Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Haunted Disney Scare

Here's a fun scare for your Halloween night: Gather the family 'round (well, if your kids are old enough for scary stuff, of course) for a frightfully good time at the Haunted Mansion:

(Found via BoingBoing and Inside the Magic.)

This is an eleven minute, Blair-Witch-Style film shot almost entirely on Disney property, and it's incredibly well done. There are a couple of pretty decent scares in it, too, although I freely admit I'm the wussiest scaredy-cat out there. 

And for those who don't like it scary, here are some more adorkable little Epbot readers to wish you a happy Halloween! 

This is Eva. Eva's mom Amanda thinks she's the cutest little droid you'll see tonight - and I think she might be right!

Kitrina's two-year-old geekling announced that she was going to be "Princess Batman" for Halloween, leaving Kitrina to figure out the rest. I'd say she did a fantastic job!

Jennifer M.'s seven-year-old Emily is obsessed with dinosaurs, so last year she was a velicorapter, and this year she's a pteranodon:
Emily, you're going to have to teach me how to pronounce that, ok? And, mom? AMAZING.

And lest you think I'm leaving out the boys:

Shelley W. and her two sons definitely know the way to this geek girl's heart. :)

Happy Halloween, everyone!!


  1. I was Wonder Woman with a tutu this year! I loved it! There was SO MUCH TULLE!!!!

    I work in a library, and the staff thought it would be a great idea if they all dressed up for the Halloween party for the kids Monday night. Needless to say, the kids were super excited that the adults were dressed up too! I don't think they realize that we love dressing up just as much as they do!!!

  2. I had my own little R2D2 this family all dressed up in Star Wars costumes! Check it out: Family Theme Halloween Costumes

  3. The memorable trick-or-treater at my house this year: an eight-year-old boy without a costume who hemmed and hawwed when I asked him what he was dressed as. "Aphrodite," he finally decided. "Who was Aphrodite?" was the teacher's question. "She was like a Greek woman," said the boy. And then as he was leaving with his loot, he said "Boo" unenthusiastically to his feet. I felt sorry for him, but if he was disappointed in being Aphrodite, all I can say is that *he* chose it.

    Then there was the group of six aimless teens who had no costumes and were TEXTING with their mouths open when I opened the door. None of them even looked up or said anything. I waited a second. I shut the door. I heard a slightly indignant "Hey!" So I opened the door and said, "Let's get it right this time. I'll close the door, you knock, I'll open, and you'll say 'Trick or Treat!' " One of them may have mumbled a reply.

    So I closed the door, someone knocked, I opened it, and they were ALL SIX OF THEM texting, their eyes glazed over. I sent them away without anything. Bwahahahaha!

  4. @ Haiku - that is NUTS! My favorite (after the 2 early 'treaters with no costumes & full-size trash bags for their candy) was the Dad pushing a stroller with one hand, a beer in the other, who asked for specific candy in my bowl for himself. (!!) At least I did see some cute costumes, tho - and one bat girl!

  5. I did get a wicked pleasure in disappointing the teens who wouldn't play along. I'm not a free candy vending machine, after all.

    Next year, I'm giving away pencils.

  6. Oh wait - maybe those six text-or-treaters were ZOMBIES! I'm going to comfort myself with that thought . . .

  7. That film is pretty well done!

    Princess Batman is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

  8. If they texted "Trick or Treat" to you, would you give them candy? I nearly got into a fight one year with a kid who wanted candy without a costume.

    Best costumes at the K-5 school parade yesterday: Barack Obama (serious little African American boy with a suit) and Paula Deen (complete with wig, cupcake and stick of butter on a stick).

  9. So last year we had a kid show up and my hubby goes "sorry, no costume, no trick or treat... no candy" and began to close the door. From the other side the kid goes, "wait, no, I am a..." started looking around frantically, pulls his shirt up over his head and yells "...a HEADLESS CHILD!! TRICK OR TREAT!!"

    Needless to say we gave him extra candy for making us laugh really hard. :)

  10. We had a few teens with no imaginations and no costumes last night. I told them I only had enough candy for the little kids. I mean they could at LEAST TRY not to look like freeloading jerks.
    We also had a daddy who dressed his little girl up as boba fet and he was a rebel pilot. AND we had a Dr. (Tom Baker) with his little boy assistant dressed as David Tennant.

  11. Can I get an R2D2 adult sized hat? (or at least the pattern)

  12. I effing love the princess batman, the face she is making is priceless!
    We had dance lessons so we didn't get to hand out candy last night. Which is sadness because I LOVE halloween and I love seeing the kids. I make everyone say trick or treat (if they're old enough). My favorite response from last year to "What do you say?" was "Please". Gave the kid (4-5yrs) props for manners and I stage wispered trick or treat so he would say it at the next house. I make every teenager say trick or treat or they get nothing. Spent my hard earned $$ on the good candy, not giving it away to the spoiled ones.

  13. I watched the movie till the half way point but I had to stop. I am a huge chicken too and I worked at Disney World and heard all the "creepy" tales. Even thinking about it now is freaking me out. *shudder*

  14. While Princess Batman is awesome, I never noticed before how angry the Batman mask looks before today (totally not the fault of Princess Batman or her amazing mother).

    We had a large group of teenagers go through this year, but they all wore costumes. (one had a sylvester the cat costume with a huge head, and he couldn't see what he was grabbing. He said, "this one feels like a good one!" It was an Almond Joy.)

    My son used his bat costume from last year. He was going to be a skeleton, but I had him try on his bat costume from last year (to see if we could use the main part of the costume and put bones on it), and he had so much fun flapping the wings that he decided he'd rather be a bat again. :)

  15. My favorites from last night - a whole Mario Brothers family. Mario, Luigi, Princess, baby as a mushroom, and the older siblings who were escorting them playing the game music from their smart phones. Yeah, lots of candy for them! :)

  16. I think I will be too scared to go in the Haunted Mansion ever again. It always scared me before. I am a huge wuss too.

  17. My Vulcan and I were giving out candy last night (along with our Pug, Hazel, in her Mops Antoinette costume; she was a big hit AND a great sport!), and we saw a li'l cutie in a li'l dinosaur costume. As they walked away, my husband (who will be 50 in March) let out a rather melancholy sigh and said wistfully, "I remember when I was little, I was so dinosaur-crazy, I asked my mother for a pterodactyl costume for Halloween, but they didn't make them then..."

    "Oh, how sweet, my nerdling! Did she make you one, bless her?"

    "Well, sort of. I mean, she *tried*, but she didn't really sew much. She tried to make it out of this weird, flowy, black fabric..."

    "Awww! Did you look like a dinosaur?"

    "No, not really. I looked like *drapes*." (Gets quizzical Spock-look on face) "Now that I think about it, I think they might have been the old living room drapes!"

    Cheers, thanks a lot,


  18. Where do I send pix of costumes? I spent months on a Godzilla costume for my 4 year old and I kind of want to show it to you, but I can't find your email address.

  19. Oh my goodness that video was awesome! Freaked me out a couple of times, but they did an awesome job! I had to wonder how many times they had to ride to get all the footage just right! :)

    My daughter (she's 13) was a pirate, she came home with a kitchen garbage bag about half full. My 16 year old son wore his ROTC BDU's (he got permission) but he just went to a party, and my 15 year old son was Slender Man but he just went to a party too. I guess trick or treating is coming to an end at my house!

    I'd say the best costume we saw was probably the 3 year old Captain America. He stopped then on their way back up the street he zipped up our driveway again. His sister, who was probably 7, goes, "did you trick or treat them again?" It was too cute!

  20. Oh my god, I just watched the video and I'm totally regretting it. It's not like I'll have nightmares or anything, but I may too creeped out to go on the ride again (and it was one of my favorites). Hopefully, I'll forget about it before go to a Disney park again.


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