Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday Steam 5/5/12

This week one of my favorite artists, Doktor A, released photos of a gorgeous new toy prototype:

Her name is Bella, and the toys are due to be painted in gold and teal (see the mock up here). However, Doktor A also mentioned on FB that, "There is a plan for an all white version with Matte and Gloss areas and a random splatter of blood red." AWESOME.

And while I'm at it, check out my new favorite piece by the good Doktor:

It's called The Candy Factory, and it has sooo many drool-worthy details. The little glass bottles in the back! The two tiny mini-bots operating the hand cranks! THE CANDY! Click here to see the rest of the photos - they're well worth it.

And speaking of eye candy, check out the rare 1895 Ford typewriter featured over on Boing Boing:

Not quite as ornate as those ball typewriters, perhaps, but still impressive.

After a while, a lot of steampunk jewelry can start to look the same, but I'm really liking the shapes and chain draping on these necklaces:

Plus, with a shop name like Spanky Spangler Steampunk Creations, you know it has to be good.

(These two have already sold, but there are similar designs in the Spanky Etsy shop which range in price from about $33 to $48 - not bad!)

Just when you thought you'd seen everything anyone could *possibly* make with old watch parts, someone like Dmitry Khristenko goes and makes a mini motorcycle with 'em:

Almost everything you see here came from an upcycled wristwatch - even the seat is an old leather band!

This one even has a cute little hatch back:

Epbot reader Tahlia P. sent these images in via e-mail, and when I tracked them down to Khristenko's DevianArt page (where there are dozens more), I got another pleasant surprise.  Check out what Dmitry's making from watch bits now:


He also made the most insanely complex and gloriously steampunk radio you will ever see:

Seriously, this thing has so many moving parts and switch-operated lights and built-in music boxes and spinning gears that the accompanying video showing them all off is TEN MINUTES LONG. Gaze in wonder, ye steamheads! GAZE! IN WONDER!!

Reader Kendra B. sent in John's favorite find this week: a bronze statue that's nearly three feet long called "Catfish Lily:"

Granted, it's not hugely steampunk, but there IS a gear, so we're going with it. For John's sake. Besides, the embellishments have a neat found-object look to them that reminds me of our bird Schnappsie:

(More on Schnappsie here.)

Since one of our cats (my cat) is named Lily, and the statue has all those lovely teal and orange accents PLUS a giant gear, John has become thoroughly smitten with "Catfish Lily." So much so that he went hunting online for a price. Which is $7,800. So I told John he could just use that picture up there as a desktop image. o.0

And finally, here's the best steampunk Leia cosplay I've seen:

By Flickr user CaptainSparrow

Now THAT's a princess. Love it!

Oh, and remember that steampunk Portal gun from last week? Well, I heard from Duncan, the creator, who sent in a couple more photos of himself & the gun. Hit the link to see them at the bottom of the post!


  1. Everything here is amazing, but I absolutely adore the little bird.

  2. OOOhhh, Bella is gorgeous! And Steamcon theme this year is victorian monsters... now, how to make a tentacle wig?

  3. Okay, last one. We swears. This one is a Gold and White Seahorse and I can't tell what the little girl is doing. Holding a giant golf tee? Who knows? Better price point on this one... :)

  4. Bella is just a tad concerning as a choice for a toy. Animated, is she? Uh huh.

    "Be sure to put ALL your toys away -- and don't forget to padlock the toy chest. I'll be checking it later. Three or four times."

    A Ford typewriter. That means it works great and parts are still available. Unless this Ford was no relation to Henry...

  5. I've seen similar birds at a gallery on Park Avenue in Winter Park. Not sure it's the same designer, but it may be. I think the gallery name is The Timothy Gallery or something like that.

  6. I love Bella, but I wish the artist had chosen a different name. It is so over used thanks to "Twilight".

    I wish I had the money for Lily. She's beautiful.

  7. Jenn- I just found something I thought you would like! A blog with ... cookies... and today, there is a post about SEAHORSE cookies!

    They are glittery, and awesome!

    Megan (equest2005 (at) woh (dot) rr (dot) com

  8. OMG, LOVING Nano Lopez's work! And he has a gallery that's not too far from me (about an hour's drive). Sweet! These are all wonderful pieces. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I kid you not--just last night I was flipping through my pictures from last year's trip to Miami/Key West/Ecuador, and I came across MY picture of Catfish Lily! Saw her (and her steampunkish peacock friend) in a shop window in Key West. I'll post the peacock to your FB page as soon as I convert it JPG...

  10. I thought you might enjoy this - my theater company is doing a steampunk version of Shakespeare's The Tempest. We had our matinee yesterday and got some really great pictures - we made Gonzalo a robot! :)

    Here's the first half:


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