Friday, June 15, 2012

Jen's Gems 6/15/12

"Some of my friends are concerned that I let my daughter wear Disney Princess outfits.."

Submitted by Amanda J. via Reddit

HA! Well, that oughtta shut 'em up. :D
(I bet her soldering is way better than mine, too.)

Adorable robot papercraft of the week:

Head over to Instructables for the free template & tutorial.
(And maybe have the kids make one for dad this weekend?)

This is an older find, but since it's a slow week and I think it's pretty dang awesome I'm gonna include it anyway. Here's hoping some of you haven't seen it yet:

Carving a shot glass from a giant jawbreaker:

Submitted by Rebecca P.

The vid's pretty long, so feel free to skip around a bit - but don't miss when he starts on the outside around the six minute mark. When those outer bands of color come through, it's like magic. (Would it be weird to admit I watched the whole thing? It's oddly soothing, like watching Bob Ross reruns. :D)

Linda S. spotted these ├╝ber cute DIY Mickey necklaces:

 They're made from washers and wire and a little paper. Humble beginnings for such epic adorableness! Go see the tutorial over on A Creative Princess.

And finally, here's a fun time-waster: Five Dollar Finds.

 It's a site that features quirky cool stuff that costs less than five bucks, like a color-changing faucet light:

...or popcorn soap:

Thank goodness they only have two pages of archives, or else I'd be getting NOTHING done today. (And I'd be a whole heckuva lot poorer! Light-up candy light sabers? YES, PLEASE.)

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. That little girl with the Disney dress and the soldering board will absolutely be my future daughter - my husband is an Electrical Engineer and I love Disney! Way to be!

  2. all I can think when I watch the shotglass vid is : "all that...delicious candy...wasted..."
    (I have a fondness for everlasting gobstoppers) But it IS pretty when finished.

  3. Well, I officially want almost everything from the fivedollarfinds website....
    Also, the jawbreaker shotglass is beyond cool.

  4. That video was strangely fascinating. It reminds me of watching New Yankee Workshop with my grandma, when I was a child.

  5. Is it weird that I want to lick the floor of the shot glass maker's workshop???

  6. I can't tell if the mtn dew chapstick on the $5 finds would be a good or dangerous gift for John...

  7. 1. Yes on the Bob Ross re-runs.

    2. I'm glad that those giant jawbreakers are getting some use. I need to know if anyone who buys those actually finishes them, or if they always end up a sticky pink mess stuck to the carpet like they do in my house.

  8. Oh my gosh! The shot glass video was amazing. But I felt like I was getting stressed like I do when I'm watching a scary movie. Wait, don't keep filing there! It'll break off! I had to keep telling myself it was turning into a beautiful piece of art or there wouldn't be a video. Did I mention that I tend to worry about things over which I have no control?

    But all your gems today were just that - spectacular gems.

  9. That top picture is fantastic! Jen x

  10. I saw those candy lightsabers at CVS a while ago for a dollar or two. Worth looking out for!


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