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Weekly Geek Glee 5/16/12

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

(As you can see, the quest for the perfect "cool stuff roundup" post name continues. It's down to this - John's idea - and "Jen's Gems" - a reader's idea. Feel free to cast your vote in the comments. :)

First up, a Ghostbusters-inspired Ecto-1...bicycle?

Photo by Nik White, found via Ghostbusters Fans

 Love the fins. And the tanks. And the striped trap box lid. And...ok, all of it.

Actually, this is kind of a Pee Wee Herman/GB mash up, since that looks like the same bike from Pee Wee's Great Adventure. "I'm a loner, Dottie. A 'buster."

Not the best shot, but check it out lit up at night:

I'm a little confused as to where the tail light came from, since I don't see it in the first picture...but whatever. It's awesome. I'll take it.

Who's got two thumbs and wants to snuggle a giant miniature Wookiee?!

THIS GEEK, that's who.

Spotted on Reddit: the best staircase for bibliophiles EVER?

I think soo-ooo!

This is so well done, at first I thought it was a clever Photoshop. Turns out it really exists, though, in a parking garage by the downtown Kansas City library. The fact that this is real makes me oh-so-happy.

It seems crafters are always looking for new ways to upcycle old LPs. Purses, bowls, dessert trays...and now, painstakingly hand-cut clocks!

[UPDATE: Tyler from NotByLaser has just e-mailed to offer a special discount code for you Epbot readers: use the code "Baxter" to get 17% off!]

As the shop name says, these are *not* cut with a laser. They're done by hand - and there are lots and lots more designs at the link. Hat tip!

You guys realize you're only encouraging my Labyrinth addiction by sending me cool Labyrinth links, right? You're incorrigible, all of you. PLEASE NEVER STOP.

Case in point: behold!

 Labyrinth door knocker earrings!! (Elizabeth Z., bless your goblin-loving heart.)

Made by Ale Buz of BuzHandMade, who has a whole Labyrinth clay collection here. (Plus lots of other goodies from The Never Ending Story. OoooOOooh.)

Seen something that makes your inner geek gleeful? Share your links in the comments, or hit me up via Twitter or FB!

Posted by Jen at 4:05 PM


  1. I like 'Jen's Gems'! Weekly Geek Glee is a bit of a mouthful...

  2. Lucy from ScotlandMay 16, 2012 at 4:20 PM

    I love the book stairs - so cool! The Labyrinth earrings are awesome too, but as I have 2 siblings under 5 and no pierced ears... yeah, it has to be the stairs. I looooove Labyrinth though!

    As for the title - I prefer "Jen's Gems" :)It rolls off the tongue nicely.

    I'm sorry you had to endure food poisoning on your birthday, but I'm glad it cleared up in time for you to eat cakey comestibles!

  3. Sorry John, but I have to go with "Jen's Gems"!

  4. I thought Jen's Truffles was great.

  5. At first, i was a fan of Jen's Gems, but then I said Weekly Geek Glee out loud. And now I cannot stop, I love it so. Weekly Geek Glee. WeeklyGeek Glee. Weekly GeekGlee.

  6. I like both names but Geek Glee is fun.
    It almost looks like the bikes are different because not only can you not see the light in the first one but the gauge is in a different spot. Maybe they are look a likes?

  7. I personally like the idea of something like: Jen's (Weekly) Geek-Outs. Because that's the effect everything here had on me. The "Weekly" part is optional, in case you wind up scheduling them differently, or just think it sounds better without it.

    I must say, I love everything here, but the stairs made my inner bibliophile soooo happy, as did the Labyrinth earrings (though, no pierced ears, so *cry*).

    Thanks for your posts - they made me smile when I found them today.


  8. I like Jen's Gems.

    I live near Kansas City... I may have to go see those stairs in person, just because they are so awesome! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. I rarely comment, but wanted to let you know that I love your blog. Also, I like "Jen's Gems" a lot. :)

  10. I still think "Jen's Truffles" is fun. And that has the cool inside-joke of a story to go with it (like the epcot story on cakewrecks).

    But I do have to agree with Lucy (above in the comments) who said how funny "weekly geek glee" is when you say it out loud: hehe, "weekly geekly".

  11. Weekly Gleekery...

  12. Gleeful Geekery for the Soul....

  13. They appear to be 2 different bikes- seats, the cross piece by the handle is different and the gauge placement. Of course, you know what this means- there's TWO of them!! WOOT

    I vote for Awesomeness Round Up. :D (oh, Jen's Gems is really cute and I can't say Geek Glee without laughing)

    -Barbara Anne

  14. Write-in voting option: Geekly Glee

    Just smash weekly and geek together to make it less cumbersome.

  15. I don't know if this is geeky enough for you, but I recently started making characters from the new My Little Pony as rag dolls

  16. Too reminiscent of gleek. Isn't that the weird spitting thing boys did in 6th grade?
    I vote truffles. Though the Gems was an 80s thing...

  17. I like Jen's Gems! It has a ring to it (said in Sarge from Red vs Blue's voice). Also, that bike is really cool. I just got a new bike, and I'd love to trick it out! Any suggestions for me?

  18. I am a big fan of a local-to-me pop artist


    Labyrinth, Bob Ross, Star Wars, Total Recall's triple breasted whore...

    I'd link them all, but really you should just explore.

  19. I vote for Jen's Gems. Because it's truly, truly, truly outrageous.

  20. As much as I love that book staircase, I think this is truly the best staircase for bibliophiles ever: Bookcase/Staircase

  21. I think you should just call it "The Weekly Geek".

  22. With apologies to John, "Geek Glee" makes me think of the TV show and "gleek," the self-adopted name of fans of said show. The rhyme is pretty clever, though. =)

  23. If you think that the stairs for the Kansas City library are cool, google a photo of the library. It's even cooler looking.

  24. You really need to see the outside of that parking garage as well!


  25. How about Jen's Guffles
    Geek + Trufles = Guffles

  26. I actually liked "Jen's Truffles". Especially since I originally thought you meant CHOCOLATE truffles. Like you were digging through the box of chocolates to find the best ones, which, in my opinion are not actually truffles (I'm a nuts and chews kind of girl), but to each her own!

  27. I vote for Jen's Gems. :)

    And WOW about the Kansas City Library (the building as well as the stairs). My architecture student daughter and I were blown away by the pictures!

  28. I don't care what you call it as long as you keep posting. :^D I have to give you one editorial note though. It's "Pee Wee's Big Adventure". (This is one of my favorite movies, so I had to point that out. Sorry!)

  29. How about Gweekly Glee?

  30. OMG! I want that AT-AT! The only thing that would make that better was if they used an old Empire soundtrack album to make it. That would be freaking EP.IC.

    So much want.

  31. I prefer anything to "weekly geek glee." A) Glee has gone downhill fast from its first season, and has kind of ruined that word for me. And B) "Jen's Gems" doesn't imply how often you choose to do it...What if you have an awesome week of finding Cool Stuff and want to do two or three posts??! Frankly, I kinda just like "The Cool Stuff Roundup;" it makes me think of Woody from Toy Story.

  32. I like Jen's Gems. I have to share those stairs with my mother-in-law. She's a librarian and we are both major bibliophiles!

  33. I just might have to paint my stairs like that when I buy the house I am renting. That is most fabulous!

  34. I've been lurking on your website and I love it. I saw this today and it looked like something that needed to be put on one of Jens Gems


  35. Here's a website for a comic and cool crafts that my friend makes. I'd love to get her more publicity.



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