Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mail Bag Beauties!

I've been mildly sick for almost a week now, but it's the kind of sick you can't really complain about, because you're mostly fine, but there's just enough queasiness and head drippiness to make you tired and whiny and watch too many 30 Rock repeats. (Liz Lemon just GETS me, you know?)

Anyway, it's weeks like these that I really really appreciate all the fun surprises you guys send me in the mail. I tend to get a few things a month, varying from smashed pennies (yessss, my precioussss) to sticker-covered letters to baggies of broken jewelry bits for my craft endeavors. Every single package makes me feel like it's my birthday, and I have a special soft spot for handwritten letters from young geeklings with mad Perler Bead skills:

I actually got this from Elsie K. several months ago (and shared it on FB, I believe) but it's too awesome not to share here on the blog, too. Look at her little drawing of Sir Squibner! (I later made the bead 'bot into a magnet, so I can see it every day.)

Speaking of drawings, last week Victoria G. sent me a gorgeous glossy print of her amazing Lady Vadore art:

My first Lady Vadore fan art! Woot! I can't wait to frame it.

Also last week, Kelli sent me her custom-made Epbot Vinylmation:

She even gave him a fun steampunk twist! I'm diggin' the "flower" gears & little chain on his pocket watch.

And here's another cutie 'bot that came in a few months back, by artist/sculptor Dyani:

Complete with mini-me & mini-John!

As you can see, I now have a whole collection of mini-Epbots:
 Three counts as a collection, right? :)

This glass arrived a few weeks ago without a card, so I'm not sure which of you lovelies made it for me, but it totally made my day:


And did I ever show you guys the shopping tote Pernilla in Sweden made me?
Sewn from scratch and embroidered!

(Can I just say how surreal it is to get things from around the globe? I got a postcard from Belgium this week. BELGIUM. And two days ago someone e-mailed me from Hungary using Google Translator. I'm not trying to brag; I'm just saying the Internet really has made it a small world, after all - and I freaking LOVE THAT.)

(And yes, I DO know I just stuck Small World in your head. MWUAH. HA. HAA.)

And finally, when John brought in Theresa B.'s crafty creation yesterday I thought she'd purchased it from some high-end boutique. Then I looked closer, and realized it's all handcrafted! Theresa started with a blank mini lunchbox purse, and turned it into this:


She covered it in those steamy papers, and then added gems, decals, gears, and even a raygun smashed penny! Inside it's fully lined with a thick felt.

Here's the back:

I think I need to add a long chain so I can use this a purse the next time I step out as a Steampunk!

Thanks for letting me geek out about my new goodies, guys, and extra squealy thanks and hugs to all of you who keep reminding me - with your comments, e-mails, and surprises - that I have the best "job" in the world. Even when I'm feeling whiny and queasy and snotty-in-a-literal-sense.

Btw, I always feel awkward mentioning gifts here on the blog, both because I never want to be an obnoxious braggart, and because I never want to look like I'm trolling for free stuff. (I also don't want sellers to think that just because they send me something I'm going to blog about it.) So, with all that said, and only because it's a FAQ: if you'd like my mailing address, just e-mail me and I'll send it to you.


  1. Keep on posting this stuff Jen! I love seeing the cool things that everyone creates!

  2. You are AWESOME! And I think it's awful anyone would think to use you as an advertiser! We send you things because we can. Because you make us all feel like we've been friends forever, separated by distance, brought together by our love of geekery and cakes. (:

  3. ^__^ You give people something great. You cheer us up and make us think, and connect us to each other and make us feel like a community. No one thinks you are trolling for free stuff. They do think that since all this is free, that one of the only ways to show how thankful we are is to shower you with things that are handmade or that you would enjoy. It doesn't hurt that people know you will actually appreciate their work!

    So thank you! I think you are awesome and you make my day better.

  4. Luvin everything! Especially the embroidered bag and glass! I enjoy looking at all the creations, lots of love and skill there! Please continue to show them off!!

  5. I'm so glad it arrived safely!! I was really worried about any bits breaking during transit!

  6. I need a lunchbox like that for school. And where do you go to get a raygun smashed penny? Evidently I'm visiting the wrong theme parks.
    I enjoy seeing your cool li'l Epbots. Thanks for posting them.

    1. The ray gun smashed penny is at the Science Fiction Museum store at the Experience Music Project in Seattle.

      Jen, I am SO glad you like the lunchbox purse! I had a blast making it!

  7. Oh my goodness. I have only read the first paragraph of this post, but I am sitting here screaming "yes exactly". I have that same exact sick. I look like I don't feel good and I am tired, but I am not "dying" like normal sick.... Ok. Now off to read the rest. I saw a lot of great pictures while scrolling down to comment and I am excited to read the rest.

  8. OMG!!!! I cannot belive you posted my letter! You just made my week! And really it was nothing to make you that peler bead EPBOT.
    I'm just sad on can't watch the new Dr.Who episodes because i don't have a TV.
    i <3 your blog!

  9. Seriously, I want an epbot glass set. Are they on etsy?

  10. Jen, Did you see last night's Castle? I think you'll love it!

  11. I can understand why you'd feel awkward about posting gifts. I'm sure I would in your place. But seriously, don't. First of all, just to get it out of the way, you deserve them. You really do. That being said, I for one love seeing the stuff people send you, it's both creative and sweet. And cute, that too. I mean, when else are we gonna see some of that stuff, that's obviously custom made just for you? It's especially great, because these posts always have such a natural, easy feel to them. There's no sense of whose gift tops whose. It's just like, "Hey look at all this super awesome stuff!" And then we look, including the people who sent said stuff, and can appreciate all of it without any pressure. It's fantastic.

    And anyway, anyone who wants to send presents should! There's an old saying you hear a lot at Christmastime: It's better to give than receive. And it's so true! The people making you fun gifts (and mailing them in, and watching you post about how much you love them) are probably enjoying it more than you are. Let us have our fun! <3

  12. Did you see that Super Punch linked to your lady vadore fan art?? http://www.superpunch.net/2012/11/art-roundup_4567.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+SuperPunch+%28Super+Punch%29

  13. I love seeing what people send you guys, people are so creative! The last one just sparked an idea for the beat up little Sesame Street metal lunchbox my kids have in their toy box. I think I'll jazz it up in a different style and let my daughter keep her little jewelry pieces and hair bows in it. :)

  14. I love that you show is these presents. I always feel like you are just a friend showing us what our other friends with amazing talent have made for you. What you and the gang give us every day with your fun in CW to opening up new worlds (Steampunk) in Epbot, we will never be able to repay you enough. We enjoy you, enjoy you sharing with us. Keep it up! And feel better. As my husband would ask: did you take an asprin with orange juice? That's his cure-all.

  15. Your blogs make people smile, laugh, they make them happy! You deserve presents! :)

    And of course, if anyone wants to send me presents, too, feel free! :P

  16. I actually groaned with desire at that purse, it's stunning!
    Thanks for sharing, and be on the lookout for a parcel from Norway!

  17. That lunchbox is *gorgeous*! Thanks for sharing all the fun stuff you get in the mail! :)

  18. Don't feel bad about bragging, I LOVE your posts with fan-stuff, because you always seem genuinly happy about the stuff you get... and because the stuff is always awesome!

    (I recently got extremly semi-famous on Twitter and my followers (which are like 1000, woooh, I'm so famous!) send me pics they draw or show off their pancake cakes, and every time that happens I think to myself: I'm like Jen Yates, I am so awesome.)

  19. "It's a Small World" is *never* a problem for me. Not only is it my FAVORITE ride at Disney (long, probably boring backstory), I'e turned the song into the ringtone for my phone!

  20. ...before you go scanning, I feel I should tell you that the full-size one is here. Though the photo-printing kiosk did some auto-adjustments that made it look better. I might have to change my copy. But it has the full-size file I worked from so you, too, can see all the mistakes.

  21. I can't send you a pot of my Fruity Chicken or Beef Greenfood by mail, so one day when we're together in the presence of a kitchen, I'll have to whip up my "thank you for making my life better" gift in person.

    I can see I'm going to have to lug a kitchen with me everywhere I go now. You know, in case we bump into each other at the post office or something.

  22. Who's awesome? You're awesome ... for making my little geeklet's week!

    Congratulations, you now have the official Geek Dad Seal of Approval. ;-)

  23. Who's awesome? You're awesome ... for making my little geeklet so, so, so happy!

    Congratulations on your newly-awarded Official Geek Dad Seal of Approval! ;-)

  24. Don't feel awkward about posting your gifts. I love seeing them!!!!!


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