Friday, May 4, 2012

May The Fourth Be All About Crafts!

Some parents use the Fourth for good. Others, for evil. 

Um, today's we're just going to focus on the good ones.

Yep, in honor of all of the Star Wars celebrating today, I've got some fantastic kids' room crafts I've been saving up - and the very best part? They're all made by you Epbot readers!

First, remember Kimber G. and her amaaaaazing Millenium Falcon blueprint mural? (If not, go see! I'll wait.)

So, yeah, remember that?

Well, Kimber decided that next her kids' playroom needed a little something. You know, like an X-Wing-fighter-fleeing-an-Imperial-Cruiser-over-the-planet-Earth kind of something.


Here Kimber's kids admire their mom's handiwork with the respect it deserves:


And here they attempt to hug it backwards. I think.
Awesome work as always, Kimber! Be sure to let us know which room in the house gets a Star Wars makeover next, k?

And now, the very thing every Star Wars bedroom needs:

A custom carved Star Wars headboard! Amber B. had her husband and father build this beauty for her three year old son, Gavin. Check out the raised Rebel crest with his name in the middle!

But of course my favorite part:

"That's no bed knob..."

Say, you guys look like you want to see another awesome Star Wars mural.

Your wish = my command.

Jason J. painted these next scenes in his wife's nephew's room. Jason reports, "He wanted the Battle of Hoth, and since Ralph McQuarrie is my favorite Star Wars artist, I decided to put several of his concept art pieces together into one large battle scene."

And what a scene it is!

Check it out, I found the original piece that inspired that last scene:

Rock on, Jason! And the rest of you can see more of McQuarrie's art (which really is amazing) here.

And finally, for you parents out there who may not want to tackle murals or woodworking: how about crochet?

 Karen V.'s mom crocheted these for her last Christmas, proving that just 'cuz your kids are grown doesn't mean you can't still spoil their inner geek. (Although apparently Karen gave her a pretty strong hint by buying her mom the patterns sometime after I posted about them way back when. Hee.)

Things like this always remind me how much I wish there was a local geek girl craft class around here. You know, like the cake decorating classes John & I took at JoAnn's, only it'd be stuff like knitting Star Wars characters and forging armor and wiring up nixie tube clocks. (I WILL do that before I die, guys. I will.) Can one of you out there please get on that? And then include Orlando on your nationwide geek-girl-craft tour? Kthxbai.

And finally, I'll leave you with a picture of one of Marnie B.'s students during their school's "Crazy Hat Day:"

This girl's gonna be alright, you guys. I CAN FEEL IT.

Happy Star Wars Day! MTFBWY!


  1. I have a little knit-pick... sorry to be all crotchety, but those creatures are crocheted. But who cares really, they're awesome!

  2. Come to New York. My knitting group is all making doctor who themed shawls right now. We are fully of geek girliness. We'll even teach you to knit if you don't already know!

  3. Dolls like that are what is making me want to learn to crochet. There are so many cute geeky patterns out there.

  4. Oops - thanks for catching that, J.! I just fixed it. (See why I need a class? I can't even tell the difference between knitting & crochet! Ack!)

  5. I could totally teach you to crochet. If I can teach my 13 year old, I can teach anyone. Lol. There's just the matter of the thousands of miles from here to there. There are so many geeky things out there to crochet!! You could teach yourself, though. I did. I used a book and YouTube. The book is Teach Yourself Visually: Crochet.

  6. I love May the forth as it is my birthday too . So the world also celebrates my favorite movie of all time and my inner geek is aspeased.

  7. And as we reply in Minnesota (Land of 10,000 Lutherans):
    And also with you.

  8. OK, now I totally want a pod-racing helmet. NOW!

    Awesome post - love, love, love!!

    Thanks, Jen, for such a great blog.

  9. Here's a link to a cool VW modified to be an Imperial Walker. MTFBWY!

  10. You just made my day! The celebration continues in my class. Today our math problems involved Star Wars characters. Long division becomes so much more appealing when you divide your 284 Ewoks into two groups to fight the storm troopers.:-)

  11. So the crocheted star wars dolls have inspired me and I want to make some for the star wars fans in my family for Christmas. I went ahead and asked my family members which of them were star wars fans and it turns out one of my bro-in-laws like star wars, but LOVES firefly. He suggested (while not knowing what I had in mind) that he get a firefly gift instead. Any suggestions on crafts inspired by the show firefly??

  12. Wow! I thought the X-wing was cool, but Jason J's ROCKS!! That's amazing. I bow to him!

    I don't know if I can come up with another wall for Star Wars...I'll have to think about it! :)

    That's a very cool hat too...

    (Thanks again!)


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