Monday, October 17, 2011

World of Geek Craft 10/17/11

First things first: it turns out my post title isn't nearly as original as I thought it was; Amanda H. found there's already a craft book by the same name!

There's a robot on the cover. I like.

This is perfect with that "Dance Magic Dance" video I posted last week:

Submitted by Jez, made by deviantART user Meowchee

Plush Jareth! I'd totally display him with some clear glass marbles.

And since I've also opened the cross stitch can o' crafts, how about this Star Wars wedding sampler?

Found by Leah F. and made by Mr X Stitch
(Hit the link for his Etsy store, though sadly this design was a gift for friends and isn't available for sale.)

Check out how the lightsabers seem to glow - and the handles are even different styles! I'm also seriously crushing on that Yoda, although really the whole thing is perfection.

Other than one disastrous foray into needlepoint, I've never tried other needle crafts besides cross stitch. This adorable Gremlins applique is tempting me to try branching out again, though:

Found via Craft:, made by Flickr member loveandasandwich (in-progress shot here.)


And finally, perfect for Halloween, check out these AMAZING "Haunted Mirrors" from Bionic Buttercup:

Omigosh so creepy cool.

(found via Super Punch)

Both of these have already sold, but the artist says they're made from picture frames with the glass treated with a "special paint that makes it part functioning mirror." I'm guessing she used something like this Looking Glass Mirror Spray Paint, perhaps lightly applied over a photo printed on a transparency? Which now I desperately want to try. Why must my day job keep getting in the way of all the crafts I want to do?! (I know, I know; I'm not the only one, right?)

Even though I don't have time to make them, I still want to see your favorite Halloween crafts! I especially love simple stuff, like these monster window silhouettes cut from old moving boxes. (So fun!) Be sure to share your favorite links in the comments!


  1. Bummer the cross-stitch has no pattern, but i bet you could create one with some graph paper.

  2. Right ON, Bellis! That one with the gas mask makes me think...."Mummy? Mummy? Are you my Mummy?" Doctor Who? Anyone? Anyone?

  3. I've seen a how-to on those haunted mirrors... you get the mirror, scratch some of the reflective backing off lightly and glue on an old creepy looking photo. I can't find the DIY on it now, I think it was from that Disney Family Fun magazine.

  4. OMG love that cross stitch, what a fantastic gift! I made these Vampire Pumpkins last week, they were super easy and so freaking cute. I just subbed glittery red scrapbooking half-circle stickers for the map tacks.

  5. My friend, Rachel, has a project in World of Geekcraft! She did the felted solar system! Yay! I link Epbot to her all of the time!

  6. "Why must my day job keep getting in the way of all the crafts I want to do?!" Completely agree!!! sometimes i feel like I work just to pay for my projects! hahaha

  7. I love that ghost frame! I would put it up in my apt and scare my guests!

  8. OMG Laurie B! I had the steampunk pumpkins opened up and my son walked by and said "OH! Are you my Mummy??" I had to LOL because I'd just seen your comment. Love it! :)

  9. The creator of the site Sprite Stitch did the stitching on the front of that book!

    We're a super awesome community of nerdy (mostly video game) stitchers. Come check us out, we've got a super active forum and love to share patterns!

  10. Just saw this one tonight. Very cool and creepy.

  11. Love the ghost mirrors! Those would look awesome in my Victorian Gothic-themed bedroom. Might have to try that project. :)

  12. If you figure out how to do the ghost mirrors [I'm a lame-o--I need more directions that the current post], please put a how to on your blog. Neat!

  13. I'm another of the "why must my job get in the way of my crafting" crowd - I have a huge amount of "to do" projects (including several Doctor Who T-shirts - I like to make T-shirts in my spare time) but the 1.5 hour daily commute + eight(ish) hours at work + two hours at the gym mean that most of my remaining time is devoted to chores - pahtooey.

  14. Awesome! My Halloween Geek Craft always ends up being my costume. I'll make sure I send in some pictures once I'm done, I'm going as Starkiller from Star Wars: Force Unleashed (cause someone pointed out that I look like an underfed version of him, but what'll really make you squee is my friend's costume. Sora from Kingdom Hearts... :P

  15. I adore loveandasandwich's stuff ^_^ She has some amazing pieces.

  16. How amusing!
    I did a book review of World Of Geekcraft last summer, and linked to EPBOT for my readers, telling them that anyone who liked this blog would like the book. Guess I was right!

  17. I made "window monsters" for the second floor of my house, and I keep getting people ringing my doorbell after dark to tell me how great they look! Love your site- thanks for sharing.


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