Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Steam 11/13/11

Mo Rocca did a nice segment on the Steampunk World's Fair recently for CBS news. You can read the article here, or just watch this:

(Thanks to Jennifer F. for the link!)

I also highly recommend checking out Professor Elemental, the steampunk rapper Mo interviewed. I think his most popular song is Splendid, but since I couldn't find a video for it here's Cup of Brown Joy instead, which is equally hilarious:

This is why I love the Internet.

Meanwhile, the fabulous steampunk outfits keep showing up here on the CW tour:

This is Liam, my new favorite 13-year-old. He put together this outfit just for our show, made his goggles using our tutorial, and plans to make a raygun next. He was also extremely well-spoken, intelligent, polite, and ridiculously delighted to receive an Epbot pin. Mark my words: this gentleman is going places!

Oh, and remember my friend Christie - the one with the amazing Soulfire costume? Well, she made me the most amazing hand-painted ACEO before we left on the tour:

A steampunk seahorse! AAIEEEE!!!

Even better? I just *happened* to have this sweet frame waiting around for the right steampunk-ish art card:

A perfect fit!

The frame cost a whopping $7 at Big Lots, and has a cheesy flower painting in it right now. I'll replace it with Christie's seahorse, which is only sitting on top of the frame in the photo.

(ACEOs are miniature art cards that measure 2.5 X 3.5 inches, btw. They're a great way to break into collecting original art, because they're usually so affordable.)

If you like Christie's art style as much as I do, you might be interested to know that her ACEO prints are only $3, and her originals are $10, if you're fast enough to snap them up. She's just starting out, so take a look at her facebook page here or go see all her work on DeviantArt here.

And finally, a few steamy sparklies I've been drooling over here in the hotel room:

$52 from the always-amazing Bionic Unicorn

$37 from Bella Lili

(Hey, it doesn't need gears to be steampunk; Victorian sparklies work, too!)

Only three more shows to go, and then we're home again and I can start catching up on all the posting and crafts I've been planning. Thanks for your continued patience, everyone!


  1. I'm going to bookmark that tea rap as a favorite. It made me laugh!
    Glad the tour is going well, and hope you make it home safe and sound. Loved the steampunk post today.

  2. Hi Jen. I just met you at the Houston show. I enjoyed it immensely! I meant to tell you that I loved the steam punkish (steam punky?) necklace you were wearing, but I got flustered and forgot.
    Anyhow, thanks for visiting Houston.

  3. Before I got involved with other things, I was a pretty avid art card trader (all trade, no selling). They are tremendously fun to make and trade, and I have art from all over the world now, traded for pieces I made.

    Also, Liam is way adorable. I would like to arrange a marriage between him and my daughter. (Or would, if I were ever to allow her to date and marry a boy.) :)

  4. I had the pleasure of meeting Liam at the show on Friday (he was sitting one row behind us) and I agree - he was quite well-spoken and extremely polite!

    -The mom who brought her toddler in a BTTF shirt. :)

  5. Oh, if only you had come to Seattle, I would have come in my GeekGirlCon costume, and then, 'twould be I who was your favorite 13 year old. But alas, 'tis Liam, who I may or may not now have a tiny crush on.

    -Sad in Seattle

  6. Thanks for linking to the videos! The tea rap cracked me up. My husband and I went to our first con this week. We dressed steampunk and had a fantastic time. I was surprised at how many people there were in steampunk garb! And also I was suprised by how many geekgirls have phenomenal abs. I may or may not have been a bit envious of them.

  7. Thanks for making the Dallas stop a "belated birthday" present for me. =) I enjoyed it very much! I'm glad we got to meet John this time (my husband had a great time talking to him) and be first in line after being very last in line on your last tour.

    Have fun with your glow-in-the-dark bracelet (I like charging mine with a light and then wearing it when we go for a walk at night).

  8. I know it's super late, but I loved your Toronto show. They always say that you should never meet your heroes because you'll always be disappointed, but I'm pretty sure you blew that rule out of the water.

    Anyway, I was online window shopping today and found this:


  9. I love Professor Elemental; however Fighting Trousers is my favorite song/video of his :)

  10. Hello! I'm a visitor from Cakewrecks who is just starting to be obsessed with all things steam punky. I just had to share my "squeeee!" over the steam punk baby of the year, and the 13 year old boy who is clearly the most awesome 13 year old boy ever. Splendid post. Just splendid. :)

  11. "Cup of Brown Joy" is fine and everything, but for my money, the best Prof. Elemental video is "Fighting Trousers." And it's a diss song aimed at the Prof's rival, Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer!

  12. Yay steampunk!! Been lurking a while, not sure if I've ever acktually posted anything, but i saw this and thought of you:

    This guy's done a series of blog posts entitled 'If IKEA Made Geeky Furniture', including imaginary furniture inspired by LotR, Portal, Back to the Future...

  13. That segment was taped at the Steampunk World's Fair in New Jersey back in May. My boyfriend and I were there and it was We got to meet Professor Elemental and he was just so nice. If you get the chance, go to next year's fair!

  14. I have to tell you, I never heard of steam punk until I started reading your blog, but I really enjoy looking at all the costumes and creativity that it inspires.

    The tea rap is hilarious and the steam punk baby? Soooo cute.

  15. Hi Jen,

    I just love Cake Wrecks and EpBot! I can't help notice your obsession with all things SteamPunk. I am from New Zealand, and one of the children's shows here is all about the Steam. Check out:

    It features two lovable little aliens who came to Earth in their steam powered spaceship. Yep, you read that right. It's all CG, but the details are just so punky!

    Enjoy! I know my toddler and I do.

  16. Oh. My. Word. That Professor Elemental video was HILARIOUS! :D
    Loved Liam's costume, the steampunk seahorse, the pretty necklaces... That does it, next time you go on tour I'm hiding in your suitcase. ;) (Kidding!)

  17. Splendid (music only) -

    Splendid remix (with video) -

    =D Prof Elemental FTW

  18. I LOVE that video! My maternal grandparents were from England and instilled the proper respect for a cup of tea in me. Although I don't discriminate, the line "herbal? No thanks" was/is sooo true for them (my grandmother passed away a few years ago but my grandfather is still alive, hence the wonky tenses). If anyone wants to try a reeaaallyy good up of English tea, Yorkshire tea is my current favorite when I want to splurge. I've seen it carried in the ethnic section of some grocery stores. If they have it, it'll be with the British foods.

  19. Dear god, why are there no 13 year old steampunk gentlemen here! We're the same age too ; _ ;

  20. Also, I propose a 'Teenage Steampunk Association'!

  21. hello Jen! I know this has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but I saw this, and I thought you would enjoy it. :) If that is, you haven't already seen it--which is highly likely. In that case, maybe it'll still give you a secondary laugh.

  22. Thank you for introducing me to Christie Cox's work. I commissioned her to do a very special piece for me and it came out beautiful. (and of course it is steampunked)

  23. I know this I'd an old post but phineas & Ferb recently had a Professor Elemental episode called Steampunx


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