Thursday, March 7, 2013

World of GeekCraft, Show & Tell!

It's been a while since I've showed off some of the stuff YOU guys are making, so let's take a looksie, shall we?

First up, Meagan R. made the coolest Harry Potter display this week. Check it out: it's her own personal Sorcerer's Stone!


The stone itself was a Christmas ornament for Target, so if you have that and a shadowbox, this is a super simple project. Head over to her blog Sleeping With Skeletons for the full break-down.

Amelia T. crocheted Portal's Atlas and P-body for her boyfriend's birthday:

She didn't have a pattern, so she just made these up as she went along! (I love their little guns!)

I'm a huge papercraft fan, so Mathew G.'s creation has BLOWN ME AWAY:

THAT is a life-sized Samus from Metroid, and it's made entirely of paper. Matthew tells me it took him seven months to build, so that's, what? About a month per foot? WHOAH. Head over to Matthew's Flickr for more pics. 

Kate B. makes custom dolls, and when a co-worker challenged her to make Treebeard from Lord of the Rings, she came up with something so epic she decided she HAD to share:

And I'm glad she did! Check out that lace "moss." Brilliant! 

And here's Bilbo:

You can see more (or even commission your own!) at Kate's Etsy store.

And speaking of dolls, check out this River Tam made by Silvana M.:

To really appreciate her, though, you have to see what Silvana started with. Here's a before-and-after comparison of River's face:


Head over to Silvana's blog to see more finished and process pics. (And can you believe she gave this away in a craft-swap?!)

Proud mom Shelly S. sent me this pic of her sons after they won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in their troupe's pine wood derby:

Now, check out the cars they made (with their dad's help) that won!


Monica M. made this stellar Star Trek quilt:

 And you have to see a close-up of that trim fabric, guys:

Look at those adorable little figures! Monica, I think you're going to have to tell us where you found that fabric! 

[Update: The consensus seems to be it's from Spoonflower. Thanks, guys!]

And finally, I hope you guys aren't too sick of looking at Epbot fan art, because this drawing by Paula H. made John and I laugh out loud in sheer delight for, like two entire minutes:

It's the Epbot 'bot as Lady Vadore.



Thanks for always knowing just how to make me grin, everyone, and please, keep those e-mails coming! Or you can also share your creations here in the comments, or over on the Epbot Facebook page!


  1. If I'm not mistaken that trim fabric came from Spoonflower -- they have some amazing geek related fabric there. I've bought Star Wars fabric from that same designer.

    1. I second the idea that it came from Spoonflower (they also have little Doctor Who and Firefly character fabrics). It's not the cheapest but I got a sample book and they're all good quality. There's a time map pattern that I'm considering making a shirt out of on there...

  2. Thank you SO much! The dolls, I'm going right over there now; making those Liv dolls into Miss Tam is really impressive. The Philosopher's Stone? Perfect. The little cars? Wonderful! (Can you imagine parents who don't bring their kids up as geeks? What do they talk about? How boring would that be?) And the Vadore bot? Very sweet.

  3. Yeah that Star Trek fabric = definitely Spoonflower fabric. I've seen that designer's Doctor Who fabric

  4. Wow, so much talent in all of them! With the anticipation born of a slowly scrolling window, I snorted milk when Lady Vadorbot appeared!
    As for me, I've been most pleased with my Weeping Angel toilet roll cosy of late

  5. Yeah, Spoonflower! I design fabric on Spoonflower, and make all kinds of goodies with it! I've made custom baby blankets for expectant friends, all kinds of stuffed animals (including an almost lifesized one of my dog, which kind of freaked him out a little). And they do have all kinds of nerdy, geeky, techy fabric over there! The fabric does tend to fade a little more when you wash it as opposed to "store bought" fabrics, but overall, holds up really well. I highly recommend it to anyone either looking for nerdy stuff, or are itching to make your own fabric! (Photos print up really well on their fabric too!!)

  6. So many awesome things, especially that amazing Treebeard and River!

  7. That River is TRULY amazing!

    And if it weren't stealing I would totally take those derby photos and make one of those "PARENTING: You're Doing it Right" posters! I would pin the heck out of that.

  8. So much awesomeness!

    Since you asked, I made myself a Frodo doll and took him with me last year to New Zealand for my 'Total Tolkien immersion tour.'

    Frodo kept a blog, which you can find here

  9. This made my day to see our cars posted!
    This year's car is "Sting"

  10. Epbot Lady Vador cosplay...?

  11. So pleased I made you guys laugh. You brighten my day with your posts so it's nice to be able to pay it back.

  12. First of all, I want to take the Treebeard and the Bilbo and roll around on a bed with them while I laugh hysterically until my scalp cramps up.

    Second, nice applique work on the Trek quilt, and by the way, that Trek fabric is giving me a case of extreme SQUEEs. I MUST obtain some, so I can make the Vulcan and I some matching jammie pants. HYSTERICAL.

    Cheers, thanks a lot,


    1. Storm, I love you.

      Will you make me some jammie pants, too?


    2. I am the Jammie Pant QUEEN; it was one of the first things I learned to make years ago. I am currently rocking my Jack O'Lanterns and Flying Witches jams right now; when you're Goth, as the song says, EVERY day is Halloween. :)

      Cheers, thanks a lot,


  13. I got on my email this afternoon and saw a comment on my River Tam post and of course assumed it was spam and then I noticed it was left by a real person and they said Epbot sent them.
    OH MY GOD!

    I love this blog so much and I can't believe you featured my doll! Thank you so much!

  14. Jen, you've ruined my life by openng up the door to Spoonflower. I had never heard of it before and right after I saw that awesome fabric I clicked on over there and spent AN HOUR just browsing around. I'm sure you've checked it out already, but they have a whole section of steampunk fabric. I saw an awesome gear fabric that woukd make great pillows for your couch. :-) Thanks for sharing!
    Nikki T

  15. If you are ever passing through Durham, NC, you (and anyone else) can actually come visit us at Spoonflower. Just e-mail customer service and ask for a tour, or sign up for a crafting class.

    The newest version of chibi fabric I've seen come through the queue is for Downton Abbey. It made me giggle on the spot but really all the designs make me smile! : )

    Ps: Our printers and fixers all have geeky names. Right now the window printers are Mario, Zorro and Kirk.


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