Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Art Attack! 6/20/12

Like being ambushed by killer eye candy.

Katie N. spotted this fantastic Portal poster over on Etsy:

"I'm Different" by Ron Guyatt, $20

And Ron has lots of other video game and sci-fi posters available, too, including a gorgeous Fifth Element design and this BioShock one, each also for $20.
 It's like an old three-color movie poster! Love it.

Or, for some mini art you assemble yourself, how about this ADORABLE R2D2 papercraft?
I can't wait to make one for my office.

Download the template (for free!) at Gus Santome's blog.

And because we can't have R2 without his pal C3PO...

"Splatter Paint C3PO" by Arian Noveir.

Cool! You can see all of Arian's splatter Star Wars characters (and buy prints) over on his DeviantArt gallery. (A 12X18 is only about $20. Man, I love cheap geek art!) Via Nerd Approved

Thomas Zahler tweeted this pic of his sketch, "Tiny Toons as Super Heroes":

Ha! And I'm suddenly craving a Pinky & the Brain/Batman & Robin mash-up. Thom? Can you make this happen??

Speaking of Zahler, his comic Love and Capes is pretty rad - funny and original. I've only read the first issue so far, but happily you can read the whole series online at his site. Ahh, something to fill the void now that I'm all caught up on Girl Genius!

And finally, something a little different:

"Floating Waves," by Fabio Barboni

Barboni has lots of pretty futuristic girls like this in his gallery, and I'm digging the soft colors and hazy, dream-like images. I don't see any prints for sale, but you can browse the rest of his work on DeviantArt. (Do you know how much time I lose browsing DeviantArt? SO MUCH TIME. It's almost as bad as Pinterest. Heh.)

Seen any great geek art this week? Then link us up in the comments!


  1. I just found these and thought of you when I saw them.


  2. There are quite a few things I have seen recently, including alot of Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes( yes I know Holmes is not extremly geekie). The artist "gjsx51" on deviantART has many wonderful geekie, sci-fi paintings some of which are prints for sale. I believe you would be particuraly intersested in his piece labeled "Sister". His work is extaoridary. Also there is a few groups devoted to the Doctor. "Pika-la-Cynique" is also another artist on deviantART that does alot with Labryinth including a crossover comic with Phantom of the Opera and many other movies,books, and games.

  3. Here is a really cool Portal video... I guess this qualifies as art... video art. :D

  4. Ha! I went to elementary school with Thom. Great guy. For sure read Love and Capes. I ran into him years ago at HeroesCon in Charlotte and bought the first trade.

  5. A quick Google search turned up this artwork of Pinky and the Brain as Batman and Robin:

  6. Ron Guyatt was also featured on regretsy's Friday post: "Seven Great Etsy Stores I Never Bought Anything From" along with Wil Woods of Musetap Art Studios and his Star Wars piece "Deathstar Reflections". Regretsy post with this and lots of pop culture art: Also, LEGO copycat of Deathstar Reflections here:

  7. @ TechyDad - a-HAH! I should've known I wasn't the first to think of it!

    @ TrueBlue - thanks for the link! I'm obviously a little behind on my Regretsy reading... :/

  8. Hey Jen!
    I don't know if you've ever browsed past this artist on deviant art before, but her work is absolutely fantastic...I think you'd really enjoy it. :)

  9. Oh my gosh...I've stayed up way too late many a night looking at art on deviantART. Glad I'm not the only one!

  10. Jen, this is amazing! I love the R2D2 mini-papercraft. I'm writing curriculum for a kid robotics camp and want to try this for the kids as a mini-project, but smaller hands may find this difficult. Do you know of other Star Wars craft projects that two dozen kids from 6-13 years old could do in an hour or two? I would love to have something simple they could take home to their parents!

  11. @BrandyLee - Hmm...if you're not looking for just papercraft crafts, then I'd check out Bonnie Burton's Star Wars Craft Book.

    It's full of cute, easy crafts, like paperbag Yodas & such. You're sure to find something for the kids there!

  12. I found Gus' page the other week when I was looking for crafts for my nephew's 9th bday party! He had an avenger themed party. I made homemade fondant so I could do an iron man cake for him. And we made several of the figures from Gus' page as our craft - BIG HIT!

  13. @BrandyLee my nephew and his friends did Gus' papercraft and loved it! Challenging enough to get them to focus, but not so challenging as to make them give up! If you have some patient kids, it's a great craft!

  14. alicexz on deviantART does a lot of geeky artwork (Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Disney, etc.)

    Tenth Doctor

    Eleventh Doctor

    Also palnk on deviantART does a lot of Disney, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, etc.

    Hunger Games

  15. The mix of DC and Marvel characters in the Tiny Toons' image is somewhat mind-bending, but sometimes the crossing of the streams just works. I love it.

  16. Pink and the Brain/Batman and Robin? WANT. Oh please, oh please, oh please!!

  17. The art on the last one totally reminds me of the French comic Skydoll, so much so that I had to go check to make sure it wasn't the same artist!

    If you haven't ever read skydoll, I think you'd like it. It's about a little android girl who yearns to be more... Love and religion and robots, all done in this beautiful style reminiscent of 60's stuff. I read the first couple of volumes but moved away from the library that had them and haven't quite convinced myself to try to find the volumes to buy. If you don't read French, they've got English translations too.


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