Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dragon Con 2015: The Best Cosplay, Pt 1

Who's ready for some Dragon Con cosplay?!
(My pics are a bit of a jumble, so please note these won't be in any particular order.)

First up, I found Leia Belle & Chewie Beast!
It's always fun spotting cosplayers you recognize from online. :)

From Plants vs Zombies:

These Storm Troopers were hanging around the Ralph Mcquarrie concept Vader, but the helmets look like an original design to me:

Plus the domatrix-style Imperial officer has a whip, so... ??  But they look AWESOME.

From an anime called Panty and Stocking, here's Panty in her angel form:

The glowing wings were so beautiful!

And a comparison:

I just finished watching The Last Airbender again, so it was fun to see these Fire Nation baddies:

Complete with Aang's "Wanted" poster!

Here's Azula & one of her guards for reference:

I don't know if this pajama monster is from anything in particular, but I LOVE him:

At one point someone handed the cosplayer inside a towel to wipe his face, and it looked like the monster was eating a towel. You probably had to be there, but trust me when I say it was so. funny.

(Look at the pacifier! Hee!)

[UPDATE: Aha, he IS from something! This is the "Pajamathur" skin from Heroes Of Storm:]

Remember Unikitty from The Lego Movie? Here she is, steampunk style:

More awesomeness I don't recognize:
[UPDATE: He's Anti-Monitor from DC Comics. Here's an action figure to compare:]

And a scary chained beast:

This Borg duo was busy assimilating anyone foolish enough to get too close:

A fun Guardians group:

Another cosplayer I recognized from online: this fabulous World of Warcraft-styled TARDIS lass:

(cosplay by BewitchedRavenCosplay)

My pic really doesn't do her justice.

And another terrible photo, but I had to show you guys the magic that happens when you combine blue lights and tinfoil:
SO SPARKLY. And her scaled bodice is gorgeous.

Hera from the new Star Wars Rebels:

I guess you'd call this next group... Sesame Street Burlesque?

Big Bird was the funniest - and I want his socks. Cookie Monster pimp is 50 shades of wrong, but I love the Count! And check out Snuffalupagus with the boa, plus Oscar, Bert, & Ernie!

John spotted this guy first and could not stop laughing:

He's from this meme, which is from the show Ancient Aliens:

Best part was how he fluffed his hair out *just so* for the photo. Also? He was wearing alien print boxer shorts below the waist. Ha! I didn't notice 'til after I took the pic.

There were a couple of fantastic Cinderellas around. Here's one:

As you'd expect, Mad Max was huge this year.

Surprisingly enough, I saw more Immortan Joes than I did Furiosas! And the most popular were Brides and War Boys.

Another brilliant, hilarious combination:

It took me a second, and then *I* was the one who couldn't stop laughing. Kudos, sirs. KUDOS.

Another one I don't recognize, but WOW was this armor impressive:

At Dragon Con people routinely bring their own music: boom boxes, stereos, and in this case, even a full DJ station:

She was dancing/head bobbing to the music, and I gotta say, it looked amazing.
[And she's DJ Sona from League of Legends.]


(It's a Pokemon thing.)

We talked to these guys later during a break, and learned they can't see a thing out of those heads. So that's why no matter how much you yelled, "Over here!" they all looked in different directions. :D

Maleficent, Aurora, and Bill!!

It's not every con that brings both childhood school cartoons *and* Iron Maiden covers to life:

My friends Christie & Robyn as My Little Jedi Ponies:

Aren't they cute? Christie's petticoat was this enormous fluffy pink cloud, so I spent a lot of time resisting the urge to hug her butt. :D

Another character I don't know, but look how cool:

A Day of the Dead group:

And La Muerte from Book of Life:

Glinda, Elphaba, and Fiyero from Wicked:

For extra tall or scary costumes I often like to get low and shoot up, but at DCon that can sometimes be hazardous. Case in point, for this shot of Sauron:

...I was very nearly trampled. The crowd shifted in those few seconds while I was kneeling, and I was suddenly surrounded & being pushed about, so it was hard to stand up again. A bit scary, but happily that was the only time I felt like I was in any danger.

And to top it all off, it wasn't even that great of a shot! Bah.

Here's one that turned out better:

(Cosplay by Jarman Props)

And while we're on a scary streak, check out this stunning female Predator:


Think I'll end there for now, guys, to keep these posts to a somewhat manageable length. I'll aim to post more installments about once a week, since I have plenty of non-cosplay stuff I still want to post, too!



  1. That Kantus from Gears of War is my cousin. :) Nice photo! Check out Jarman Props on Facebook to see in-process shots.

    1. I've followed that build. It has been incredible to see it come together. He's got some incredible skill.

  2. The pj monster is Pajamathur! (A skin for Abathur, from Heroes of the Storm). For reference check: here

  3. Thank you so much for posting these! Even though I have yet to get to a con, it helps me feel like I'm sharing the experience. :) And your photos are FANTASTIC.

  4. My goal is to go to this Con and now that my new job involves me spending months in Athens GA I might actually get to yay #ItsNotEasyBeingBritish

    The lass with the full DJ deck is playing as Sona in her DJ Sona skin from League of Legends.

    And I suspect the one with the horned helmet and two fist-blade things is a female Monk from Diablo III with Jazeraint Mail.


  5. I know that lady predator!!! :) stoked to see some Aussie's mixing it up at D'Con!

  6. Ok, that Gandalf wins. Hilarious!

  7. Azula is portrayed by Allegriana/The Chainmail Chick!

  8. The blue guy with the red cape is Anti-Monitor from DC Comics Crisis on Infinite Earths.

  9. The pajama monster is the Abathar skin from Heroes of the Storm (a Blizzard MOBA game)

  10. I love Tink in the background of the first picture! It reminds me of exactly how a slightly middle aged Tink (from the original Peter Pan movie, not the Disney Fairies movies) would act at a cocktail party.

    1. I thought "Tink with a Drink" was perfect, too! Wondered if anybody else would comment about her. :-) LOVE your pictures, Jen.

  11. Great photos as always! I wish my con pics turned out as good as yours.

    I'm pretty sure the girl with the DJ set up is dressed as Sona from League of Legends:

  12. Oh! I forgot to say: the pyjama monster is Abathur from Heroes of the Storm in his 'Pajamathur' skin. :D

  13. The no passing zone is great- but missing one. Needed Sir Didymus from Labyrinth

    1. EXACTLY what I was thinking! Ha! ::geeky high-five::

  14. I think that Gandalf and Knight were one of my absolute favorites from the whole con! Now I'm kind of regretting my earlier nights (even though I was never in bed before midnight), since I know a lot of the best cosplay was out at night. Guess sleep and panels meant more to me than pictures. :P And I just have to say, having now been to D*Con and knowing the terrible lighting EVERYWHERE for pictures, I have to give mad props to you for the good shots and I'm sure the tons of editing it takes to get the pictures brighter. You deserve major kudos for all your work on these pictures!

    1. Aw, thanks, Laura! My photos are a bit of a mess technically - lots of grain and focus issues with the poor lighting - but I'm trying to loosen up and just get them as pretty as I can, since I know you guys care more about the costumes than my photography skills.

      Every other serious photographer at DCon uses a flash, so I consider it a personal challenge to get at least *some* photos that rival theirs without one. John and I chatted with a lot of pro photogs this year, though - lotta great guys - so at some point we may start experimenting with flash. Could be fun!

  15. HA! I know that Borg duo. They also dress as Klingon Stormtrooper ballerinas. They're great. :-)

  16. I'm pretty sure the one under the Jedi ponies is a monk from Diablo III. I can't find a screenshot with that exact armor, but I recognize it from the game.

  17. Mmmmm!! Yummy photo candy! These are beautiful shots of amazing costumes. Thank you so much, Jen! Looking forward to the rest, but it'll be good to only have one DragonCon photo post per week. That'll make all the goodness last longer.


  18. These pictures are fantastic, Jen. As someone who can manage to give people red-eye, make them blurry and cut off the tops of their heads in every picture, I totally admire your photography skills!

    I may be showing my age, but I now have the earworm, "I'm just a Bill on Capitol Hill." Quick -- someone start singing "It's a Small World."


    1. �� It's a small world after all,
      It's a small world after all,
      It's a small world after all,
      It's a small, small world! ��

  19. I love the Sesame Street group! They even have "Lefty the Salesman" in the back selling letters out of his trenchcoat (he sang "Would you like to buy an O")!

  20. As a transportation engineer, I can't get over "no passing zone." Priceless!

  21. My husband and I just about died laughing at the History Channel Aliens guy. Brilliant!

  22. My husband went as the Ancient Aliens guy for Halloween one year...and we found someone dressed up as the chest burster from the Aliens movie. Of course we got a picture but for the life of me I don't know where it is right now. Lost somewhere to the annals of Twitter, I'm sure.

    1. Oh, look, I found it! Too bad it's so dark you can't see his hair sticking out appropriately.

  23. Hey that's me as the Zombie Scientist, thanks for including me!


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