Wednesday, February 2, 2011

GORGEOUS Steampunk Music Video: Eye of the Storm

[running in] YOU GUYS!!

This masterpiece just hit the 'net today, and you must see it.

Feast your eyes on the jaw-dropping beauty that is Lovett's "Eye of the Storm":

Wow. I think I just fell in love with steampunk all over again. The dragon! The goggles! The airship! The glowing green elixir! [swoon]

Yep, I'm gonna have to watch this another time or twelve.

Fingers crossed you non-US viewers can see it! (And if not, please don't lynch me. Heh.)

Oh, and a big thanks to Jen D. (aka Number 1) for sending me the link!

UPDATE: For more info on the artist Ben Lovett and also a behind-the-scenes making-of video, check out Nerdist's post here. (And thanks to Renee for *that* link!)

Geek Glee 2/2/11

Some fun pictures making me smile this week:

Submitted by Holly S., via Rockstar Photography

Love, love, LOVE this look. The colors!! YES!
(Click the link above for more eye candy.)

Little Edward Scissorhands:

A - wait for it - maaazing. I wish I could find the original source, but I got lost on a rabbit-trail of Tumblr blogs. Anyone know?

[UPDATE: Found! Photo is by Cara S., and there are more great shots at her Flickr account.]

Fabulous kids' store design:

Check out DesignSponge for more.

Cheerful, artsy, and gorgeously refinished garage sale finds - what more could you want? I'm also seriously crushing on that chandelier; I've talked to John before about finding/making a similar one for our dining room. With Edison bulbs and rusty iron, though, of course. ;)

Lady LEGO Locks:

via Outsapop

Geek fashion ftw! And super easy if you happen to have LEGO lying around the house. (Sadly, I don't.) Or, for a slightly smaller (and therefore more wearable) version, I just spotted this 8 bit beauty over at ThinkGeek today:

Only $9.99, but they're out of stock! Grr.

And finally, my new baby AT-AT:

John brought this home for me Sunday night while I was finishing taking down all the Christmas decorations. (Yes, I really waited that long. Really.) I immediately had an impromptu play session on my desk. It makes fun "pew pew!" noises that freak out the cats. :D

Oh, and I have Mickey in the driver's seat. Heh. I love having toys on my desk; they make me smile and provide great little distractions when I'm fighting writer's block.

Speaking of which, the book writing is grinding on, so thank you all for your patience - particularly any of you who've e-mailed me in the past few weeks. Writing a book in two months while also keeping two blogs running is proving...interesting. However, we're on track, and I'm looking forward to reclaiming my life come 2/15!

So tell me, guys, what's got you smiling today? Share your links in the comments!