Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Steam 5/26/12

Behold! Steampunk snowglobes!

By Camryn Forest Designs - hit the link to see lots more.

Talk about a brilliant idea; the water inside helps magnify all the details! And I love how the bases are just as much a piece of art as the tiny sculptures inside. Thanks for the find, Susan R.!

Shaina Z. sent over a link to a great photo gallery from The Steampunk World's Fair last weekend. I think this guy's costume is my favorite:

Everything's better with wings. And gauges. And utility belts. :D

[UPDATE: This is David Lee of Hatton Cross Steampunk Hit the link to see more of his creations - it's all amazing stuff!]

Read the article on the Fair here and then go check out the rest of the photo set!

It wouldn't take much to make this Faucet Valve Nightlight a LOT more steampunk:

 Just imagine it with an old rusty spigot instead of the blue one! And really, isn't that green glow perfect for your secret lab? (You, um, DO have a secret lab, right?) 

The night light costs $50 over at Etsy - just message the seller if you want one - and the really cool part is that turning the spigot turns the light on and of. So. Cool.

Cora B. spotted this gorgeous PC case mod by Pablo Suarez:

 I love the smoke stacks on top, and that bubble porthole. (It says "SteamPlanet" on the side, in case you're wondering.) Lots more detail shots and information here

Audrey A. spotted a lovely steampunk wedding "inspiration" shoot (meaning it's not a real wedding, but it plays one on the Internet):

 My favorite bits are the bride's coiled copper bouquet and this amaaaaazing vintage umbrella:
I wonder if you could dip-dye a fabric parasol to get that look? Hmm...

Anyway, head over to Emmaline Bride for all the steamy eye candy - including a ruffly gear cake! (The cake is ruffly, I mean. Not the gears.)


  1. Wowzers what's not to love in this post!! The pc case is To. Die. For. And the photoshoot! O. M. G. Sign me up for vow renewals in Steampunk. Loved every aspect of that Steampunk wedding photo shoot. The steampunk fair costume, and globes the nightlight.... sigh. I got my sp fix for the day. :)

  2. My guess would be that the lovely bride's parasol was dyed by hand, with a brush; start at the edge with a full brushload of dye/paint, and brush your way up and inwards, to get the fading effect. I may just steal this idea; I DO LOVE parasols. :)

  3. SHHHHHHH! The lab is supposed to be SECRET! Why do you think I call it a SECRET LAB?????

  4. In regards to the parasol you can totally dip dye to get that effect. You'd just have to wrap up the handle really well so it doesn't take the dye too (unless you want that to happen) If the parasol is nylon use a really hot, to the point of boiling, acid dye or even RIT in this case would work. Cotton parasols you can use all kinds of dyes. And then afterwards to set the dye you can wash it in a special soap/dye fixer called synthropol. :) It is a really fab photo shoot. And my sister and I went to the Steampunk Worlds Fair for the third year in a row. SO. MUCH. FUN. We threw a tea party picnic on the lawn this year that was so much fun we're going to do it again next year!

  5. That parasol looks like it was painted with a brush-- maybe use the dyes and brushes for silk painting?

  6. I love the sepia-toned photo, and her feathered hairpiece. Oh, and if you attempt re-creating that umbrella, PLEASE SHARE!

  7. Jen, you forgot the coolest element of that first steamy costume--everything is better with wings, and gauges, and utility belts...and PLAID! Lookit him rocking that plaid!!

  8. So the fellow with the wings is named Dave Lee, and he's with Hatton Cross Steampunk. He's an author, and so is his teenage daughter. He also has a fantastic Steampunk Vader costume. Super nice guy!

  9. I saw a similar dye effect on sheets at Apartment Therapy using sharpies. I wonder if it would work on a parasol?

    Apartment Therapy

  10. This totally reminds me... a coworker of mine is hosting a Steampunk night at a club in West Chicago (Illinois) next weekend. No cover for folks in costume. Looking to be a variety of types of music all night long.

  11. I am in love with that nighlight and it would be even better if it was made more steampunky. Fab!

  12. I had to share--even though I'm sure you found it ages ago--

    <a href=">Dorothy Goes Steam</a>


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