:
Tricky to photograph, but super cool in person.

Here's Stay Puft again!

Disgust from Inside Out had the expression down pat:

Look, now they're disgusted with each other! Ha!

Anyone remember this amazing kid Doc Oc from last year?

He's taller now; I almost didn't recognize him! Fortunately the giant red glowing arms helped.

Another reminder of where I'm taking most of these pictures:

As much as I rave about DCon, I want all would-be attendees to know exactly what you're getting into. Ergo, all the crowd shots this year.

The lowest level is practically cave-dark, so please excuse some of these shots; I still wanted you guys to see this steampunk trike and Wonder Woman:

I mentioned in my last post that lots of DCon attendees bring their own music, but some are more extreme about it than others:

These guys brought all their gear, set up against a wall, and jammed out with some chill blues. It was actually a welcome relief after all the pounding techno and dance music from upstairs.

(I've never heard any official stance on all these music/DJ groups at DCon, so I assume the hotels are just cool with it unless enough people complain.)

This guy was rolling around on his own custom dance floor tile, complete with a coordinated light show under his clothes:

He controlled the pad with his phone, so he didn't look up too often - which made it look like he was just casually tooling around answering texts or something. Heheh.

We all knew Portal's GLaDOS would be a dominatrix, right?

Complete with wire whips!

(For those who haven't played Portal - well, first, DO - but also, GLaDOS is a computer system that looks like this:)

(And her personality is delightfully evil.)

On the opposite end of the spectrum, here's a sweet-as-sugar Mary Poppins:

Plus a lady Chimney Sweep!

Caught this baddie walking in my direction:

He stalked over and stuck his face right in my camera, but sadly those shots are a messy blur.

I always forget this cosplayer's name, but she's one of my favorites to photograph:

The amount of detail in her costumes is incredible; check out those skull shoulder pauldrons! And that chest piece with all the charms and chains!

[UPDATE: Aha, that's Jillian, aka Defenz Mechanism. Thanks, commenters!]

One of my better shots:

So gorgeous. So terrifying. :D (Look at her skirt! ::swoon::)

I'm a fan of this angle - cuts out a lot of the crowd - so I tried to get low as much as I could on this level:

Here are two friends of mine, kitted out as the delightfully disdainful Narcissa & Lucius Malfoy:

That's Alexie Star as Narcissa, and Dana Elliott as Lucius. (Links to their FB cosplay pages.)

Alexie was also the Cinderella I mentioned in my Reflections post, btw; the one with a skirt so voluminous it took two of us to get her down the escalator.

She told us there were 85 yards of material in there, and by the end of the day her hips were bruised from the weight. When we went to sit down for dinner, one of us had to scoot a chair completely *under* her skirt for her to sit on, which resulted in a delightfully hilarious "skirt poof" over the back of the chair, down to the floor. Wish I'd grabbed a picture of that. :D



 I had just taken these Elves' photo when an adorable white-haired Dwarf popped his head in-between them:


Now here's the most jaw-dropping and technologically amazeballs cosplay of the year:

 I think this is the robot from Lost in Space:

... but there are a few notable differences that make me wonder if it isn't another, related model.

And I know this should have been obvious at the time, but I was still astounded when I realized there was an actual person in there. There were lights, sound, several different motions - no lie, I stood transfixed in front of him for a good 10 minutes. (Several times a robotic voiced boomed out, "Take a sensor scan; it will last longer.")

Here's a quick Vine of him in action:

I'll end there for now, since this post has already gobbled up a lot of my week. Stay tuned for more!


Click here for Part 3!


  1. Oh, those were so much fun! Love the creativity, thought, time, and detailing that went into the costumes. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Maureen S

  2. I love the Steampunk Wonder Woman! It's always amazing to see all the clever ways people re-imagine design elements from a character. Thank you so much for taking and sharing your pictures!

  3. The war boys have Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot from MST3K! Love the crossover!

    1. Ahhh!!! I saw Tom Servo and showed my husband. But I totally missed Crow. That is hilarious. Love love love MST3K.

    2. And he's wearing Mike's jumpsuit! Excellent crossover!

    3. I'm not a person who "squeeeee"'s over things. But I did when I saw Tom Servo and Crow. Love!

    4. I was like "IS THAT A WARBOY CROW?" And then I continued looking and realized it was an entire crossover! Love!!!!

    5. YES! I was SO excited! LOVE IT.

  4. As always, I LOVE the photos! Thank you for taking them and sharing them with us!

  5. I LOVE the robot, and I think you're right, I think it's from Lost In Space. I know that there were variations of it as the seasons went on.

  6. BTW, I forgot to mention in my other comment, is there any chance of a Sherlock Epbot pin? I'm...er...asking for a friend. Yeah, a friend. :D

    1. I'll put it on John's list! It may be a while, tho; I think he needs a pin break for a bit. ;)

  7. Holy crap!! I just had to comment. I know the person in the Stay Puft costume!!!!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. The cosplayer you couldn't remember the name of is Defenz Mechanizm :) Lovely photos as always!

  10. Thanks again for letting us live vicariously through you.... Hope to get there some day, but with an 18mo old right now the closest I'll get for a while is your posts, so thank you!

  11. My brother invited me to join him and his wife at a comiccon a couple weekends from now, and I was excited to finally go! And then... I checked out some crowds shots from last years turn out there and... nope >.< As a teenager I ended up dropping out of highschool due to severe anxiety issues over the crowded hallways ( we had one of those long hallways that was nothing but lockers along the walls between classroom doors, plus short rows of lockers down the center of teh hallways, resulting in hundreds of kids cramming into that small space all at the same time >.< Since then I've managed to get it pretty much under control and can handle almost any crowd OUTSIDE, but inside, small gatherings only. I'm a nervous pee'er... I'd never even make it to a con like that from the constant need to make pitstops during the drive... and then I'd spend most of the time there in the bathroom, so... I'll pass the RL comiccon experience and live vicariously through you and your adventures. lol Part of me wonders if I could handle something like that if I were in costume? things always come easier when you're somebody else, right? lol

    1. For what it's worth, I do find being in costume can help. For one, you're never in TOO much of a hurry, since people want your picture, and the added interaction with fellow geeks is nice distraction from the anxiety. I also find that masked costumes give me a "private bubble" feeling, so I feel separate from the crowd - not to mention the whole "this is my stronger, badass alter ego" thing.

      You might look for a small con in your area, though, and work your way up to the bigger ones. Anything held in a single hotel will probably be a good size to start with.

    2. I'd like to second cosplaying, especially with a mask. I did a Mortal Kombat group a couple years ago and while short-shorts (basically a swimsuit bottom o.O) with high-heeled boots are not at all my usual thing, with the wig and the mask on it was an awesome, invincible-type feeling. And it was so fun to hear people say things like, "holy crap I didn't even realize that was you!" :)

  12. If memory of my high school history class serves, during the Renaissance when women (particularly royals) wore huge, heavy gowns, they actually had stools built into their skirts so they could sit. And they were made such that people couldn't tell they were sitting. Your friend's {incredible} Cinderella dress made me think of it. What a gorgeous gown!!

  13. OMG the blues brothers... that's perfect!!!

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  15. The "White haired dwarf" is Balin from the Hobbit. I know this because I googled the cheat sheet. http://static1.1.sqspcdn.com/static/f/865328/21574216/1357611677580/2.jpg.png?token=pH3yM6l22uIeMdPsK77fXB4k7jU%3D

    and next to him is Thranduil, the elven kind played by the Pie Maker... err Lee Pace in the Hobbit. Look like you stumbled upon a gathering ot Tolkien characters.

  16. I've always enjoyed your CakeWrecks and just started viewing this blog. I must say you are one crafty baby girl. I love all your DYI and your fantastic sense of humor. - Angie/SF California

  17. Your "baddie" is someone decked out in Enclave Power armor (I think the tesla variant) from the Fallout series. ^_^


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