Friday, January 14, 2011

A Message from Katie

Check out the cool card I found in the P.O. box today!

'Course, the inside is even better:

(Jennifer & Deirdre are the two readers who helped me format Katie's book, and Jack is the cover artist.)

Hope this makes you smile as much as I am right now. Good work, everyone.

Turn On Your Heart Light

Ooh, you guys, I have so many crafty things I want to do, and no time to do them! So instead, I'll just show you three of my recent favorites, so you can all drool and dream with me.

First, a fun modern heart light:

Check out the tutorial here at Paper, Plate, and Plane. (Found via Craft)

This was made with simple foam core and a strand of clearance LED string lights. What I really love, though, are all the possibilities: Pac-Man and ghosts art, anyone? Or old-school Space Invaders? Mmm, so many geeky options...

Next, a simple but stunning lamp mod:

Tutorial here at Poopscape Projects

This is a $7 lamp from Ikea, so again, a super cheap project. Plus, who doesn't have old negatives lying around? (Just don't destroy anything important!)

And finally, Allison of Mod Mischief made this fantastic Valentine's gift for her hubby:

It doesn't actually light up, but seriously, how cool is this?

More pics on Instructibles, but not too much by way of actual instructions: Allison writes that she cobbled this together from an old thermos top, a mason jar lid, and other odds and ends. Again, there are a lot of options, though: just start with a wire heart inside an old light bulb, and then have fun customizing the base from there! You could add gears to ramp up the steampunk look even further, or put the bulb on a sleek painted cube for a more modern look, or...?

So, guys, see anything you want to try? Personally I plan to make them all, it's just a matter of figuring out in what order! The next CW book is due in just four weeks, though, plus John and I are finishing up on the largest house renovation we've ever done, so things are a bit hectic over here. We'll just have to see how much craft time I can squeeze in between now and Valentines. :)

In the mean time, if you
do try one of these projects, be sure to send me pictures!

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Shopping Assignment: Wheee!

Ok, geek guys and girls, I have a mission for you!

Actually, this mission comes from another Jen, who is turning a yucky situation into a show-off-her-amazingly-bad-ass-geekery situation. To put a finer point on it: Jen just found out she has cancer.

But - BUT - in her own words, "Don't worry, it's Hodgkins - the most curable wimpy cancer and I shall be triumphant in my whomping of it."

Triumphant whomping! Yes!

Jen goes on, "But, I will lose my hair. So, I am on a mission to find geekie nerdtastic beanies and bandannas to cover my soon to be chrome-dome."

What's that I smell? A SHOPPING ASSIGNMENT?!?

Ahem. Sorry. Please, Jen, do go on.

"What I need are links to said beanies and bandannas. Yes, links. I don't expect (or want) people I don't know to buy me stuff. I'm financially solvent and have good insurance (thank the cosmic muffin). I just need help with the searchin' and the findin' so I can get to buyin'."

Oooh, now this is my kind of mission, guys. C'mon, GEEKY SHOPPING?

So, to get us started, I did a quick search of my own. My first find came from Great White Snark, who, ok, was making fun of it, but for those into Pokemon this beanie is actually really cool:

From SayHedgeHog on Etsy. Currently sold out, but perhaps they'll post more?

Actually, I'm not even into Pokemon, and I would still wear this. Totes adorbz!
(Did I say that right? Still workin' on my groovy/rad/hip lingo.)

Next I went looking for an R2 beanie, since I remember seeing a fabulous one somewhere before. Here's my fav of the ones currently listed on Etsy:

$55 on KnitLush

A little pricey, perhaps, but that detail looks well worth it.

Or how about some Hello Kitty?

$42.95 at tinytangerines, which also has adorable owl and cupcake designs!

For the bandannas, I got to thinking: what if you hunted down vintage character bedsheets/pillow cases and made your own? I'm sure there are already lots of folks on Etsy doing so, but it'd be pretty simple (and cheap!) to crank out your own if you have a sewing machine. A quick search of Ebay turned up sheets for the Smurfs, LoTR, He-Man, Star Wars, Care Bears, Pac-Man, and oh my goodness, I may have to buy some of these!

Plus, most of these look to be selling in the $10 range. Not bad!

Ok, guys, your turn! Share your links to great geeky beanies and/or bandannas in the comments - and please, remember to embed your links so that Jen and the rest of us can click on them!

Happy hunting!