Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Steam Kids

I'm meeting so many of you while out on the CW tour, and I've had several extreme geek-outs when I realize just who I'm talking to!

Case in point: last night in Philly I got to meet Ginny, who recently sent me an email about her kids. They wanted to be "steampunks" for Halloween this year after seeing all my Dragon*Con photos. So, Ginny put together these *amazing* costumes for her 7-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son:


What's more, Ginny used my DIY steampunk gauge tutorial for both of their costumes!

Seriously, how cool is this jetpack?!

And prepare to swoon over this dashing gentleman:

So. Cool. (His gauges are on his arm bracer.)

I got to meet both kids tonight as well, though sadly they didn't come in costume. Heh. Ginny tells me she cobbled together their costumes from things around the house, thrift-store finds, and a few ebay purchases. Talk about resourceful!

And speaking of Steam celebrities, in Richmond I got to meet the steampunk Mickey ears couple - and they wore their ears! And - AND! - THEY MADE ME MY OWN PAIR OF STEAMPUNK EARS!


The goggles are tinted green. Sorry for the less-than-ideal cellphone pic; I'm too impatient to wait for better light here in the hotel room.

The ears are translucent, so you can see the front medallion from the back, and each gear is hand-stitched on. Ah-mazing. (Thanks again, Christina & Christina's hubby!)

I am getting so spoiled, guys. For realz. 'Course, most of our other gifts have been scented hand sanitizers and alcohol wipes, but still. (I'm so not kidding. And it's hilarious.)

Along that vein, I'm happy to report that John and I have remained bug-free so far, and it honestly feels like every show is even better than the last. All of the store employees keep telling us what an amazing group of people our readers are, and we can only agree. It's like a giant family reunion, minus the grumpy in-laws: nothing but laughs and warm welcomes and comparing geeky t-shirts. If it weren't for the actual *travel* part, I'd want to do this all the time.

More updates to come!