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Keeping Tabs - Photo and Link Round Up

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sometimes I look up and realize I have a dozen tabs open in my browser, each with some amazing find I don't want to risk losing. Here's the best of what I've got open today:

- This functioning iris business card is amaaaazing. (I've been chastised in the past for not having business cards. Since the guy who makes these offers kits, maybe I'll finally rectify that.)

- I know I've got Star Wars Weekends and all here in Orlando, but I think the grass will always be greener at Disneyland. Check out this massive photo post of their new parade, video of the brand new Little Mermaid ride, and lots more.

My favorite pic of the new parade. Yay, Abu!

- Oh, and if you love Disney art, then you'll really love these retro-style Disney posters by Tom Whalen. (I remember when the Steamboat Willy one sold out at the speed of light before I could snag one. I was crushed. CRUSHED, I say.)

- File this under "brilliant": Cathe of Just Something I Made turned an old book into an expanding file folder:

BRILLIANT! Hit the link above for the step-by-step tutorial.

Random fun fact: Cathe actually came to the CW book tour in Petaluma. How do I remember? Because she gave me a business card with the same design on it as her blog banner, which is so striking I immediately recognized it. (Gee, this post is turning into a commercial for business cards, isn't it? Ha!)

- Speaking of brilliant, Elizabeth shared these pics of her daughter's fantastic TARDIS costume:

And the best part?

It's bigger on the inside!!

(My jaw actually dropped on that second pic. So, so cool.)

- And finally, watch this video. It will make your whole weekend.

(found by my friend Amanda, who has a great Tumblr called Old-Timey Cats)

Happy Friday, everyone! Have a great weekend!

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  1. The best place to find those posters is on the Mondotees blog. I just picked up (luckily!) the Mickey's Service Station Poster today.
    They have all sorts of amazing posters that go fast!


  2. That iris card is awesome! I sent it to my brother and his wife for their baby-to-be...maybe they'll use it for their announcements!

    I also want to take that giant Simba from the parade home...is that normal? And, of course, the gorgeous Mary Poppins carousel horses. That parade looks amazing. Time to go to DL again!

    I don't know if you've posted this before, but I got this off of Pee-wee Herman's Facebook page. I am going to make some of them for my to-be-born nephew. :)

    <a href="http://toy-a-day.blogspot.com/>Toy-A-Day Blog</a>

    Have a great M-Day weekend everyone!

    WV: Stedizi. To be said in a French accent: Stedizi she goes!

  3. Remember the hell of multiple windows before tabs? I just counted & I'm currently at 19. That's just sad.

  4. If I tried to pick my fave part of this post my head would explode!

  5. That video is too cute! Cuteness overload, I daresay.

    Thanks for the cool links, Jen. I always seem to have 10 tabs open at once, and hate it if/when my browser decides to close on me.

  6. Oh wow, those Mary Poppins carousel horse tricycles made my jaw drop!

  7. Awwwwww! I saw a link to the Hugging Cat on They Might Be Giants' FaceBook and I forgot to watch it, but now I did! Yay! Also, Tardis girl rocks. :D and those business cards are awesome.

  8. Oh em gee. That cat video is all over Facebook today, and I was kind of meh about it, but then I watched it. And then I immediately DIED of the cute. His widdle PAWS! And the HUG! And then his widdle MOUF!!!! Can. Not. STAND. The. Adorableness.

    Thanks for sharing! Happy weekend!

  9. You were right. The video made my weekend.

  10. Disneyland may get the new parade, but Disney World always has the better character meet and greets! I'm torn because I'm working at Disney World currently, but Disneyland will always be my home park. I have to wait until August to see the new parade :( But it has a Mary Poppins float, which is so exciting!!

  11. You gotta get on Pinterest, Jen! I used to have a million tabs and and bookmarked pages, now I just pin stuff to my boards.

    I don't work for Pinterest, I promise. I'm just addicted...

  12. Mooom! You're crushing me!

  13. CAT. CAT. CAT.

    I cooed for a minute without pause.

    Best thing ever.

  14. Those posters are wickedly cool. I'm in awe of the tardis costume. And, that video made me melt.


  16. the TARDIS costume was epic! SQUEE

    -Barbara Anne

  17. Holy cow! I liked the Monto posters and trotted over to eBay to see if I could pick one up and nearly had a heart attack! What on earth do these posters sell for new from the website? (I was all over the Star Wars themed posters but it would take six lucky numbers to afford one.) :>)

  18. That last video circulated on my FB page all day yesterday, at least 5 of my friends posted it!!

  19. Saw the kitty video 2 days ago, and couldn't believe how viral it went! I'm jealous of anyone with artistic skills, that costume was awesome! And
    JHill, I'm going to need that pinterest, I have something like 150 things in my bookmarks!

    wv: slyingsp~ Just caught my husband slying(sp?) around! (:

  20. I watched the kitty video with a 3 year-old, a 5 year-old and a 9 year old girl right next to me. When the momma cat hugged the kitty, they all "Awwww"-ed in unison! Three cute girls aw-ing cute...can't top THAT cuteness! :)

    Sidenote: When I told my 17 year-old son that your blog not only had the hugging cat (yes, even HE thought it was cute...however, you didn't hear it from me!), but also dancing Vader, he said, "No wonder her blog is so cool." :)

  21. That business card is pretty sweet.

    OMG! Roger Rabbit! NEED!!!!!

    That's pretty fun. I work at a thrift store and always see those expandable folders. May have to grab some.

    OMG I JUST DIED!!!!!!!!!! That is definitely the cutest video EVER! It makes me miss the days when my cat would fall asleep in my lap and start twitching in her sleep.

  22. OMG i WANT that tardis dress!! may mave to break out the ol' sewing machine

  23. Thank you. I needed that cat video today!

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Now I know what I'm wearing for Halloween...

  26. I don't have any pictures, but my mom and I, over a couple days one summer in college, made purses out of hardback book covers, like the expanding file. it was fun and they turned out really pretty.

  27. I just saw this today. It made me laugh and think of you.:-)

  28. That cat sent me from tears of sorrow into tears of joy. Thanks for the great post! Great to hear about all the goodness goin' on around here in SoCal's parks. :D

  29. Here is a website where you can find almost any print. (It's a website for print geeks, like me.)


    There are all sorts of tutorials on different print related topics like how to frame prints DIY or how to store prints when you don't intend to frame them.

    And the best part is, if you miss a poster drop, you can probably find one for sale from another collector. (Usually at "market value, which goes up fast, but better then never getting it, right?)

    I found your mondo print, but it currently sells for well above what it sold for when it dropped.


    If you have other desirable prints, you might be able to trade one or two to someone for it. That's how I've gotten a few harder to get prints. Yeah, I'm a collector. Maybe I should warn you that this hobby can become quite addictive at an alarming rate....

    Have fun!! :-D

  30. I can't help but go straight to SG-1 with the phrase "functional iris"...sounds like I need to find a pic of the Stargate with the wormhole open...for under the iris...hmmm...


  31. I just saw these on Etsy and thought of you!

    necklace 1

    necklace 2

    I think I have favorited half of the items in their shop!

  32. My son's favorite book is "Oh the Places You Will Go" by Dr. Suess. When I saw this I first thought of him, then of you. Dr. Who

    I hope that link worked right.

  33. Love that Tardis outfit--so clever!! The kitty video? All I can say is "D'aaawwwww" (and i'm a dog owner)

  34. I had to watch that Mom Cat video several times! That was the sweetest thing ever!

  35. Awww, thanks for sharing the cat video! We're fostering kittens right now and that's making me hope to see some adorableness up-close!

  36. Wow! Thank you for featuring my daughter in her Tardis costume. She is a huge fan of your other blog. She was a little overwhelmed when she saw her face on Epbot. You absolutely made her day. Thank you.

  37. Fun fact: I'd seen a picture of that TARDIS dress on another blog, and the one she based it off of was actually originally made by one of my really good friends! I showed my friend the pic, and she thought it was pretty cool.


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