Monday, October 29, 2012

Geeky Halloween Treats by YOU!

My inbox is overflowing with geeky treats of the season, all courtesy of you readers. I can't keep up! It's fabulous! Here are a few choice morsels from just the past few days:

Annette E. sent over her truly terrifying pumpkin carve:


Nikki had a pumpkin contest at work, with the challenge being that they weren't allowed to carve it. So, she got out a little sculpey clay, some paint, paper, and cotton balls, and made this:
 It's mad. MAD, I tell you!!

And then there are the costumes. Ohhh yes, the costumes. I can't possibly post them all, but here are a few of my favorites:

The best Angry Birds costume I've ever seen, all handmade by reader Mags for her nephew. (Hit the link for process pics on her blog!)

Melinda's family always dresses up together, and their Peter Pan costumes from last year were amazing:

Sara R. and her husband have such mad geek cred that they even named their daughter Kaylie Eowyn, in honor of both Firefly and LoTR. (They would have used the Firefly spelling, she tells me, but that would have been too many "E"s in a row.) Happily, one of their shower gifts was this fantastic Kaylee jumpsuit:
So, naturally, her folks decided to go with the theme for Halloween and dress up as Zoe and Wash:

 PLUS, Sara also carved an appropriate pumpkin to match!

You're right, Sara; the logo really WAS meant to be a pumpkin carve!

You know, Elizabeth and little Piper, your Halloween costumes really remind me of someone. Who could it be...?

 Oh, that's right: THE BABE.

Stephanie H. tells me that when her little girl Charlee asked to be R2D2, she immediately thought of the cute R2 gal I photographed at Star Wars Celebration this year. So she made Charlee a very similar outfit:

I especially love the hat!

Oh, and Charlee also asked if they could dress up her baby brother Max as Yoda, so...they did:

"Irresistibly cute, find me you will."

And finally, Kim's two little girls Alex (age 4) and Maggie (age 2) are big Avengers fans, so when Alex decreed she was going to be the Hulk for Halloween, they all decided little Maggie should be Captain America. Kim put both costumes together with a mix of homemade and store-bought finds, and I think you'll agree she did an AMAZING job.

Cutest. Captain. EVER.

Kim made little Maggie's shirt herself, and found the boots at a thrift store. (And if the boots were in my size I would TOTALLY steal them.)

Here's four-year-old Alex with her mask off:

And here she is with it on, in what is possibly my favorite picture EVER:

This desperately needs a Hulk thought bubble, you guys. Something about being surrounded by princesses, methinks. ;)

 I hope you guys enjoyed the treats, and that you have a fantastic Halloween!


  1. The little Avengers are possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen. I am dead.

  2. What great costumes! It was Maggie and Alex as the Avengers that really got me "Aww"ing though. As much as I think girly-superhero costumes are cute, I also really love it when girls ask for a superhero and they get that superhero, not a feminized counterpart. Maybe I'm just over-thinking it though?

    Thanks so much for sharing, Jen. :)

  3. For the Hulk, I can't think of a princess-related thought bubble. My first thought was "You won't like me without candy..."

    These are all so amazing -- I feel awe at the cleverness, as well as the conviction that next year I have to try harder...

  4. Glad to see another little girl is going as Captain America.

  5. I was looking at Alex/Hulk in the group photo, and noticed the other little girl geek. Miss Pink Mask has a Batman logo on her costume. So... Belle, Snow White, and Ariel with Bat-girl?, Hulk, and girl in white(ghost maybe?).

  6. That Hulk photo totally needs to be posted to the Superheroes are For Girls Too tumblr!

  7. "Hulk MAD ... with nail polish envy."

    "Where did Hulk's daisy chains go? Hulk smash 'em!"

  8. I love this, particularly since I'm Kim's other half :)

    (We saw you on your book tour in, I think, Pikesville, MD.)

  9. Love the kids' costumes! Hulk, Captain America, R2-D2, baby Yoda,little Kaylie--these are all so adorable. Not to mention that awesome Firefly Jack-O. I might have to borrow that idea.

  10. That's my Kaylie!!! Ohmigosh, my husband is making fun of me because I'm bouncing off the walls in excitement, but he beat me to sharing it on Facebook. ;-) This just made my week. Thanks, Jen!

  11. Thank you so much for including Mac and Charlee in your roundup! We have had so much fun this Halloween - my husband and I went as Leia and Han at a costume party this weekend, so it was a very Star Wars Halloween in our house :) Charlee loved wearing her R2D2 costume at our church festival this weekend - especially since she was the only droid among LOTS of Darth Vaders!

  12. "Princesses...why does it always have to be princesses?"

    Love, love, love the costumes! And Yoda/Max's use of the Force worked, because I do find him irresistibly cute! And little Kaylie is adorable! Oh, all of them are too cute for words. Thanks for sharing, everybody, and thanks for passing those pictures along, Jen.

  13. So much imagination, creativity, cuteness, and talent! But that first pumpkin scares me muchly...must not have nightmares.

  14. Those costumes are so adorable! A couple of years ago, my niece was obsessed with Spiderman, so she dressed up as him for Halloween. A few people thought that she was a boy. LOL! That same year my nephew dressed up as The Itsy Bitsy Spider. So we had 2 of the cutest spiders I have ever seen!

  15. Ha haaa!! That Hulk surrounded by the Disney princesses is just priceless! Bless her wee, green heart!

  16. Love it!

    My son is wearing a store bought Vader costume this year, including the device which makes the breathing noise, because it IS about standards.

    The crazy cute part is that he has insisted we load the Imperial March onto our phones, so that we can play it when he approaches, "just like in the movies."

  17. Éowyn and Kaylee are my all time favorite fictional characters, and I often tell friends that I feel like my personality is a mix between their two. It makes me happy to know that someone else thinks along the same lines!

  18. Hulk: "Hulk sad. Nothing to smash."

    Adorable pics! Thanks for sharing!

    I made hubby and me some cheesy homemade bland jedi outfits about 8 years ago (pre-baby). Thinking we need to update them and add costumes for our three padawans. The church festivalers (word?) won't know what hit them!

  19. Love it! My boys (4 and 2) are Thor and Loki this year. I am so terrible though, I've not finished thier costumes yet! almost done though, and luckily the party is tomorrow!

  20. Belle, on the far left is my fav. Her facial expression is priceless. Belle says, "Who invited THAT beast to the party?"

  21. I just want a pair of crocheted Yoda ears. Jealous! -Sarah

  22. I love the costumes. I was feeling envious of the costuming talent, but I rembered that 12 years ago I made my then 10 year old daughter, an R2D2 costume. It was a bulky posterboard version suitable for wearing over warm clothes on a cold New England Halloween.

  23. Oh so cool to see my pumpkin featured here :D Totally grinning ear to ear. And the costumes -- total cuteness overload!Oh so cool to see my pumpkin featured here :D Totally grinning ear to ear.

  24. I almost fell out of my office chair when I saw my pumpkin featured here! Jen, you've made my week twice so far. Thanks so much! I have a son and a daughter and can't wait to try my hand at making some awesome costumes, these were so inspiring! My daughter told me she wanted to be Santa Clause next year, ha! :-) Any ideas?

  25. Yes! One of the little girls I teach swimming lessons to was Captain America for Halloween. :) She was so excited when she told me! I asked all my kids what they were going to be, and she very proudly said Captain America. I almost cried. All of these kids are so cute!


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