Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An UP Engagement & A Steamy Wedding!

I've seen two amazing wedding shoots since yesterday, so prepare for much squeeing & dreamy sighing, fellow geeks.

First, Lynnette and James worked with Wildflowers Photography to get the most spectacular UP themed engagement photos I've ever seen:

Not only did they dress to fit the part - and have a rockin' miniature balloon house - they also included most of Carl & Ellie's favorite activities from the movie! Stuff like cloud gazing:

...and sharing grape sodas:

(Note his bottle cap pin. D'awww.)

And perhaps my favorite: here's a montage of vintage ties on James, no doubt meant as an homage to the bit in the movie where Ellie straightens Carl's tie every morning.

I'm tearing up, guys. Seriously.

(In case you don't remember that part, you can see the tie montage below starting at 2:19)

There are so many more great shots you've just got to see, though, so go check out the full post on Lynnette and James here.

Next, the most creative and casually elegant steampunk wedding I've seen in ages:

Kate and Jacob described their wedding style this way: "“It’s like a steampunk Zeppelin crash-landed in a fairy forest.” Ha! I love it!

And believe it or not, guys, they totally nailed it:



During the ceremony they used music from Star Wars and The Princess Bride, among others. And the bride wore leather boots instead of heels. I FREAKING LOVE THESE PEOPLE.

Head over to Ruffled for the complete blog post, with tons more pictures. (The ceremony was held outside, so don't miss the pics of that!)

And thanks to Rebekah S., who I think was the first to send me the steamy link, and to Ellen O. for sharing the UP shoot on the Epbot FB page. Keep the awesome stuff comin', guys!


  1. Awwww come ON now I'm all teary eyed from the Up clip... *sniff*

  2. You just HAD to put the Up! clip on other film could tear your heartstrings with no words in the first 5 minutes.

  3. What a beautiful location and their tent is awesome!

  4. Amazing photos! I love how creative people can be.

    Did you see the anniversary shoot at the Up! house? So colourful and joyful!

  5. I'm so jealous of some of these! Not just the participants but the photographers who got to shoot such amazing things. I'm just starting out as a wedding photographer and I can only dream of having such fun! :D

  6. You just HAD to post the saddest part of UP didn't you?

    (Also, did anyone else realize they made an awesome mobile out of Zeppelins in the nursery they never got to use? Why doesn't someone at Disney freakin sell that thing to us already?)

    You know, I had "Steampunk" stuff back at my wedding before anyone knew what steampunk was. Somethings are just classy and should always be used in weddings. that't not to say that those photos weren't all beautiful.

  7. These are gorgeous. :)

    But I have to be honest, I came in here to leave a comment about The Piano Guys. Have you heard them? AMAZING. And they even have a geeky/fun tune (Star Wars themed... the Darth Vadar bit part way through is my favorite). But all of their stuff is simply stunning.

    There's the SW one:

  8. A)I love love love Up, so sweet.

    B) That wedding is gorgeous, the pictures are awesome, but I had to chuckle at "Today" (Smashing Pumpkins) being the recessional. The first line is "Today is the greatest day I've ever known," but the song is about contemplating suicide. The line is said with heavy irony - the subject is glad to be shuffling off the mortal coil. Yeaaaaah.

  9. OMG the Up one is so beautiful!
    That clip makes me cry every single time.

  10. How dreamy are both those shoots! Stunning ^_^

  11. Seriously that UP thing made me bawl so much in the theatre that I was ready to cry just THINKING about that clip

  12. This whole post totally made me happy! UP and steampunk, and they were both totally beautiful.

    I agree with Amanda, no words for 5minutes and you still fall in love with their story. So sweet!

  13. Why would you make me watch that again?! I cried the first time I saw it, and I'm crying now!

  14. Dear Jen,

    I just wanted to tell you: I had an amazing day. Yesterday was the first day of classes this semester, and so far by tonight, I have met 5 of my 6 sections. My lectures were spot-on, students were attentive, even laughing, and there was so little flak over my strict no-phone-no-food-no-excused-absences polices that I began to wonder if I was in an alternate reality.

    To top it off, not only did I love the Cake Wrecks post today, but I am especially proud of the haiku. One day I will return to "proper" haiku, which is much more about specific words than the syllable count. In the meantime, however, I am having a ball playing on your site.

    Also, this week, I bought a red cloche with a black band, a huge black velvet-and-lace hair rose, a ceramic bird with leaves for wings, and a large, open hand. I put the bird in the hand, where it sits on my desk.

    Nothing further to report.

  15. A pox on your house for making me weep by posting that UP clip! I'd comment on the pictures but my and my Kleenex box are going to bed now.

  16. i just thought i'd let you know that corsets-uk (ships everywhere) is having sales on some very nice corsets (which come in every size :D ) Hope thats okay to post here, just wanted you to know! :)

  17. Once again, I am reminded of why I love following your blog better than waiting for the media to report! And your writing is way more fun to read. =)

    Awesome Engagement Photos (on Yahoo)

  18. Best. Engagement photos. EVER! That literally warmed my heart to see those!


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