Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Best Cosplay Of Dragon Con 2014, Pt 1

You guys ready for this?!

This year I'm going to dive in to my cosplay pics in order, sorting & editing as many as I can before going cross-eyed, and then posting my favorites from each batch. I don't know how long this will take, so I may space the posts out a little, for the sake of sanity - yours and mine!

Ok. So. Heeeere weeee GOOOO!

 My very first pic of Dragon Con this year, blurry because Groot and the Deadpool duo wouldn't stop dancing! That's the first of many Groots I spotted over the weekend, too; he's definitely the new star.

Another combo you only see at cons:
Always love seeing cosplayers have fun like this.

Maleficent was another popular choice this year. So many gorgeous wings and horns!

And don't forget the Frozen gang, still going strong in the "most popular" category:

 These Olaf & Sven ladies are ADORABLE. The snow cloud umbrella! The carrot! Ack!
Also loving the Kristoff purse on Sven; such a fun twist on "animal" purses. Hee.

The lighting at Dragon Con is every photographer's nightmare, but sometimes you can have fun with the dark side:

 You see so much armor at DC - so much - but this Skyrim set really stood out with its sky blue plating:

I later found a lady in a matching set of armor. I'll be sure to post it... when I make it that far into the stash.

More gorgeous armor:

I really had to work on this next photo to bring out the detail, because these costumes are just too amazing for you guys to miss:

Look at them! Look how perfect!

I went to a Vintage Vogue fashion show on Friday (yep, DC has fashion shows - really amazing ones!) which covered everything from Victorian & Steampunk to post-apocalyptic styles. And since my anxiety requires me to stand in the back of the room, I ended up mere inches away from all the models as they came off stage! WOOT! Needless to say, I took a lot of photos. I'll post all of them eventually, but for now, here's a sampling:

 Steampunk Sailor Moon.

 I'm quite fond of this shot; I think he looks like the cover of a steampunk novel. 

Near the end of the show they brought out some steampunk Star Wars characters, and I was thrilled to see the steampunk Jabba-the-Hut I geeked out over online not too long ago:

That facial prosthetic is amaaazing. And check it out; his cane has the hookah built in!

 So, so cool.
And here's the non-Strangeway steampunk Boba Fett and company:

Ok, enough of that for now. Now it's time for... SUPER GROVER!

 A lot of you tell me you don't know most of the cosplay characters I feature, so this one's for you. Sesame Street, represent!

I think Grover approves. :)

Two Lara Crofts:

 And two Wonder Women!


I couldn't quite get in front of this Aquaman, but it's mostly the motorized chariot he was driving I want you guys to see anyway:

Not only does it have those cutie-patootie seahorses in front, it blew bubbles! You can just see some coming out of the back.

That wasn't the only motorized vehicle tooling around the Marriot lobby. Check out Harrison of Volpin Props' "Marriott Chariot:"

See the little jeep?

Your eyes do not deceive you: this group DID, in fact, make ninja costumes out of fabric matching the Marriott carpet. (How many other conventions could inspire this kind of devotion? Ha!) You may recall that Harrison actually got a cease-and-desist over this fabric last year, but I guess they ironed that out. [snerk]

There were more cosplayers in this fabric, too; I saw a couple of Playboy bunnies - with matching ears and everything - and also more soldiers, I think? Anyway, I'm glad I caught them from one floor up in this shot, so you can see how effective their carpet camouflage is!

Another Groot with Rocket Raccoon - a popular pairing over the weekend. It was fun seeing all the mini-Groots being carried around!

These two Epbot readers are steampunk Mages from Final Fantasy; and I want her dress!

 And here's a reference for their characters:

I've been watching more anime since my Attack on Titan post, and one of my newest loves is Soul Eater. So when I spotted a cosplay of Maka, my favorite character from the show, I went all squealy:

 Here's a reference, since I'm sure most of you don't know her:

If you want something a lot less intense than Attack on Titan, and more sweet & funny, definitely give Soul Eater a try. Maka will steal your heart *and* your soul. :)

How cute is this: K-9 found his own mini-me!


 And a minion, looking innocent:

 At first I thought these were female Dwarves from Lord of the Rings, but after looking closer I think they're just... bearded ladies?

Whichever, that is some seriously impressive facial hair, right there.

The dandelion ladies from Epic - which I mistook for Pushing Daisies cosplay last year:

John ran into some fellow Disney ride cosplayers while he was dressed as Dreamfinder:

I love that these three represent rides from three of the four Florida parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios.

Some kickin' Batgirl armor:
Elegant and badass - and the weathering? SO GOOD.

Ok, peeps, I am officially going cross-eyed over here, so that's it for today. Again, these are just my favorites of what I've edited so far, but I'll be putting up everything I edit over on my Flickr account, so watch that if you want to peruse the whole shebang over there.

Hope you guys enjoyed! 'Til my next batch!

{Click here for part 2!}



    Thanks for the beautiful pics, Jen! Gorgeous photography and editing.


  2. Shelley in So. IllinoisSeptember 6, 2014 at 5:36 PM

    I never understood how amazing the cosplay world was until I read your blog. Thank you for enlightening me! I love the details!

  3. Thank you so much for the reference graphics too ... makes it a lot more fun to look at the pictures when I have a reference as to the character they are representing.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Amazing pics! Always love your photos. Thanks for the Soul Eater recommendation too! I have been watching Attack on Titan since you wrote about it and I love it, but it is a bit dark and I can only do a few episodes at a time. I will give Soul Eater a try :)

  6. Great photos!!! Always enjoy the detail and love that goes into each and every costume!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  7. Soul Eater is my absolute FAVORITE anime...and I've seen a lot!

  8. . . . Is it okay if I pretend it's Pushing Daisies cosplay anyways? Man, I miss that show.

  9. I wanted so bad to go to the fashion show and couldn't get the rest interested! I hope you have pics of alllll of it!!! And it was nice meeting you FINALLY! LOL I'm the one the spellcheck changed Epbot to Robot on Twitter!!

  10. We actually had our son cosplaying at his first Fan Expo in Toronto (he is 7 months). Day one was a simple Batman. Day 2 was Kermit the Frog which got a LOT more love than I thought it would (just no Sesame cosplay I guess). Day 3 we went as a family cosplay of Hitchikers Guide and my son was Zaphod (though the costume kinda failed, but some people got it). It was a LOT of fun!

  11. Soul Eater is awesome. I'm only just getting into anime myself, but that's one of my favorites so far. Love the character relationships in it. And beautiful costumes and pictures, as always =) Makes me want to go to a con--I've never been, but it looks like so much fun!

  12. The bearded ladies are Fili and Kili from The Hobbit.

    Love ya, J+J!!!

  13. I actually started watching Soul Eater before Attack on Titan. I'm nowhere done with either as my roommate takes up TV time with his video games or the dumb thing doesn't want to connect for me. Anyway, I think Soul and Kid are my favorite characters so far.

  14. Oh my god, the Marriot carpet ninjas! So clever. That carpet was one of my favorite things from my one trip to DragonCon (back in the Firefly/LOTR days). That entire hotel, really. Such a neat space.

  15. I love seeing all your cosplay pics. I'm so glad that you've been providing references for most of them (and correcting those that you weren't originally sure of.) I also appreciate the reference photos because it does help me appreciate someone's work more when I can see how close they were to the original, even if I don't actually know the source material.

  16. Thank you for all the amazing photos, Jen! I am just in awe of the skill of the cosplayers and your skill with both camera & editing.

    Btw, I think the bearded ladies are in fact female dwarves, but from Discworld.

  17. So thrilled you're starting to watch more anime! Need any recommendations, LET ME KNOW. Unfortunately, they've taken a lot of my favorites off of Netflix, but you can find a lot of them online.

  18. Love love love the Disney CM Cosplays! Wish I knew where to get the official CM looking ID badge for my daughter. She is a wee bit obsessed with ToT and was sad her costume couldn't be complete without an ID badge. I told her to wait until she was a CP and she'd get one :)

  19. Super Grover! Aaaaagh! (love, love, love)

  20. I think (although I'm not sure) that maybe the bearded ladies are modern dwarven ladies from Terry Prachetts disk world. Or maybe they just like gender bend steampunk cosplay?

  21. I agree with eveyone saying they might be dawrves from terry Pratchett's Discworld series. Maybe? They seem like it.

  22. I love DC pics!!! n.n I have some cousins who were able to go this year and i was so jealous ! One year i will make it

  23. Yay Maka! So glad you're loving Soul Eater. Andrea cosplays as Maka on a regular basis, so she'll be thrilled that you love that character.

  24. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Soul Eater! I watched it about a year ago when I was going through a horrible time in my life (my Mom died from Triple Negative Breast Cancer) and it made my sister and I so happy. We both fell in love. Maka is indeed an awesome character. (I also kind of love Death the Kid) There is a "prequel" of sorts out now called Soul Eater NOW. It's very cute. It provides some interesting backstory as well for certain characters. An oldie, but a goodie is Fruits Basket - have you seen it? It's quite adorable. Hope your day is a good one Jen!

  25. So awesome!!! :)
    Glad you had fun! - DC is definitely on my bucket list!

    -- Piper P from Washington State

  26. Great stuff! I'm sad I missed the Steampunk Jabba - that is fantastic! I saw this Skyrim dude and the two in armor below him ... did you take those Thursday night? I had one moment in the Marriott that night where I *thought* I had a Jen from Epbot sighting, but I was not SURE ... so I kept going about my business. Maybe it was you after all!

  27. Super Grover is my friend DJ Spider, who always has the best costumes for D*C! You can see more of her work here:

  28. Another DragonCon gone by and I missed you AGAIN! So sad. Next year for sure! I wanted to get to show you my completed 1950s Queen of Hearts cosplay I tweeted you about :) Also my best friend and I had the Marriott carpet fabric - we made stewardess outfits out of it :)

  29. I love that John is grinning his head off while the other two are just sort of there. I know it fits their characters better, but I wish they'd broken for at least one shot!

  30. Soul Eater is just wonderful! I've rewatched it several times since high school, and it's just as good as the first time, every time :] I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  31. We were going through old photos for my brother's wedding, and my mom found one of him with Dreamfinder (Figment was my brother's ABSOLUTE FAVORITEST EVER as a kid) and I gotta say, John's cosplay is ridiculously accurate.

    I love the Olaf and Sven cosplays. Such a fun way to do Frozen without doing Anna and Elsa like everyone else. Kudos to you, ladies!

  32. I'm Batgirl in the final image and I just wanted to say thank you for such a gorgeous image! It's still my favorite I've found. Cheers!


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