Monday, October 3, 2011

Geek Chic Shopping

And just try to say that seventeen times fast.

Some fun stuff on my shopping radar this week:

Sent over by my friend Missy:

A ghost trap decal for your iPhone! $6 from Killer Duck Decals

Remember: when the light is green...!

Since I'm going to be in Canada in November, I'm thinking one of these may be in order:

"Fluffy Kitty Happy Hoodie" $48 from Shana Logic

It's a bit anime geeky, right? Sooo cute.

You all know of my fascination with book purses, so naturally I'm all agog over RECORD purses:

Submitted by Nemmy; From Cover to Cover Purses, $45.00

Genius! I especially like how they hinge the top of the record for the flap. There are lots of records to choose from, too, ranging from $45 to $55.

And for those of us who prefer to DIY, did you know you can buy the pattern to make that amazing Star Wars Quiet Book that went viral last week?

So. much. awesome.

$10 at Julie's Etsy store here gets you all the instructions and patterns. Nifty!

And for more inspiration, check out Julie's Star Trek quiet book! I think she's working on a pattern for that one, too. I don't even have kids, but I'm seriously feeling the need for her "Make Picard human again" page:

Picard in lil' red undies just made my day.

And here's some geeky shopping you can do for free: official Portal ringtones! My favorites are the Turret Wife Serenade and Science is Fun.

Of course, getting them onto your iPhone requires either an act of divine intervention or a tech-savvy husband, so prepare to get a bit stabby if you don't have either of those on hand. (Why must you make it so hard, Apple? WHYEEE?!)

The good news is I finally have a cool ringtone, though, so many thanks to Jess for the link!

What cool stuff is on your wishlist this week, guys?


  1. I just found this TARDIS hat today while looking for a costume on Etsy. If only I didn't live in AZ and I had some need for it!

  2. OMG - she actually made Jabba a little bit cute!

  3. Ya gotta have a geeky ringtone! No cellphone is cool without one! I love my Star Trek ringtone and hailing frequency text alert - nothing sounds even close to either one in normal life. Although, now I react to all the background bridge sounds when my husband and I watch Trek, hehe.

  4. ARMIGAHD!!! The Record Purse is made of a DISNEY RECORD?! -keels over-

    New. Holy. Grail. Screw the pins, I NEED THAT PURSE.

    Word Verification: danter
    ..that sounds like something I could usually make into so many things. But.. THE PURSE!

    laughed pretty hard at this and thought you might enjoy

  6. omg! that disney record! I totally had that on cassette! (ok, im not gonna lie, its still in a box in my room!) AND I still have the books that go with it and have sheet music (the non-record side of that bag).

    This makes me wish i was a purse carrier, so it would be worth it to buy it!

    As for geeky ringtones? My text message noise is totally the "kimmunicator" from Kim Possible. Yep.

  7. OMG OMG OMG! I STILL have that Disney record! There were two volumes, and they had all the major songs from all the films. They were wonderful--I still listen to them from time to time.

    It kinda breaks my heart to see THAT particular record being made into a purse. I'm a big fan of LPs...

    Yes, customstyle is right--you do need a geeky ringtone. Mine is the Star Wars theme. I always know it's my phone when it rings, unless I'm in like a comic book shop or something like that.

  8. So much cuteness!!!

    And, thanks for the Portal heads up, my iphone is very happy.

  9. I have a couple of different ring tones on my iPhone. I have the TARDIS, the Doctor Who theme song, and a Dalek.

    On the other hand, my sister has R2D2 as her ring tone and Chewbacca as her text tone on her Android.


  10. I sooooo want a Portal ringtone. But, alas, I can't have one. I don't have an Android or an iPhone. Utter and complete sadness. D:

  11. Amazer. I think I talked my mom into making these for my nephews for Christmas. Between their dad and me, though, they probably won't get to play with them before Easter...

  12. Eolian Talent Pipes!

    I don't know if you've read The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, but it's my favorite book (along with its sequel, The Wise Man's Fear). There's an inn in the book that's famous for its music- the best musicians get awarded a set of silver talent pipes that marks them as the best, and they play whenever they want without a stage fee. I want mine!

  13. Oooh you're coming to Canada? Where abouts are you travelling to?

  14. those nuts on the inside lining of the purse look like knuckle scrapers to me. while the premise is interesting i'm unsure of the practicality (and the cost of bandaids from those nuts) would make it worth while. i live in canada where, in winter months, plastic tends to become somewhat brittle. the purse would be so much scrap plastic on the sidewalk with a slight bang.

  15. :O
    I love that you know of Shanalogic!

  16. Other people had quiet books?!?! I thought my mom made that up; although mine was not nearly so cool as the star wars one. My kids will be such better nerds than I was!

  17. Here's the book pattern!

    I LOVE IT!

  18. OMGOSH!!!!!!!!!!! Those books are the most ADORABLY geeky things EV-AH!!!! *MUST HAVE*!!!!

  19. Jean Luc wears red jockeys! This is going to make watching re-runs sooooo much more fun!

  20. Thank you for doing my Christmas shopping for me. My two year old is going to love that jedi book.

  21. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Lesotho (southern Africa) and the record purse thing was being promoted as a income-generating-project for women in the marker. Theirs had the cloth from between the records go all the way up to make the strap. I bought one, but I was afraid it would break on the way home (I didn't a whole lot of travelling on my way home).

  22. Just put in a custom order for a Fleetwood Mac Penguin album purse, yay! Delores was very quick to answer my inquiry about the custom order, and has already located and ordered the album to use. What service!

  23. Sonic Screwdriver Wii Remote
    I'm kind of drooling over this. I've kind of let my kids take over the Wii. But I would definitely up my usage just to get to play with this. :)

  24. Is it me, or does the Fluffy Kitty Happy Hoodie make it look like she's wearing Sully from 'Monsters, Inc.'?

  25. My ringtone is the theme song from Dr. Who; while my husbands ringtone for when I call (makes me laugh) is the Borg saying "Resistance is futile".

  26. OMG, Kae - I thought the exact same thing! :-)

  27. I have been looking at advent calendars and will probably get this one from Playmobil because it is awesome. And cheaper than most of the Lego ones.

  28. There is a good tutorial for that purse. :)


  29. HOLY COW!!!!!!!!! This Star Trek book is the perfect distraction for my I will be thinking of creative ways to incorporate Dr. Crusher into the mix. I know, it will have to do with attaching/removing the symbiot in Riker!! Did you notice it was all TNG Star Trek, and not the original, except the Vulcan salute...and she spelled Geordi's name wrong.


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