Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Steam 6/16/12

Nicole B. shared this delicate clockwork carousel horse on the Epbot FB page:

Stop the press - HOW AMAZING IS THIS?!

It's the work of sculptor Sue Beatrice, who uses all vintage clock parts. I love how she used the shape of each piece to fit the horse; I'm not sure she even had to cut any! Check out more of her creations over on her FB page.

Adinda in the Netherlands sent in a few of her photos from the Midzomer Fair Parade, a small but delightful gathering of steampunk and costume enthusiasts. Here are my favorites:

That angel is so pretty! Love the teal accents.

 And here's a fun DIY for your next steampunk cosplay: portable pockets!

See the belt Gail's wearing? She made it from an old pair of cargo shorts. Cool idea! Head over to her blog Retro Rack for the tutorial.

Or, for a more every-day option, check out this amazing bag:

 Not only can you wear it on your hip like a holster, you can also wear it higher up on your shoulder, like this:

They're made to order by JungleTribe over on Etsy for $269 (and you can also get it in black.)
As someone who's been eying the leather belt pack Fiona wears on Burn Notice, I find this highly tempting.

Here's a fun mod that's been going around again: remember the Potato Head Big Daddy?

Sub'd by Jon B., made by Flickr user Ginger Troll

All it needs is a little spud Little Sister. :D

And finally, when John first showed me a photo of the new Steampunk Mini Countryman this week, I have to admit I was less than wow'ed:

But then he showed me the inside, and WOWOWOW!!

Absolutely stunning. I wonder how much it would cost to have someone make the inside of my copper Kia Forte look like this? I mean, I know I'm a little biased, but I really think it'd look better in MY car. :D

Lots more detail shots here, and thanks to Lea J. for the link!

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  1. Psst... I know you are a disney fan, so did you notice that the interior for that car had two hidden mickeys? ;) probably purely unintentional, but it just made me giggle a bit more all the same.

  2. I need help, pronto!

    I just found out about a convention in my town tomorrow (or should I say, today) that has a large steampunk showing. I have my costume all put together, but my hair!

    My hair falls in two "long" layers to just above my shoulders (the longest layer just brushes them. It won't hold curls, doesn't like to straighten, and has a serious tendancy to flip out at the bottom on one side and curl under on the other.

    Accessories available are: a pair of goggles, a fascinator, or a hat that doesn't really suit the costume.

    The costume is: This top in brown and this skirt reworked as a bustle (thanks for the idea, Jen!) over a knee-length, A-line khaki skirt with a ruffle at the bottom. And boots, gloves, and necklaces.

    This is only my second con, and I have no clue how to do my hair. Most of what I can find on google, my hair won't agree to!

  3. @ Jamie - I'd use the goggles as a headband and then put your hair into a messy high bun or up-do. Nice & easy, and if pieces of hair escape throughout the day, it looks intentional!

    Have fun today, & be sure to send me a picture of yourself after!

  4. I've been coveting those hip bags-- literally hip, as in wear it on your hip-- from Happy Cow, so I love the repurposing-cargo-shorts idea! Project! Yay Saturday Steam!

  5. Wow! The detail on that little horse is just amazing. I am just drooling over that. Gorgeous work!

  6. As a fellow fan of Fi's hip bag (and OMG, that one you just posted was amazing) ... I made my own. Got a cheap (I think it was 10 brand new) smallish purse from JC Penneys that featured a clasp-removable adjustable shoulder strap.

    It holds everything I need, looks awesome on my hip OR over my shoulder. Win.

  7. I must admit, I read "portable pockets" as "portal pockets" and was looking for the tell-tale orange and aqua of portals. Alas, when I didn't see any, I went to reread and saw "portable." Still, a very lovely idea.

    I'm no steamer, but I still find it gorgeous. :)

  8. I've got one of JungleTribe's blasting bags.. It's alright. Very nice to look at but the hardware didn't hold up so the straps were rendered rather useless. I can't say it was worth the price.

  9. I've been wanting the Gentleman's Pockets from Tech Dragon on Etsy for a while now. Also their walking skirt. Also the spare pockets, which aren't bad at 40 bucks.
    I do have a pair of cargo pants that have eaten it, but I've been holding onto for the pockets. The original plan was maybe a purse, but I think they've found their calling.

  10. Pam - I was gonna mention Happy Cow too, my hubby got me a hip bag from there last Christmas, and it is so full of awesome. I don't bother with a handbag anymore! And they do have some pretty steamy themed ones ;)

  11. I'd never let anyone in the car! Strike that, I'd have soft soled slippers, and a pretty bag of some sort, in the door handle, and no one would be allowed to wear shoes! and no taking it out in the rain, and no eating, and drinking....

  12. They really need to glue some gears on that car... (and now that song is stuck in my head again.) Seriously, the inside of that car is so sumptuous I wish they'd taken the outside just a little farther -- make the rims more like gears, use copper rivets to "attach" the fenders, maybe a leather-look bra with buckles for a corset feel or replacing the painted stripe with a trim piece that looks like leather. Of course, I can say that because I don't have to design it, implement it, or make it affordable...

  13. I have the cutest hip belt that I love love love! It doesn't look like a holster but I have worn it to so many different events with different outfits and costumes and I love how much stuff I can fit into the pockets (phone, camera, business cards, money, lip balm, keys, etc).

    It wasn't cheap so of course I coveted it for almost a year before I finally gave in and bought one, but I'd imagine if you're crafty you could come up with something similar.

  14. This place has cute hip/belt bags. They're reasonably priced and a couple come without the logo so you can re-purpose them for costumes.

  15. Pay someone to do the interior of your car? I smell a DIY project of epic proportions. For you and your spouse, of course. Be sure to take progress pictures!

  16. I was gonna mention Happy Cow too,
    Accessories available are: a pair of goggles, a fascinator, or a hat that doesn't really suit the costume,
    This is only my second con, and I have no clue how to do my hair. Most of what I can find on google, my hair won't agree to!

    They really need to glue some gears on that fashion design
    thank you


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