Thursday, May 24, 2012

World of Geek Craft 5/24/12

Check out what some of your fellow Epbot readers are making!

Riha P. sent in her newly completed Portal cross stitch:
Ha! Companion Cube Love? :D

 (If that were me, I'd be all, "Dude, does this portal make my butt look big?")

Melanie W. etched her very own set of Star Trek: TNG glasses:

 How cool is this?? She's giving them to her hubby for their 6th wedding anniversary. All together now: Awwww. And hit the link up there to see more of Melanie's awesome geeky crafts.

Kella sent in her fabulous Doctor Horrible-inspired costume:

 She's Doctor Adorable!

You know, with a PhD in adorableness?

Kella turned a real lab coat into her dress, sewing in the panels to make it a full skirt, and then paired it with homemade goggles, cat ears, a petticoat and stockings, and even a marshmallow "fluffy ray." Hee! I like her correction on the lab coat embroidery, too:

Yep. That's cute.

Speaking of embroidery, check out what Pernilla over in Sweden just made with her new sewing machine:


 Here's a clearer picture:

Pernilla tells me she's going to make a tote bag out of this - and I've already begged her for more pictures when she's done. :) See more of her crafty prowess on her blog here (and make sure you have Google Translate handy if you don't speak Swedish. Heh.)

And finally, Carly Jane made this to-die-for Haunted Mansion necklace for a trip to Disneyland:
Would you believe it's made with Shrinkydinks? So gorgeous - and the black ribbon looks perfect with it.

So, fellow crafters - working on something geeky? Want to share with the rest of the class? Then send me your pictures! I love seeing what you guys are up to!


  1. Those are all so awesome! I love shrinky dinks.

    I make geeky soaps, but my pics are all on etsy and I don't want to sound like I'm etsy-whoring. I'm also getting into making perler bead coasters but that's not very exciting. Oh, and I think you already saw my antique-y trays but that's not very geeky.

  2. I forgot to add, I am SMITTEN ENTIRELY with those etched ST:TNG glasses. *swoon*

  3. Lillian Gracey, aka Tightrope Girl, is my favorite thing about Haunted Mansion. I would so love to buy a necklace like that!!

  4. Everyone has to see my Portal Peeps Diorama. I worked super hard on it and it has very little love.
    The Peeps are a lie!

    And that shrinkydinks necklace is AMAZING.

  5. I NEED those drinking glasses!

  6. LOVE that Haunted Mansion necklace!

  7. My partners & I are working on costumes for our local convention next year. This year's was just this past weekend, and we're already thinking about next year! Anyways, we're planning on cosplaying Mario, Luigi & Princess Peach, but gender switched, since we are two females & a male, so we will be Maria, Luise & Prince Peach :)

  8. Oh my! Riha P.? WHERE did you get that pattern?!

  9. My 14 year old daughter is OBSESSED with Portal. And Crochet. She...well, go look at my <a href=">Live Journal</a>. (She's also obsessed with Pokemon - she's an Aspie, so obsessions are "normal")

  10. Squee!! I can't believe you kept my necklace picture! Thank you for posting it, I feel so honored to be mentioned on your blog!! The necklace was a true labor of love, I had to use my laptop screen as a lightbox and then meticulously trace all the details.

  11. so fun, I have a few posts up with my steam punk outfit starting, more to come.

  12. I love an inspirational blog post.

    Carly Jane - I'm running for the Shrinky Dinks right now! I wonder if the other portraits will translate into good shrunkeness? Oooh, how about one of Maleficent?

  13. Riha here:
    I made the pattern myself. There are plenty of converters online, but I like to whip up images in Gimp then run the "Pixelate" filter on it (you can adjust the pixel size for 'resolution') and then find a grid that looks like the size of each pixel. Then its a simple matter of tracing/playing with colored pencils.


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