Friday, November 23, 2012

Epic Portal Party!

Brooke I. may not be able to play Portal herself (it makes her too dizzy), but that didn't stop her from throwing a triumphant Portal birthday party for her science-loving sons:

There were fun inflatable turrets, Aperture t-shirts, and goodie bags filled with orange & blue candy, mini Turrets, and Aperture iron-on patches for everyone.

The table was set with a mini Portal gun and canisters of the orange and blue "propulsion" & "repulsion" gels from Portal 2:

(The gels are edible, btw, and stored in clear-topped dollar tins from Micheals.  Brooke shares how she made them on her blog.)

[Correction: Oops, sorry, guys; these gels are NOT edible - but Brooke does have edible versions on her blog!]

Plus there were portals everywhere: painted on tunnel entrances, boxes, and even glowing mirror versions made with rope lighting!

For a party game they played pin-the-name-tag-on-the-Cave-Johnson-portrait:


And the pièce de résistance?


 ...that's a lie!

Yep, that "cake" is actually meatloaf. (I'm making a note here, Brooke: HUGE SUCCESS.)

Head over to Brooke's blog to see tons more pictures, and for the recipe for those gels and the meatloaf "frosting." And thanks for sharing, Brooke!


  1. Wow, that's some fantastic execution considering she hasn't even *seen* the game played!

    (Waiting for the Epcot saying that Gak, while awesome, isn't edible. ;))

  2. ...From what I understood from her blog, the gel was a Borax-and-Elmer's-glue "gak," which seemed wholly inedible to me. Clarification?

  3. That's an awesome party for sure, and very creative.

    And I went to Brooke's blog, but the goo in the tins is meant to be a toy, not edible.

  4. Just so you know, the propulsion & repulsion gels aren't edible, but the jello push-ups she posted below them were, and the text for both items was in one paragraph, thus the possibility of confusion!

  5. Epic! I love it :)

  6. Perfect timing for a Portal-related post. I just got Portal (and Portal2) on Wednesday. They were on for 50% off, which I didn't know when I went looking. I just figured it was time to learn to play.

    What a great party idea for Brooke's son. I'm definitely going to check out the meatloaf!

  7. Steam Currently has Portal AND portal 2 for download for like, 6.75 or something.

    Portal 2 alone is 4.99. Sale ends, I think, Saturday?

  8. Fabulous idea! My son is a huge minecraft fan so maybe I can do something minecraft related for his birthday in January. On a side note, I'm so tempted to say "it's not edible!" to add to the Epcot fun, but I'll restrain myself :D

  9. this is amaaaazing! dat cake

  10. We have those same Portal mirrors (thanks to Reddit) in our bedroom. They are easy to make and fun to have on the wall 24/7 :)

  11. It's hard to overstate my satisfaction with how cool this whole concept is!

  12. What a brilliant cake! My son turns 20 this year, and I was thinking of trying a d20 cake. This would be so much better! (And possibly easier!) Will have to see if gravy browning is available in NZ.


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