Wednesday, April 22, 2015

MegaCon 2015: The Best Cosplay, Part 2

Time for a new batch of cosplay awesomeness!

(Click any pic to embiggen.)

A beautiful Tauriel from The Hobbit. Love that detailing on her bow & quiver.

Honey Lemon & Mass Effect ladies:

These two villains were beyond fabulous - and Cruella was posing so well, I didn't even notice she was on the phone!
And the Queen's dress! WOWZA.

A couple straight off the set of Doctor Who:

Look at those prosthetics on the lady Silurian. Flawless.

[Click 'read more' below for the rest; I'm just getting started!]

More terrifyingly impressive stuff, this time from a gender-swapped Davy Jones:

It takes a few minutes to really appreciate everything you're seeing here. Check out the Kraken attacking the ship on her hat, and the claw hand, and the starfish on her face!

Not to mention that spot-on makeup application. 

A couple classics:

That Spidey is actually an artist in Artists' Alley. Talk about a great way to attract customers!

This Wonderland group made my jaw hit the floor:


The Hatter has a flamingo with copper pipe for legs! And Cheshire's grin is attached to a walking staff, so he can just hold it up like a masquerade mask. Alice's flower has a sculpted face in it, and can we please talk about the White Rabbit's giant fluffy ears?! LOVE.

Here's North from Rise of the Guardians - complete with the little elves on his shoulders!

I threw in a reference from the movie, in case it's been a while.

Gender-swapped Batman Beyond:

And a 'swapped Joffrey & Hound from Game of Thrones:

Plus an Iron Throne dress! 

Here's a huge GoT group - I won't even try to name everyone:

Another jaw-dropper: this little Maleficent brought two of her Tree Warriors. I've never seen these cosplayed before!

Those guys are hard to find a good reference for, but here's a general idea from the movie:

It took me a minute to recognize this broom. Then Sorcerer Mickey showed up, and I was like, "Oooh, NOW I get it."

Plus, wearable DeLorean. AW YISS. 

(He had a flux capacitor graphic on his phone, which he's holding up.)

Gender-swapped Booker from BioShock:Infinite:

 She wore a long striped skirt instead of pants. Here's a game shot, for comparison:

 And remember how I featured a Booker with a crow hand before? Well, this one has the Shock Jockey hand! (pic above) So fun!

Pretty sure you'll all know THIS guy:

I later found out he's the actual Beetlejuice from Universal, which probably explains why he looks this amazing. Heh.
Gotta follow him up with Lydia, of course:

This steampunk Mad Hatter had the COOLEST leather teapot purse:

And here's Emily, a young reader & friend of mine, modeling some expandable flying wings she and her dad put together:

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate this cosplay?


Hard to believe there's a person in that Baymax; I'm still not sure how they could see.

An impressive Attack on Titan group:

Another Maleficent - this time the grown-up version - and an oh-so-dapper Supergirl:


Harley and a perfectly painted Mystique:

Seriously, Mystique's face paint didn't have a streak or crack on it. Props!

These guys were chasing Pac-Man all over the con, which made for some hilarious lunchtime entertainment:

And this Kuzko was totally grooving:

"Let me guess: you have a great personality."

(We need more Emperor's New Groove love at cons, you guys. Such a great movie.)

Agent Carter & Captain America:

Spotted these two ladies at lunch, and they just about made my whole day. Cutest couple ever, or cutest couple EVER?

 And I like how "Daisy" painted pink high heels on her yellow sneakers.

And finally (for this batch, anyway) I'm going to end with a bunch of shots from Saturday's Borderlands meetup.

First, John/Tiny Tony with an *actual* Tiny Tina (she's so small!):

And also with a gorgeous Moxxi.

Now, group shots!

 More than half looking at your camera at the same time = SUCCESS.

Then a few more arrived:

(Lovin' that gender-swapped Salvatore in blue on the end.)

And now from *this* direction!
That Pre-Sequel Jack is especially impressive:

Here's a comparison shot from the game:

Speaking of Handsome Jack, after a while this one decided to steal the spotlight:

Everyone cracked up, and then immediately pointed their weapons at him. Sadly I was laughing too hard to get THAT shot.

Here he is again with "Claptrap Inception:"

The midsize Claptrap is actually a backpack one of the Mayas made. SO GOOD.

Another shot of Pre-Sequel Jack & Maya:
Seriously, her (Jack's) cell-shading is amazeballs. Really excellent.

And finally, the two Jacks together:

Ha! Love it.

K, that's it for now! Stay tuned for more, guys!

Oh, and cosplayers, if you spot yourself here, feel free to share a link to your blog/FB page in the comments.

[If you missed it, click here for part 1]

[Or click here to go to part 3]


  1. Can I just say how much I am loving all the Agent Carter cosplay I've been seeing lately?
    And I may have flailed a bit at the Kuzco costume. "BOOM, BABY!"

  2. That Kuzco is brilliant! I just called my sister over to see because her workday ended on a bad note and I knew he would make her happy. His little swirly train is just perfection!

  3. The Pre-Sequel Jack reminds me of David Bowie in rht Blue Jean video. Great pics!

  4. Even more proof that the world is full of amazingly imaginative and creative people! Thanks for the glimpse!

  5. Donald and Daisy Duck as played by the two older women were so awesome. A good reminder that you're never too old to be a fan, or to cosplay. I'll be in that age group sooner than later. Hooray for Older Lady Fans!!

  6. That Davy Jones is actually quite terrifying. Kudos to her for creepiness!

  7. I NEED that teapot purse...omg, love them all!

  8. Oh my gosh, that Supergirl is dressed exactly like the Supergirl from Ant Lucia's Bombshell line! I have the Hawkgirl statue and omkdjglsdg I just love that entire line of retro art and the statues. This Supergirl cosplayer is amaaazing.

  9. The two older ladies who dressed up as Donald and daisy win. They win everything. I love these so much!

  10. It definitely makes my morning that someone actually did Kuzco. For such a brilliant movie, it is so sadly underrated in the Disney fandom! And forget seeing-- I'm wondering how that Baymax can breathe in there!

    Also, is this just wishful thinking, or are the little baskets on the Mad Hatter's gas mask tea infusers?

  11. I always watch your photos for a friend of mine and he finally made it! He's one of the Game of Thrones crew. This makes me happy.

    Thanks for sharing all these photos. I love seeing the fun and creativity.

  12. I love that the game of Thrones group even has a George R. R. Martin in it!

    I really appreciate it when you have a comparison shot for the games I'm not familiar with. It really helps me see how amazing these people are! They're so great!

  13. I have that teapot handbag in red, octopus in covent garden used to sell them

  14. Love love LOVE the Cuzco! So many options with that movie. Izma! The kids!

  15. Hey, where did the new post go? It was hilarious!

    1. Wondering the same thing. What an absolutely ridiculous book: skiing and scuba-diving in your skivvies, (because steampunk women apparently are not fazed by freezing temperatures).

    2. Before it disappeared I sadly saw some pretty nasty comments, getting quite personal.

    3. I just saw it in my reader, so I didn't see the comments. So sad when people feel the need to make attacks in the comments. Sorry Jen and John (and whoever else may have been attacked)!

    4. Shame on them (the attackers) for making the rest of you miss out on a post. And my sincere apologies on behalf of my fellow readers (those who temporarily mislaid their better judgment) to Jen and John, Creators of Awesomeness. Ill considered comments should never need to be cause for you to take down a post. I can only hope you didn't get anything worse by email.

  16. ACK!!! My worst nightmare! I missed an Epbot post and now it's gone?!?! NOOOOOOO! I need to read it!

    What happened, Jen? Please tell us you just experienced technical difficulties and that you didn't take it down because of complaints. If there were complaints, then that just makes me want to read it more.


  17. So cool!!! Can't wait to see part 3!!!

  18. You know what's really impressive about Mistique? White. A completely white outfit with high color, blue makeup, and it's flawlessly clean.

  19. Hey! I'm Mordecai in the Borderlands shoot! Check out my wife and I at our cosplay page-

  20. Thank you for posting my kids in the costumes that my husband made for them this year (Maleficent and her Warriors). They had so much fun posing for pictures.


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