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Now THIS is Geektastic Wedding Dress

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hyla W. found a spectacular example of geek girl ingenuity over on Offbeat Bride. In a nutshell, bride Kouhotaru wanted her dress styled after Rydia from Final Fantasy IV.

This is Rydia:

So, ok, not exactly traditional wedding dress material.

However, throw in one amazingly talented cosplay designer, and you get...




Soooo beeeeautiful!!

And doesn't it channel Rydia perfectly? I especially love the boot designs worked into the skirt.

Head over to Offbeat Bride to see the lovely Kouhotaru and her groom on their big day (they got married at a Renaissance Fair! Woot!) and for more information on the fanTABulous dress.

So... how many of you ladies are dreaming up video game inspired wedding dresses now? Besides me, I mean?

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  1. Such a great idea and it turned out fabulous!

    My geek dream wedding dress is Padme's wedding dress from Attack of the Clones. I love all the lace that it has! If I ever win the lottery, I am getting someone to re-create that dress for me.

  2. Jen...I know you don't have kids, so I'm sure you've never watched Wubbzy. But you really shouldn't say "Wow wow wow" unless you *want* me to giggle uncontrollably imagining you curling up your hands and tail while your eyes get all giant at the thought of a pretty dress.

    "Wow wow wow Widget, where did you get that dress?!" "The VideoGameDressMaker3000 made it for me! It was no problemo!"

  3. I LOVE non-traditional wedding dresses! My husband and I didn't find out that you can do weddings at Ren Fests until AFTER we'd gotten married. Otherwise we'd have had our wedding there. As it was we had it at the local Zoo...still WAY fun!

    I agree, Tara. I also love the flowing chiffon dress she wears at the lake in the second film. My other favorite dress is Kim's white dress in Edward Scissorhands. (Sorry, this was the best pic I could find.) I was secretly hoping I'd find a wedding dress similar to hers for my wedding.

    Then there's this gorgeous piece by Colleen Atwood, Christina Ricci's dress from Sleepy Hollow. I REALLY want to find someone who will make me this dress because I would wear it to my parents' cowboy action shooting events.

    Oh, and Lydia's wedding dress in Beetlejuice. While I don't like the style, it still cracks me up that it's red.

    Hmmm, I see a theme in my choices...

  4. ~lol~ my wedding dress was inspired by Padme as well. This was the dress that we used as a guild http://www.artwallpapers.com/art_wallpapers_net/movies/padme_amidala/03/padme_amidala03_800.jpg It was my dream dress and it looked amazing as I glided down a grassy hill to be married next to a beautify lake setting. And as a bonus the dress was designed so the over layer came off and I just have a corset and flowing skirt for ease of dancing.

  5. That is lovely! I have friends who's 2 year old daughter is named "Rydia". I want to get better at sewing so I can make her a costume.

  6. AHHHH, I am mentioned on Epbot!!!

  7. My boyfriend wants me to make a wedding dress based on Tali'Zorah nar Rayya from Mass Effect (http://img232.imageshack.us/i/taliconcept23353.jpg/sr=1). But I'm leaning more towards a Disney Bridal dress myself. The inner geeks are warring.

  8. Am I the only one that sees the dress from Flash Gordon when she looks at this? Give it some gold "wings" and wear some super thick jade eyeshadow, and boom.

  9. Oh wow! I love Rydia, but would never have thought thought costume + wedding dress. Ha, so creative!

  10. Rydia has always been one of my favorite characters! If only I didn't look terrible in green.

    Neat dress!

  11. Well, while I still dream of a dress like Belle's (the actual one, in the movie, at the end), I think a Princess Zelda dress would be pretty amazing.

  12. That's so beautiful...I don't think I have a video game inspired dress in mind, but I would love a modernized, less pouffy 80's version of Sarah's ball gown from Labyrinth!!

  13. You say video game inspired wedding dress, and I imagine my husband cringing when I tell him I wish I had walked down the aisle in an orange jumpsuit and Aperture Science tank top. :-D

  14. That dress was interpreted just beautifully! Can't wait to see the wedding cake!!

  15. What a great adaptation! I am always awed by creativity that works. Very nice. :-)

  16. If we ever redid our wedding (you know, not 12 hours after I called a JP to ask if he could marry us within the month...), I would totally have a Princess Zeld themed dress. Not obsessed with the Zelda franchise at all *cough*

  17. Just thought of what I think is a brilliant idea for a costume.

    Statue of Liberty with the Ghostbusters peeking out of her crown like in GB2. I just might have to do that.

  18. Hey Jen, love this as always! If I win a zillion, I'll be asking you for all my style tips.

    I found this Victorian steampunk office/desk, and thought it was swoon-worthy, too.


  19. Personally? I'd like my wedding dress to look something like the dress Jaina Proudmoore wears in World of Warcraft. Without the armour or the midriff baring of course, but I love the whites and purples...

    Plus, Jaina is a BAMF.

  20. The dress is beautiful!

    And I love that you read offbeat bride, my two favorite empires coming together. Oh happy day!

  21. while i'm a pretty big WoW nerd and love to cosplay those characters, i have a different idea for my wedding. i'm a huge ren faire junkie, so i've actually wanted a renaissance themed wedding since i worked at my first faire when i was 15! my guests will be highly encouraged to dress up also. now i just need to find a guy who will go along with it!

  22. As a red-blooded American male, I would just like to say:
    Any pictures of the bride in that outfit?



  23. Love it. In all fairness, is there a Cecil paladin outfit for the groom?


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