Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Squee-Worthy Geeky Plush Roundup

There's a whole world of geeky plush out there that I've never really explored - I guess because my own sewing skills are right at the level between "able to thread the machine" and "able to sew in a straight line."

Sometimes one of you will send me something like this, though:

11th Doctor Plush by deviantART user ~misscoffee (Sent in by Lindsay G.)

Or this:

Ewok Plush by deviantART user ~Whitness (Sent in by Jez)


Which finally prompted me to do a little Etsy exploring, and OMIGOSH SO MUCH SQUISHY AWESOMENESS. Seriously. I am overwhelmed. Did you guys know all this was out there?!


Tooth Fairy Robot Plush, $30 by GinnyPenny

Sweetest. Robot. EVAH.

And look!

Moogle Inspired Plush, $65 by SouthernGothica


Remember Sir Squibner, the little plush octopus John got me last year? Well, now I'm tempted to get Sir Squibner a little geek girlfriend:
Custom Octopus Plush, $24 at CheekAndStitch

On a whim I decided to see if there were any Grumpy Cat plushies, and OH YES, there are Grumpy Cat plushies. I especially like this Grumpy Cat pillow, though:

Grumpy Cat Pillow, $48.03 by PetitiPanda
He surrenders, but he's not happy about it.

There are also lots and lots of amazing My Little Pony custom plushies out there. Many are so perfect you'd swear they were officially licensed from a store, but I also like this more handmade-looking style with exposed stitching:

Applejack Petite Plush, $40.02 at NappinKraken

Then I stumbled across this little guy, who's only about 3 inches tall:

Felt Slimer, $13 by nuffnufftoys

...and if he's sold by the time this publishes, you'll know that I caved to temptation.

Amigurumis are pretty much always adorable, but they're even MORE adorable when they're Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

All 4 TMNT Amigurumi Plushies, $115.50 at Crafted Cuteness
(Or buy them individually for $32 each)


Or how about these felt super heroes?

Superhero Softies, $19.95 each at IndieChicDesigns

Superman is my favorite; that little curl slays me.

Nananananananananana ... BATGIRL!

Batgirl Plushie, $30 by Plush Kafe

I think Barbara Gordon's is my favorite Batgirl suit; I just love the yellow.

Or how about a sad little Edward Scissorhands?
3 Inch Edward Scissorhands Plush, $22 at SpookyPookyCreations

It doesn't show from this angle, but he has little metal scissors on his hands. (!!)

Well, I've barely scratched the surface on all the amazing geeky plush out there, but I think I better quit for now - if only to give all of our bank accounts a rest. ;) Feel free to link to your favorite plushies in the comments, or share them over on Facebook!


  1. The most impressive plushie I've seen is probably not for sale; it was made by one of my favorite YouTubers without a pattern, when she was a kid. Her mom has the details here.

  2. Cute as they are, I can't help but wonder how legal it is to sell merchandise like this, most likely without a licence. Is anyone with legal knowledge able to shed light on this?

    1. It is called Artistic licence. You can make an artistic rendering of any copyrighted material, so long as you change just enough to make it yours.

  3. The cuteness! I think the Grumpy Cat pillow is my favorite...or maybe the TMNT plushies...or all the geeky octopus plushes...Who am I kidding, I want all of them!

  4. These are sooooooooo cute! That ewok is spot on!

  5. These are adorable! Time to start sewing again.

    A couple summers ago, I sewed a plush Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon based on a tutorial found here: How to Plush Your Dragon She's got a great gallery of plushies people have made. Mine's here, though it's not a great picture (black details are hard to photograph - maybe I'll give it another shot). Definitely something I'd like to try again! :-)

  6. Adorbs!!!! I have no sewing experience, and I'm afraid if I tried, I'd probably sew my fingers together.

    Now, I'm off to figure how I can have one of each of these just appear out of thin air.

  7. I love Grumpy Cat, but Tardar Sauce as grumpy cat is so named, is actually a SHE. However she DOES have an adorable brother named Pokey.

  8. You got to check out this SoCuthulu it is so cute! Here he is.

  9. I have to have that adorable little Edward Scissorhands!!! *Grabby hands*

  10. Oh my god....so much adorableness...squee explosion indeed...

  11. Oh my goodness, those are so adorable! The little octopi are killing me!

    My favorite plush artist is House of Darkly. She makes some adorable anthropomorphic food and monsters!

  12. Yes, there are all sort of examples of being able to use someone else's character and make your own derivation of it (it's called derivative art for a reason) HOWEVER, they can't use the trademarked name of that character. i.e. My Little Pony, Batgirl, etc etc and that's usually when they get a cease and desist order and often lawsuit papers. I'm all for derivative art for it's own sake but not to make money from. As just an amateur artist I must say that I would be upset if someone copied my work and made money from it. That being said these are lovely and fun examples to look at but I won't be buying them. Just my two cents since it was already brought up.

    1. Yeah, the artist responsible for the "Pocket Princess" series is a good example. She has actually *worked* for Disney and doesn't sell any of the princess artwork, (even though it's arguably one of her most popular creations) because she doesn't own the licensing rights for the characters. Even *Disney* doesn't own the complete rights for certain characters. That's why what's-her-name from ENCHANTED isn't part of the Disney Princess line. They'd have to run everything by Amy Adams, so it's too complicated--that's what I've heard, anyway. Not sure how they worked everything out with the stars of the Pirates Franchise....

    2. If a person has that happen to them by either another person, or a corporation, the outrage is usually great, but it seems it's generally accepted if a person does it to a company. I'm not sure where that distinction comes from, but really, it's still wrong.

  13. Not for sale, but enjoy : )

  14. Oh my goodness what a lot of cuteness in one place!! <3

  15. So, Sir Squibner asked me to tell you this... and he's a little nervous... but he'd much rather have the cute guy with the glasses as a companion.
    (p.s. i think someone needs to put a fez on one of those, no?)

    1. As long as the cute guy wears the glasses *and* the hairbow, I'm totally down with that. :D (And yes, fezzes are always cool!)

  16. I just bought the Wonder Woman plushie for my best friend. (MINE!!!! ALLLL MINE!!! MUAHAHAHA! - okay, so it's not really for me, but still, I enjoy maniacal laughs) I am throwing her a superhero themed bridal shower :)

  17. re: Shannah -- yes! Grumpy Cat is a she. Maybe one of the biggest female online personalities at present? GIRL POWER!

    As an aside, Jen, I tried to post this in the wee smas on my ipad, but commenting wouldn't let me publish. Just an FYI.

  18. In the spirit of crediting people for their work, (coughredbook) the etsy shop Little Brown Byrd is the original creator of the robot doll. https://www.etsy.com/shop/Littlebrownbyrd

    Her shop is one of my faves, I found one of her robot dolls through pinterest and it was linked all stupidly so it took me forever to find the original source so for a minute or 5 I thought that since I sew of course I totally want to make my very own robot dolls too, but then I found her shop and so I didn't, because how rude. Besides, supporting other home sewers like myself is much more rewarding than making it myself.

    And the other chick is totally just opened her shop and is totally ripping her designs off. Sadly, this is what happens with etsy and pinterest and whathaveyou.

    1. You know, I wondered about that, since I feel like I've seen a few shops now with similar designs. Looks like LBB is on vacation now, which might explain why I couldn't find it when I was searching originally. Thanks for the link!

  19. Shanalogic carries some of those octopodes, and lots of other cute plushie things too (shanalogic.com)


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