Friday, November 25, 2011

Quick Pin Update

At long last, most of you who requested Epbot pins should have them by now, or will have them soon since they went out this week. (Whew!)

Stephanie K. shared this pic of her little SQUEEwok wearing his new pin. Double squee!

Now, you might have noticed that I added a scrap of bubble wrap to each envelope to protect the pin, which irritatingly enough bumped the postage up to a whopping *four* stamps instead of two. [grumblegrumblegrumble]

Since all the envelopes were already sealed and the postal clerk was looking impatient, we went ahead and purchased the extra postage to mail them, which amounted to an extra dollar per envelope.

This was all my fault, of course, because I was a dumb-dumb head in telling you guys only two stamps would cover it, and it was my brilliant idea to include bubble wrap. (Sorry.) However, if you got a pin and felt like Paypal-ing me a dollar to help make up for my idiocy, I wouldn't turn it down. Especially since I convinced John back on the tour that this was "no big deal" and a "super easy no-stress" project that's now set us back nearly a hundred dollars *before* the cost of making all the pins. (Oopsie.)

And for the rest of you: if you'd still like a free Epbot pin, please include *FOUR* first-class postage stamps on your SASE from now on. :D

Now, I'll just leave this here....

[Paypal link removed]

And wish y'all a happy weekend!

Happy weekend, everyone!

EDIT: Thanks to a few amazingly generous individuals, all of the additional postage fees have now been covered! Thank you all so, so much, and if you didn't get the chance to send me that dollar, please just pay it forward the next chance you get.


  1. How many stamps for Canada?

  2. Oops... yes, postage tends to stink like that.

    A bit hesitant to ask, but any chance us Outsiders (as in, not from the US) can paypal you for a button as well?

  3. My pin arrived safely in it's bubble wrap sweater! It's now proudly displayed by my computer. Thanks! As soon as I type this, I'll donate a dollar to cover the extra postage. :-)

  4. Jen, thanks again for the pin and for sharing my photo!

    WARNING! Shameless self-promotion:

    If anyone wants their own little SQUEEwok, WookSQUEE, or WamPAL to wear their new EPBOT pin, you can buy one here:

    Stephanie Kotkin Creations

  5. I respect you for being honest and asking for the donation. I think that very commendable on your part. Only an extra dollar to cover all of your blood, sweat and tears? What a deal! Cheers to you and John!

    BTW: I didn't request a pin- I felt too guilty having you guys do so much extra work right after you got home from your tour.

    Karla from CA.

  6. @ anony - Good question! Obviously I'm the *wrong* person to be estimating on postage, so...anyone else know?

    @ Phoenix - I'm open to it, if you can figure out what the shipping will cost! Just shoot me an e-mail to let me know if you do.

  7. Considering you make my day on a regular basis, I am more than happy to pony up a dollar for the cause! I dearly hope all those on the receiving end of your generosity will do so, too.

    WV = slewpola. Who knew that one lil piece of bubble wrap could cost such a slewpola??

  8. @Jen - e-mail shot, hope it helps. Figuring out the USPS is insane for a foreigner, that sure gave me a physical headache..

  9. I'm proud of you. I have difficulty talking about money, even when it's totally appropriate (as your situation is). I've gotten better about it. It was kind of you to front the money so that your peeps wouldn't have to wait any longer for their pins.

  10. I'm very sad to have to report that my envelope arrived today - torn open and, of course, empty.
    I will still be sending you the extra dollar because it wasn't your fault and I'm sure that added up to quite a bit for you to put a dollar on every envelope. I agree with what others have said - good for you for 1) putting the extra dollar on each envelope and 2) telling us about it and asking for donations. Just sorry I didn't actually get my pin. :-(

  11. @ Elizabeth - Oh no!! Do you think we have a sticky-fingered postal employee to blame?

    Anyway, send me your address again and I'll send another one out; no payment needed.

  12. I don't know who to blame, but it definitely bummed me out. Thank you very much for the offer to send me another one, that's so nice of you. :-) Look for an E-mail from with my address.

  13. *squee!* Got my pin in the mail today, thank you so very much! *moseying over to the donation button*

  14. Has anyone figured out the postage for Canada yet?

  15. My pin arrived today! Thank you again, Jen, for sending me another one after my first one went AWOL.
    I still kind of feel like I want to take the original envelope to the post office and complain.

  16. A few months later... Julie (from Canada), the postage for these to Canada is probably about $3 USD. What takes a single stamp to mail in the states takes three to mail to Canada, from personal experience. (Well, not quite three, but it gets three so I don't have to wait in line at the post office. :-)) Hope this helps you and/or Jen for future reference.

    Europe (Germany anyway) is about four stamps for every one that would be used in the states. That has been my rule of thumb for mailing payments and invoices to clients and vendors lately... And it's worked pretty well.

  17. Hi Jen :) Just found something I think you'll like on a site called It's steampunk gear art from SteamyTech. Check it out... it just might fill a spot on your Christmas list or inspire you to create your own!


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