Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Household Geekery

I've got a huge backlog of material dating all the way back to the book tour that I've been meaning to show you guys, so prepare for an onslaught of geek goods! (And here's hoping you haven't seen it all already. Heh.)

First, the world's most beautiful geek chic coffee table:

Submitted by Ashley N. via Nerd Approved; made by The News is Broken

It's made using old computer boards, but the indirect LED lighting is what really makes it shine. Pun intended.

You've probably seen this one before, but it remains one of my favorite Mario make-overs to date:

Submitted by Marcy W. via Neatorama. (more pics at the link)

Love that pipe pedestal - check out the clever paint shading!

And for the bedroom, insert your own "pushing all the right buttons" joke here:

Submitted by Dana, made by Instructables user Cathryn

Ok, serious props for the attention to detail. Look at the tiny "start" and "select" buttons on the bed skirt!

And in case your cats want in on the Mario action, check out what Epbot reader Jenny H. made:

It's hard to tell in the photo, but the dark tube is actually green carpet, and the base has the red brick pattern from the game. The yellow box hold toys. Fun!

My Dragon*Con buddy Diane M. made a custom cat tree that's even more up my design alley, though:


The gingerbread trim piece is painted a hammered copper, and the leather edging was nailed in place with brass upholstery tacks. The steamy trunk at the base holds all the kitty toys. Love it.

It seems you can't throw a sonic screwdriver these days without hitting another awesome TARDIS build, but if you haven't seen it yet you simply *must* watch this adorable German teacher building her own collapsible version:

[singing] "You-u-uuu! I wanna be like you-u-uuu! I wanna rock like you, talk like you..."


Yeah. She's totally my new role model.

And for a TARDIS with a practical side, here's a fab bookshelf version:

Found by Amy L., made by Instructables user CaitlinsDad (Tutorial & more pics at the link)

And finally, this isn't a DIY project; it's just the world's coolest new clock design:

The clock *ROTATES*, and you tell the time by the location of the rolling ball. When the ball reaches the center, it drops through the hole and emerges at the top/bottom 12 again.


And with a price tag of 350-400 pounds, it's also *&%$! expensive. That's, what, nearly $800 USD? Ok, maybe we should figure out a DIY on this thing after all. (Hit the link for lots more colors and patterns to choose from.)

Update: John just looked over my shoulder and said, "I could totally make that." I might have to hold him to that. So stay tuned. Ha!


  1. OMG that table would be awe-SOME in my husband's man cave! It would also be cool as a trunk.

    <"Awesome" to be said like "Vegas" when saying We're going to ve-GAS!" with a slight lilt on the "-gas".>

  2. The Tardis builder is awesome. Such a sweet video. I got quite a giggle fit when she started swearing in German because a screw wouldn´t cooperate. I sound just like that when things don´t work out (oh, btw, hi from Germany ;) ).

  3. yea, I loved the video the minute I heard Alex Day's song. :)

  4. Sillysparrowness is my new idol. This summer I have got to build a Tardis just like hers.

  5. I have come to the conclusion that in order to satisfy my girl-geek cravings, I'm going to need a couple of mansions to decorate.
    Or at least a few more rooms than I own. (:

  6. Oh man, I want that TARDIS bookshelf. As overstuffed as my bookshelf is, I need one that's bigger on the inside! (The closest I was able to get to that was a Kindle.)

  7. The bedskirt buttons are "power" and "reset", mimicking the NES's faceplace rather than the controllers' "select" and "start".

  8. I am so envious of crafty people! I can only purchase crafts made by others, but I guess that makes me a patron of the nerdy arts. :)

  9. Hm, if it's just hooked up to the gear that turns the minute hand to turn the whole face...

    I might be on to something to make one of those clocks myself.

  10. Ok, in love with a portable Tardis..and might have to convince Hubby into helping make one. To much fun.

    And the clock, how cool is that?!

  11. Nice clock but I would never be able to tell what time it is (which might not be a bad thing!).

  12. Loved this, especially the Tardis builder! I want to be more of a geek. You and the geeks featured here are just way cooler than I am. sigh. I have come to the conclusion I need a room of my own just to display all my geekiness. I'm afraid I'll just have to settle for one of the bookshelves in our office because my husband wants room for his (seriously, old baseball stat books and baseball collectibles? Harry Potter and dragons are much more fun . . . )

  13. Awesome. It has never occurred to me to build my own tardis. I could build my own tardis! Thanks for always showing me such awesome things.

  14. Here is a little household geekery that I built. That I am probably just way too proud of:


  15. wondering if you saw this, which I found via MythBuster's Facebook feed today:


  16. Ahhh that table is amazing! Great idea to recycle old computer parts. Now if only someone would make it for me.

  17. She is amazing. Wow. I love the bag of shame. And the videography was fab, too! So fun :)

  18. Message from my 8 yr old son "coool" , "soo cooooll", " does the table do anything?" " go on, post it, I want to see some answers" lol

  19. Oh, good giggles with the Tardis build!

    I've heard that the door pull handles are a pain to get ahold of outside of the UK too.

    And those clocks do rock.

  20. At 11 seconds into the video, when she holds up the sign that includes the phrase "Marry me?", I was already ready to say yes- and I'm a straight married woman! She's just too awesome/adorable/talented/fun/creative. I love listening to her, and she put together an incredibly entertaining video (as well as an amazing, transportable Tardis). Rock on!

  21. I need a foldable/movable TARDIS in my life. Like, yesterday.

    I finally made my TARDIS phone case, BTDub (using your clear phone case tutorial, thanks!). I ADORE it. I'm going to post a tutorial for it. :)

  22. Wow, that TARDIS is waaay too cool! That gal is my new hero. :-) Thanks for posting--you made my day!


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