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Happy Geek Pride Day!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Let me get this straight: it's Towel Day, Geek Pride Day, the Glorious 25th of May, *AND* Star Wars' birthday? How can I NOT post something on this most auspicious of geeky occasions?

So here's what made me laugh out loud with delight today:
The caption on Reddit was, "I asked Bill for an autograph. I got this instead." 

So much win, my head just a'sploded.

- And here's a great roundup of Star Wars Etsy crafts from Mashable.

 Darth tutu. 'Nuff said.

- And in case you missed it on the Epbot FB page, here's an adorable little girl dressed as Iron Man for her fifth birthday party:

I stumbled across Alana's photo while looking for Iron Man Sweets for CW. Another party pic shows a different little girl dressed as a princess. Yay for little girls who know what they like - princesses, superheroes, or all or none of the above - and aren't afraid to celebrate it!

 Pics via Will Hollis Snider

I hope you guys let your geek flag fly today, too! And have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Oh my goodness, little girl Iron Man is SO CUTE! I love watching little geeklings develop. That is the thing that gives me hope for the future.

  2. We saw a little girl wearing almost that exact same dress waiting in like to get Darth Vader's autograph at Disney today. So much awesomeness!

  3. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG THAT LITTLE GIRL IS SO FREAKIN' CUTE!!!!! *explodes from the cuteness*

  4. Why yes, I did wear a spring of Lilac today. Fortunately ours were later than our neighbors' since ours are mostly in shade.

    I will never part with my signed copy of Night Watch.

  5. Also, today's date (5/25/12) adds up to 42.

    You're welcome, universe.

  6. That little girl is enough to get me to delurk! What an adorable find. I bet she had the best birthday!

  7. I absolutely LOVE the Darth Vader dress. I sense a new project coming on...! :D

  8. Today is SUPER Towel Day (for the reason mentioned above by Gina)!

    I love that we geeks can easily find each other online nowadays - used to be so hard to find fellow geeks unless you had a Con show up in your city. =)

  9. First off oh shucks *snaps* I wish I knew it was geek pride day today secondly THAT GIRL IS ADORABLE!

  10. Did anyone else notice that little Iron Man girl had donuts instead of cake? This gal is going places, you mark my words.

  11. I must have a Darth tutu. I MUST. And a smaller one for my little girl. :-D

  12. A little girl dressed up as a male superhero? That's awesome! <3

  13. It was also Sir Ian McKellen's birthday!

    I think a Vader dress is definitely in my future...

  14. I tried posting this yesterday but my birthday is on Geek pride day and I love that it's almost made me DESTINED to be a nerd....like to bring balance to the world or something. So thanks for celebrating my birthday!

  15. 1: Our son's birthday is also on Geek Pride Day. I think he came early on purpose. He wasn't due until June 16th.

    2: Thank you for revealing to me our daughter's future prom dress. :)

  16. That girl, even though I don't know her, is my new favoritest person. Iron Man is my favorite, too!


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