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In Which John Does NOT Get Shot

Thursday, May 3, 2012

For any of you who saw this tweet the other night:

Not to worry; John escaped the world of back-alley used video game dealing relatively unscathed.  I'd like to point out that he wouldn't be forced into such tactics, though, if GameStop would just stop gouging everyone on their used video games. Seriously, only $2 less than the brand new one, GameStop? Really?

If my husband gets shot while trying to save $15 on a copy of Skyrim, GameStop, I'LL BLAME YOU.

In related news, I expect I'm about to become a video game widow for untold weeks, since John has recently acquired (for those of you who weren't paying attention just then) a copy of Skyrim. That's assuming I don't swipe it out from under him and start playing it first, of course. We're both properly prepared: we've already been making "arrow to the knee" jokes for months

In less-related news, MY GALLBLADDER IS PROBABLY FINE. I know how worried all of you were, so, yeah, sorry to keep you in suspense like that*. However, if you ever start getting crazy pinchy pains in your lower right side (or "flank" as we professional gallbladder-type persons call it) that last for several days after eating something really high in fat like creamy butternut squash soup, then you should probably go see a doctor. That way she (the doctor) can jab around your abdomen and give you a little pee cup in a paper bag to carry out in front of all the other people waiting outside, even though that paper bag is SO NOT FOOLING anyone, and they'll watch you with their judgy eyes as you close the bathroom door and they'll all think, "Wow, that girl is totally peeing in a cup right now," while you attempt to actually pee in a cup, which might make it kind of hard to get things going, if you know what I mean, but that's why I AM A PROFESSIONAL. 

*What, you weren't worried because you don't obsessively follow my every tweet? WELL WHY NOT?!


Sometimes I think back to the second-grade-me, sitting at my crappy wooden school desk and dreaming of being a writer, and then I'll look over a paragraph I just wrote that will be read by literally TENS of people about me peeing in a plastic cup, and I'll think, "Does 'judgy' have an 'e' in it? 'Judgey?' Is that right?"


Just now John asked me what I was writing about, and I told him "not much," because if there's one thing I know, it's that I do NOT need any actual content to write a LOT of stuff. 

But just so these last few minutes haven't been a complete waste of your time, take a gander at these adorable polymer clay charms of Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural:

AAIEEE!! So cute!!

These were sent to me by the lovely Stacey G., who commissioned them from her sister Chey. And you can tell they were made just for me because the boys are wearing Mickey ears. (Mental image: Sam & Dean riding Haunted Mansion. You're welcome.)

Oh, and the boys don't have bottoms...but I don't mean like that (*mrowr*) I mean like this:

I like to think there's a portal under each of them. :)

Chey has an Etsy shop here, in case you're looking for your own Supernatural goodies. (I'm especially digging her Castiel pendant with the tie - very fun.)

Oooh, and speaking of Supernatural, I think I'm driving John nuts by constantly talking about the last few episodes. I won't spoil anything for those of you haven't seen 'em yet, but I AM SO EXCITED AND HAPPY AND I HOPE THEY DON'T SCREW THIS UP. That is all. 

I mean, this could be a huge turning point for the better and add such a cool new perspective on the show and I am reeeeallly invested in these characters and they're probably going to screw it up, aren't they? Harrumph. No,  no - I'm remaining positive. So...fingers crossed.

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  1. I sighed a big sigh of relief when you didn't get too specific about the current season of Supernatural. I finished watching the first 6 seasons on NetFlix last week, and now I have to wait for season 7 to make it there. grrr, One of the few times I wish we had regular cable. *sigh*

  2. Sam & Dean in the Haunted Mansion made me laugh out loud (and hard)-especially Dean making faces at the "ghosts". (You know the kind of faces I'm talking about)

    I'm not a regular post-er (but I'm a stalker-in a good way-if that's possible), and glad about your gallbladder. I had had an attack a few years ago that I thought, without exaggeration, that I was dying. I hope you feel better, and you NEVER go through that again!

  3. You crack me up! Keep us posted on the gall bladder though, because I don't tweet, or twitter, or even titter for that matter. (:

  4. Just say what season you're on! Please I want to know where in the show you are! LOL

  5. I <3 Supernatural so very very much. The characters (I so want to make a pie for Dean and give Sam a hug) are wondrous (including the Impala) and the stories are quite engaging.

    The show will take you on a roller coaster... in a good way :)

  6. I think my kids became orphans for their Thanksgiving week home from school as my husband and I just traded off playing Skyrim for the week. He'd go to sleep after playing all night and I'd take over, then while we were both up we would follow storyline plots and then I would go to sleep. The kids may have become something similar to stray cats for the most part of the week. In other words, my advice is to join him or kiss him goodbye for a while. Also, I love your posts! :) You crack me up!

  7. Ugh, I had a gallbladder attack one night in the middle of the night one night and the only pain I have ever felt that was worse was labor and at least with that I got an epidural when it got too bad!

    Also, NO FAIR saying such intriguing things about Supernatural and not posting links to the spoilers where you got your info for those of us who don't care if we are spoiled!

  8. I totally understand about the peeing-in-a-cup thing. I play a game with my endocrinologist. Every time they tell me to pee in a cup, I tell them that oops, I just went, and I really don't think I can go this time.
    My record is something like 5 years. I'm winning.

  9. Where you the kid who could write pages and pages for assignments in school that where "write x number of pages"? (I always had the worst time getting enough pages.) And you can actually keep it entertaining! I envy your writing style. =)

    Glad your gallbladder is probably fine!

    And I have that Story Land book on my shelf too!

  10. As someone who hasn't had a proper meal since February because of gallbladder problems and waiting to have the surgery, I'm very happy for you! I had no idea I had gallbladder problems till a sudden attack and it ain't fun.

    But seeing as all I can do is lie on the sofa I've been enjoying hours online following pin trails on pinterest, so there are some upsides ;) and I've had time to get some tapestries up and running. So who needs food really (me! I do!)

  11. I'm behind on Supernatural.. must catch up!

    FYI, there is a girl on Etsy who also does those polymer charms for Doctor Who! I ordered them for Christmas and am in LOVE with them.

    But... Sam & Dean wearing Mickey ears... hmm. Not sure about that. ;)

  12. Glad to know no one got shot and that you're feeling better... Relatively speaking, gall bladder isn't too bad a thing to go wrong. Mine has been gone for almost 13 years, and I really don't miss it much. It came out in emergency surgery and drugged up me asked the surgeon on my way to la la land "So, what exactly does a gall bladder DO anyway?" I don't recall if he answered me...

  13. Oh, I wish I had Skyrim, but I only play video games in winter when I have time. Otherwise nothing would get done on my farm. Yeah, I might have just a little bit of an addiction problem. Maybe.

  14. Glad to know that your gallbladder is fine! I had a friend who had to have it removed a few years back, so it wasn't very good.

    I watched a few Let's Plays on YouTube of Skyrim before I played it myself. My husband actually started playing it before me, but he's so good with RPGs that he was able to master how to get skills higher quicker, and how to get the health and magicka right, etc. It just ended up being much more fun watching him. He's restarted more than a few times, trying to perfect his character, but now he's good to go. And he plays with his laptop hooked to the TV, so it makes it even better to watch.

    I've always enjoyed watching others play videogames. The only downside is I usually end up having more fun watching them play that particular game than I do playing it myself, lol.

  15. Lydia, I think we're completely caught up Supernatural, so it's the most recent 2 episodes that I'm referring to. :)

  16. Meg in Mount DoraMay 3, 2012 at 2:52 PM

    I had my gallbladder out last December...I'd been having pains for about a month but because I fancy myself as really extraordinarily tough I waited to go to the doctor until it had burst (turns out I was not so much tough as extraordinarily stupid). So, I wake up in the middle of the night in terrible pain, decide I am probably dying, fold a pile of clean laundry and do the previous nights dishes (because if I did die I wouldn't want anyone to find out that I am not, in fact, Martha Stewart, and then drove my happy self to Waterman at 4am.

    After the procedure I apparently demanded (with some indignation) to see my removed organ. I have only a vague memory of this but am told I was quite the recovery room tyrant!

    Glad you are feeling better, also glad your husband was not stabbed over a video game.

  17. Unfortunately the only way to be sure about a gallbladder is a HIDA scan. If it was flank pain you are probably fine, though. Mine was right under my ribcage and got so bad that eating a ham and Swiss sandwich made me think I was having a heart attack.

  18. Glad that your gall bladder is working okay. :) Next time you have to pee in a cup, pop your head out of the bathroom and say loudly, "I'm going to need a second cup! I knew I shouldn' t have had that third slushie!"
    I love the Winchester cuties. (the dolls and the boys.) Enjoy Skyrim!

  19. Mix yourself some lemonade (or other drink of choice) and dissolve in some beet powder. It's fantastic for keeping diet-related gallbladder pain under control.

  20. I JUST had my gall bladder out. Like, seriously, five days ago. I'm still a little high on pain meds, actually. Which is what a good majority of my tweets have been about. And my blogging, too.


  21. *SIGH* Guess I'd better start watching Supernatural... (YAY NETFLIX STREAMING!)

    Also, for anyone who's ever had their gall bladder removed, or if you have a friend/relative who's had a gall bladder removed, I recommend buying this: You've Got Gall!

    I would have used "judging eyes," but judgy is just...well, cuter. I also question myself like that a lot (not alot), like above, for example. As I'm typing "who's" I'm mentally saying "who has" so I can make sure I'm not supposed to use "whose."

  22. Jen, I just want to drop a random note to encourage you and John to buy games new instead of used. If Gamestop is ripping you off they're ripping the game publishers off more. Used games don't send any money back to companies that produced those games so buying used means that the people who made the game you enjoy won't be able to benefit from your purchase. Personally, I see the extra $15 as a thank you for making something I enjoy.

  23. I had my gallbladder out in November, so I know what you are talking about. I got up one day and the attack was so bad I thought I was having a heart attack. Then I realized that I am only 27, so that was probably not it. After 4 hours of waiting in the ER waiting room, they finally decided I needed to have surgery the next day. So I hope you don't have to go through anything like that!

  24. I really am thankful for the mental image of the Sam and Dean on the rides at Disney World....:drools from cuteness:

  25. Jen, the news broke an hour ago. Supernatural was renewed for Season 8. Check Misha Collins' twitter for his take on the announcement. That. Man.


  26. You are endlessly entertaining even when writing about "not much." The title of this post reminds me though, have you ever read the Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede? She has chapter titles like "In Which the Plot Thickens" and various other witty things. Plus, and author whose last name sounds like "read" is just...well, extra cool.

    You are a braver soul than I to be watching Supernatural...I saw one episode, late at night when my husband was gone, and well...too many nightmares to do it again. Total chicken!

  27. Channeling the Bloggess? :P I detect some of her style seeping in.

  28. Some warnings on Skyrim - video game widow for MONTHS, not weeks. DH has been going at it since its release, and it's still his favorite game. Added "bonus?" It's the most boring back-seat-gamer game EVER.

    Freaking beautiful graphics, though, and amazing music, so there's that.

  29. Pawn shops are a great place to get used video games at a good price. We sell ours for $12 or so.

  30. ugh - you think a pee-cup in a paper bag is bad...

    I don't think I've ever been given the nicety of a paper bag, just left to carry the pee-jar, in all it's worm glory, back to the Dr.

    However one Dr (who I have never seen again), where I went to get a confirmation of my pregnancy.... who didn't even have a cup to offer... ohh no.... I had to carry a small metal bowl - yes... a BOWL! Through the waiting room, into the toilet, pee into a COLD METAL BOWL, then carry it back (being careful not to slosh).

    Horrifying doesn't even begin to explain it!

  31. Please be careful with the gallbladder thing. I had mine out last August and it's been all bad since. Mine was full of sludge and they took it out. Well, that didn't make my liver happy. I have had sludge get backed up in my bile duct time after time after time. I have Sphincter of Oddi disfunction and is sucks more than words can say. The pain is unreal and each time it happens, the pain gets worse. It shouldn't be possible to hurt like that.

    Anyway, please, please be careful and do whatever your doctor says. Take very, very good care of your gallbladder.

    1. There's a supplement called GB support that I get from my chiropractor that does wonders. If I take 2-3 right when the pain starts, it's over in less than 5 minutes. It might help you, even if you don't have a gallbladder any more, just because it promotes better liver function, and provides the enzymes that digest fats. The company that makes it is Doctors Research. The other thing that helped some was being face down (Think downward dog, but the legs don't have to be straight). It didn't completely fix a bad attack, but it helped a lot on the minor ones. (I know this is old. It's just in case someone else with gallbladder issues is trolling the archives.)

  32. I'm glad John didn't get shot, but I would like to add that Skyrim just might be worth getting shot over. If you consider the guilt free convalescence which you then spend PLAYING Skyrim...

    Assuming you live, of course.

  33. I haven't seen Supernatural, I'm not a horror fan but once or twice a year, but when I hear the name I giggle a little inside. My husband and I were letting our 3 year old watch an episode of one of her shows on my kindle FIRE! and she came in and told Kyle that her show was scary! She usually means that the Bobo Brothers on Diego have stolen something. This time however, she had somehow started the first episode of Supernatural. Luckily she has not had nightmares. Also, similar story, she came up to me with the KindleFIRE! (sorry, I like my kindle) and told me she didn't like the show. Don't know what it is, but I guess she's not a fan of Mad Men either. But at least it wasn't scary...yet.

  34. Glad your gallbladder isn't dying and Jon isn't dead. I generally prefer living things to dead.

    That said, I just read every comment on here waiting on SOMEONE to ask about your tiny sink and NO ONE HAS DONE IT! Please please please tell me about your adorable little teeny tiny bookshelf sink! I love it!

  35. Just had my gallbladder out 6 days ago. You are right, the worst pain ever. I actually asked one of my friends what his heart attack felt like to compare. I Got to hear all the horror stories at work, but the surgery wasn't so bad. Hope you're feeling better.

  36. LOL - gladly, vmdesign! The little sink is a paperclip holder, and it came with special blue paperclips shaped like water drops. If you look closely, there's one hanging from the little faucet. :D I bought it online, of course, but it was years ago & I can't remember the site name. One of those cutesy ModCloth type places, only not ModCloth. (Helpful, I know!)

    And Ramona, that is *hysterical!* The first episode of Supernatural was definitely one of the scariest, although these days the show is a lot more hokey than scary. I don't think we've had a big scare in a couple of seasons now - they've definitely mellowed!

  37. I have been following Cake Wrecks for years, and I have just recently also become addicted to Supernatural...and NOW I find that both these things are combined here? Great! I have not been able to find one single other person who watches / is willing to watch the show! It's been driving me nuts.
    Anyway I agree the season 7 eps have been improving a lot over the past few weeks. Hope all stays good.
    BTW have you seen the 'Misha's Resume' clip from Jibcon in Rome?

  38. So much to say about this non-topic post!
    Skyrim. You may as well close all your blogs because you will never want to stop playing and/or watching John play. I am not a video game person, but I love this game. I have trouble with the whole turning to face the person you are shooting fire at, but I don't care. There are some fantastic settings. So.Awesome.

    Gall bladders. They suck. I don't have one anymore because mine was trying to kill me. Seriously worse than child birth. And my babies were big. Ow.

    Supernatural...what I will be watching all summer!

    And that little bathtub in the picture...more info please! I love me some tiny furniture!

  39. Maybe you wouldn't feel so self-conscious about the pee cup situation if you had this as your health network's mascot.

  40. You are hysterical! I love reading both of your blogs, they make me lol every day when I come home from a long day of teaching middle schoolers!

  41. I had my gallbladder out last year (after waiting a year to get the surgery done) and I am so, so glad you don't have to deal with that.


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