Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Frame Your ACEOs By Cutting Corners

I've talked about framing ACEOs (small art cards that measure 2.5 x 3.5) before, but I've always hated the fact that I had to put adhesive directly on the card itself to mount it in a shadowbox, effectively ruining any signature or writing there.

(Of course you can also frame an ACEO using a mat, but since the cards are so tiny to begin with I like to keep the edges completely visible.)

It wasn't until a reader recently asked me if there was any way to mount an ACEO without adhesive that I started brainstorming alternatives.

I'll spare you the whole list, and just get straight to the blindingly-obvious-in-hindsight solution:

Photo corners!

Why didn't I think of these before??

They come in standard colors like black, white, and a beautiful metallic gold. Since they're paper, you could also paint them to match your art exactly.

[EDIT: Oooh, and according to the comments you can find them in clear plastic, too! AWESOME SAUCE.]

The easiest way to use the corners is to stick all four on your art card *before* removing the sticker backs:

Then you can line up your card on your backer board or pretty scrapbook paper and remove all the sticker backs at once.

If you plan to mount your card in a shadowbox, like these, then use the photo corners to attach your card to a stiff piece of mat board justly barely smaller than the card itself. Then glue your foam riser pieces to the board instead of your art. Voilá! Your art remains undamaged!

You can also trim the photo corners to make them a tiny bit smaller. Just be careful only to cut the front of the corner, and not the back support:

Hold your corners like this, bending the back piece back, and then use scissors to trim off a quarter inch or so. (Not much, I know, but every millimeter counts with ACEOs!)

Here's the piece I just finished framing tonight:

These are original watercolors I bought from my friend Christie (the same one who painted me the steampunk seahorse.) I've never been much of a unicorn person, but I just love these - and the fact that they're in my favorite colors doesn't hurt. ;)

I already had the frame and blue scrapbook paper, so the only expense was the photo corners and the white mat, which cost a whopping $4 at Hobby Lobby.

Speaking of which, I'm never going to the grumpy lady at JoAnn's for mats again! A sweet gal at HL literally took less than three minutes to cut this custom size for me, and then redid it even faster - for free! - when I asked for a slight change. ALL FOR FOUR DOLLARS. I think I'm in love.

Anyhoo, hope this tip helps some of you art-lovers out there! Happy framing!

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Force is Strong With This Nursery

Shannon just sent me a link to the most amazing Star Wars themed nursery over on Apartment Therapy. Check this out:

Color-changing lightsaber sconces! YES. (And how perfect is that quote?)

I love the modern bold lines, and that mom Abby didn't go overboard with the details. Plus, no need to break out the paintbrush, the quote and wall art are all wall-decals!

I'm also digging that silhouette mobile. It was purchased here on Etsy, but I bet you could DIY something similar with heavy cardstock.

Here's a close-up:

And how about a version that uses ships from all different shows? I'm thinking Serenity, the Enterprise, the TARDIS, a few TIE-fighters...aw yeeeeah.

But perhaps the best part of this Force-full nursery? The Wampa-skin rug, of course!

It's gettin' Hoth in here!

There's also plenty of squee-worthy toys and an adorable Boba Fett lamp and more wall art and such, so go see the full picture slide show on the original post here. They also include a handy list of shopping links for all the goodies, which is both helpful and very dangerous. (Where can I hang some lightsaber sconces, guys? I mean, is the guest bathroom appropriate?)