Sunday, October 21, 2012

And Now, a Dose Of Halloween Cute

Oh, how I love crafty geek parents and the Halloween costumes they make for their kids!

Case in point: Here's Epbot reader Danniey's son Calvin as Max from Where the Wild Things Are:



That was two years ago.

Last year she turned Calvin into Russel from UP:

Check out his little back pack!

 (Process pictures & a video of little Calvin clanking around in his backpack here)

And this year Danniey has outfitted Calvin as Willy Wonka, with his brother going as the cutest little Oompa Loompa:

Danniey made everything herself - the hat even started as a cardboard shipping box! - and each costume only cost her about $15 in materials. Amazing! Head over to her blog for more pictures and process-shots.

Next up, here's little Kara as Indiana Jones two years ago:

And then as Mickey Mouse last year:

Her mom Suzanne tells me Kara was quite adamant about being MICKEY, too, and not Minnie. Ha! (I'm with you, Kara; Mickey's my favorite, too!)

And finally, Epbot reader Sandy D. made costumes for her 7-year-old twins that will have Browncoats everywhere squealing with glee:

Mini-Mal & Mini-Kaylee! 
Cute AND shiny. :D

(More pictures and details here, and photo credit goes to Peter Verrant.)

Thanks for sharing the cute, everyone!


  1. Geek Halloween Adorableness... you did not disappoint. Those were great!

  2. They're all adorable but Mini-Kaylee and Mini-Mal just stole my heart!

  3. I dressed as Russell in 2009, because I am a giant happy nerd and he's the coolest animated movie kid ev-ah. Love these little kiddos and their costumes:)

  4. So cute! Is it weird that I'm 25 and REALLY want to be Max for Halloween. It would also make the best lounge around the house outfit :) Maybe next year...

    1. I went as Max when I was 30. Super easy. A white hoodie with fur and ears on the hood, a crown, and a scepter. TA da!

  5. What great costumes! To be honest, I'm not usually a fan of small children, but once you put them in a costume, I completely melt.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Aahh!!! Kaylee and Mal! Love it! We joke that our son Nikola is Wash in training. His sippy cups all have dinosaurs or spaceships on them and he looks adorable in his little hawaiian print onesies...heeheehee!!

  7. Oh the cute!!! I've been seeing pics like these all over the internets, and now I'm finally MAKING my kid's costume - my 22 month old is going as Totoro. It's my first sewing venture since middle school when we made these awful drawstring bags that we had to stamp with "Authentic African Patterns" in order to make it more cross-departmental. Blech. To say I've been scared to go near a sewing machine has been an understatement!

  8. Love miniMal and miniKaylee! I also make my kids' costumes most years, and one year we did Russell and Kevin, seen here:

    So much fun to put together, although Kevin was a bit of a headscratcher.

  9. Ditto Jordan... Love Firefly! So much cuteness I could puke!

  10. HA! I am making my daughter a Mickey costume for Halloween because she loves him too. Actually the costume has a tutu, so it's more like Tranny Mickey...

    I think it's a crime they only make Minnie clothes for little girls. What gives?!?

  11. My girls are going as Ruby Gloom and Jem this year! I'll have to send you pictures when the costumes are finished. I'm still crafting away last minute!

  12. I love seeing my kidlets online!!! Never gets old, I tell ya.

  13. Cuteness overload. So adorable :)

  14. Calvin as Max has got to be the most adorable baby picture I've EVER seen! I'm not a baby/kid person, but even I am oohing and ahing over the pic and showing it to people. The parents of these kids may be geeks, but what great costumes they make!

  15. LOVE the minis!! Oh my word, too cute. :)

  16. Mini Browncoats FTW! (You should see the big grin on my husband's face...)


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