Thursday, April 16, 2015

MegaCon 2015: The Best Cosplay, Part 1

Alright, cosplay fans, let's dive right in with some EPIC ADORABLENESS:

Look at this cutie patootie little Frozen girl! With her Olaf armbands! Squee!

[Correction: Oops, right out of the gate I get one wrong, ha! She's actually Annie from League of Legends:

Thanks, commenters!]

And over on the other side of the spectrum:


Yep, this post is gonna be a roller coaster, my friends. Buckle up.

Click 'read more' below for the rest!

...but mostly it's gonna be epic awesomeness like this:

That's Katniss from Hunger Games with a picture-perfect Agent Carter.  Love it.

 And another fun pair: a roller derby Eowyn with a sweet lolita Alice:


Fun to see a post-haircut Rapunzel:

 And not far away, Cindy's fairy godmother!

A Guardians of the Galaxy trio:
 You probably recognize Starlord, but that's also the Collector with his assistant, Carina:

This Elizabeth from BioShock:Infinite's DLC is spot-on:

And she's with a gender-swapped Booker - complete with crow hand & the Murder of Crows bottle!

Here's a comparison shot for Elizabeth:

Speaking of BioShock: Infinite, I flipped. OUT. over this Boy of Silence, here with a Zealot of the Lady (both enemies in the game):

Game reference:

A moment later this Booker joined them:

And the next day I found a motorized patriot, you guys. FOR REALZ. I realize most of you have no idea what that is, but trust me, it's super cool. I'm posting these pics roughly in the order I took them, though, so you'll just have to wait on that one.

Next up, a pint-sized Master Chief:

And a Cyber-styled Finn & Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time:

Now, I know what some of you are thinking. "Jen," you're thinking, "I don't recognize ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS. Show me something I know, for filth flarn's sake!!"

Your wish = my command, my friends.


It's also one of my top favorites from the whole weekend.

That's right: it's a Star Trek/Gilligan's Island mashup, you guys. GILLIGAN'S TREK.

Check it out: they have phasers made of bamboo and sea shells!

And the Skipper is holding a shell communicator! Ha! SO GOOD.
Seriously, creativity like this is what makes me love cosplay photography. I rode that high all weekend, and I'm still buzzing from it. Can you tell? [bzzz bzz] Aw yeah.

I also tried to get a little more creative with some of my shots this round: playing with perspective and composition and such.

I really like this one.

And for this big War Hammer guy I tried to get down as low as I could:

I've decided I need to make some armor like this for me, just so I can wear stilts to a con once and FINALLY know what it's like to see over peoples' heads. (If you're new here, hi! I'm very short.)

One more Big Armored Dude, I'm guessing also from War Hammer:

This next one is kinda NSFW, so, you know, scroll faster and/or hide the kids:

Say what you will about the appropriateness of the venue; that is BRAVE.

And I know it's an actual character cosplay, because I spotted another lady in the same outfit - only with a bikini top underneath. The coward. (I'm totally joking.)

At lunch I spotted them eating a few tables over, and I was tempted to go ask her if she'd had any trouble from other con-goers. I didn't want to interrupt, though, and from what little I saw, everyone was being respectful.

I bet brandishing a knife helps. :)

Next up, a lovely Belle:

Belle is John's favorite princess. He's always trying to get me to wear more yellow. Heh.

And speaking of my hubby, here he is evilly photobombing Sora from Kingdom Hearts:

That's the Christmas Town variation of Sora, along with a Heartless:

(I couldn't find a good screen grab of Sora, so that's an official figurine.)

See the Jack Skellington on his key blade? And the sand worm? That's from Halloween Town, which is based on Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas.

Which is an excellent segue to...


I've seen a lot of Sallys at cons, but the props really bring her cosplay to the next level. That "flying" Zero is amazing! Plus she has the potion ingredient bottles in her basket!

Just gorgeous.

And finally, continuing the Tim Burton theme, here's another of my top favorites from the whole weekend:

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!!

Specifically, the Beetlejuice from this scene:

Did you ever notice the Batman-esque bats on his hat carousel before? Or the Jack Skellington head on top?

Gotta love Tim Burton tying all his films together like that.

Check out all the little carousel animals; he sculpted them himself from lightweight clay!

Ahhh, gotta love it.

Ok, guys, that does it for this round! As with my last Dragon Con photos, I'll be spacing out these posts so neither of us get too burned out on cosplay pics. Besides, I like taking my time and really having fun with editing, and rushing makes it feel too much like "work." (BOO.)

'Til next time!

[Click Here for part 2!]


  1. The little girl in the first one is frost fire annie from league of legends. She's also got her own facebook page, zombelina cosplay and is no flutters nice :D

    1. Niece even, not nice xD

    2. Ah, new record: I'm wrong on the very first one! Ha! Thanks - off to fix. :)

  2. Great pics! Thanks for letting us experience it vicariously through you!

  3. I absolutely loved that Sally as well, and totally agree the detail in the props and the cosplay is amazing! I didn't catch the Beetlejuice with the carousel on his head, but man do I wish I had!! That is fantastic! Some of my own photos from the con are here: Quests of Quirkiness

  4. Thank you for sharing. :) I always share these with my children so they know there are tribes of AMAZING people for everyone. (Even the half clothed lol!)

  5. The roller derby girl looks like she's wearing the bodice Éowyn wore in Dunharrow, seen in Return of the King. Reference photos. She also looks like she *might* have a horse on her helmet. Coincidence or derby-Éowyn?

    Lovely photos!

    1. That is indeed Derby Eowyn. She goes by Technically Toki on FB, and the Alice with her is Korin Cosplay.

    2. That's me! Good eye, Derby Eowyn is exactly what I was going for. I had a pal dressed as Derby Arwen wandering around too :)

    3. Shiny! You did a fantastic job. I'll have to watch your facebook feed for photos of Derby Arwen now.
      I may not get most pop-culture references, but I like to think I know my Tolkien.

  6. Oh my gosh these are AMAZING!! Can't wait to see the Patriot!

  7. I love the Gillian Trek! And the rest of it pretty great too. Can't wait to see the rest of your pics :)

  8. The costume with armor and big swords is Malthael from Diablo 3. It looks awesome!

  9. The Alice is Korin Cosplay on facebook, her work is incredibly detailed and absolutely stunning if you'd like to see more! I believe it's a Sakizo design which is art that I think you'd love :)

  10. What fandom is the NSFW couple from?

    1. Kill la Kill, which is a crazy but fun anime series. Alien clothing plotting a world takeover, so the rebels don't wear clothing.

    2. I was wondering the same thing. Thank you for answering. I was like, what cosplay would require such a weird and almost naked outfit. I totally forgot about anime! lol

  11. Carousel Beetlejuice is AMAZING. Wow. I cannot imagine all of the time and effort it takes for these amazing costumes! These people are seriously talented! Do they recognize you and John and get really excited at the idea that their picture might appear on EPBOT? ;)

    1. Ha! I would say no, but I actually *did* get recognized a few times this weekend, which is a bit surreal! Always fun to have a mutual fangirl/fanboy moment. :D

  12. Yay, more cosplay pictures! These posts always make me delightfully happy. I'm anxiously counting down the days to my next con in two weeks, then I'll be counting down the months/weeks until DragonCon. Posts like this make is so much harder to wait! :D

  13. That wee one is so sweet. Looks like she had fun!
    Loving Beetlejuice!! LOVE!! - Give him my number and tell him I'll be his Lydia Deetz!
    Just kidding. :)

    Can't wait for more! Thanks, Jen!

    --Piper P from Washington State

  14. The half-naked characters are from Kill la Kill, one of the most crazy-fun over-the-top anime shows in years. I'm not sure which character the guy is cosplaying, but the girl is Jakuzure and they're both in their Nudist Beach outfits...Nudist Beach being a rebellion based around not wearing clothes. Like I said - crazy-fun! :D

  15. woot! I've been waiting for these to start :) more! more!!!! :D

  16. Is that a Figment on Beetlejuice's hat?

  17. I don't mind spacing out the pics but please don't torture us like last time and wait six months to finish! My heart might explode!
    Such fantastic costumes

  18. That Beetlejuice! Wowza. I love it. And that Sally is fantastic as well. So many fun cosplay artists out there.

  19. Am I the only one who totally thinks the man with the lady in the "NSFW" pic looks like Jon Snow? Can't stop seeing it. And fabulous photos as always, Jen. <3

  20. I live in an extremely con-light area, so I love seeing your cosplay posts! Can't wait for the Motorized Patriot! :D

  21. no one does it better than the japanese girls.

  22. Hi hi! That's me, Alice! The design is indeed based on the artwork by the Japanese artist Sakizou. ^^ Thank you so much for taking my photo! I'm sorry I fangirled so hard, but I really, really look forward to your post con reports every year!

  23. The 2nd Warhammer dude is a space marine in terminator armor, they just call them terminators. (Wife of Warhammer40K player - he tells me about all of this stuff), pretty sure the first one is just a space marine. I can't imagine trying to walk around in that all day. Kudos to them for being able to. :)

    1. According to my partner (similar interests lol) the terminator is a Chaos Iron Warriors one and the other person is a Blood Angel in that photo. Learn something new every day...

  24. The Finn is actually Fionna. The NSFW characters are Noon Jakuzure and Hoka Inumuta from the anime Kill la Kill.

  25. and it's always cool to see alt. costume stuff like that beetlejuice. and mash-ups. I LOOOOOOVE mash-ups. I only go to one Con a year myself so it's always fun to see what's going on elsewhere.

  26. I believe that's Fionna instead of Finn? Couldn't tell if she had a Cake the Cat with her.

  27. Jen! These photos are STUNNING! You have no idea the squeeeees you bring me with your cosplay photo posts. I love them SO much. That pic right before the big War Hammer guy is awesome. Love whatever editing you did to it and great composition.

    The Gilligan's Island/Star Trek mashups are hilarious! That Beetlejuice is killing me! The Sally is outstanding! The fairy godmother is so incredibly perfect! Fiona and Princess Bubblegum are adorable! Everything and everybody is just so stinking impressive. My heart is thrilled to see so much creativity and imagination.

    Like everyone has already said, even if we don't know the characters, these posts still bring us so much joy, so thank you for being our eyes into the spectacular world of cosplay.

    And I was too busy filing our taxes last minute to comment on the last post, but holy freaking cow, John and Claptrap look amazing! I seriously can't believe you guys managed to put John's costume together in three days. It looks like it took months or at least weeks of careful planning and crafting! The mask is spot-on, and the other props and accessories are dynamite (heh)! John is glowing with happiness. I'm so impressed by and proud of both of you. You make the world a better place.

    Thank you,

  28. It's neck-and-neck between cosplay photos and DIY follow-alongs as to which are my favorite of your posts to read. You'll simply have to keeps doing more of both for me to decide.

  29. Hi! I'm actually the gender-swapped Booker Dewitt pictured here with Elizabeth. :) Thank you for putting me on your blog! I'm very appreciative! But I noticed you commented about my Murder of Crows vigor and special effects, so I figured I would let you know about the Etsy store I'll be starting soon where I will be selling vigors from the Bioshock games. My email is if you are interested. :) (I normally wouldn't shamelessly advertise like this, but you seemed interested haha :D )

  30. Out of curiosity, why is the Alice described as 'Lolita'? Is there a reference other than the book? Because that's sort of a negative connotation.

    1. For your reading pleasure:
      It's that frilly, poufy-skirt, dressed-up-like-a-Madame-Alexander-doll sort of style. How it got the name Lolita, I don't know, but it doesn't have anything to do with Nabokov.

  31. Great job con-goers!!! Those are some pretty awesome costumes!!!


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