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Candy Bracelet Give-Away

Friday, October 8, 2010

Try as I might, I couldn't find a necklace design for my candy charms that I liked better than the original bracelet.

SO...who wants a Halloween candy bracelet? :D

Yep, I'm giving away my bracelet to one of you lucky and oh-so-gifted-with-impeccable-taste-in-blogs readers. Plus, look! I found the perfect box for it in my craft stash!

Isn't it great? When I found these little gift boxes a few years ago, I actually bought 3. Mmm, orange-y goodness.

The bracelet *just* fits inside. The box is wood, and ties shut with a satin ribbon attached to the bottom half:

So. Cute.

Oh, and I should mention that the bracelet is a bit smaller than average: just over 7 inches around, as opposed to the usual 8. So if bracelets tend to be snug on you, this may be too small.

UPDATE: And the winner is....Alyssa (aka alyssag721)! Congratulations, and please e-mail me your mailing address, Alyssa!

The contest has ended!

Now, rules: leave a comment (one per person, please) with a link to to one of your favorite Halloween things: costumes, crafts, jewelry, or what-have-you. (Don't forget to embed the link!) Also be sure to include a way for me to contact you. And just to reward all my fellow staying-in-on-a-Friday-nighters, I'll be randomly choosing the winner *tonight* at 10pm EST. Yep, in less than 5 hours. See? It pays to check my posts early!

Check back on this post at 10:05pm for the winner, or I'll also be announcing it on Facebook.

Good luck!

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  1. Candy bracelets are totally cool and so is this: My Future Pumpkin


  2. My mom would love this bracelet. She is a holiday-themed dresser. haha

    Fav Hallowe'en thing? Gotta be
    pumpkin cheesecake!

    I hopes I win! adamo83(at)gmail.com

  3. Well, I LOVE costumes and decorations, and how is halloween complete without jack-o-lanterns?

    I'm quite fond of This one that pink ray gun put out a couple years ago. (Ten will always be my Doctor, no matter how much I adore Eleven)

  4. Love the blog and the bracelet!
    The best thing about Halloween? The food: food

  5. Cool! Your bracelet is adorable. I would love to have it.

    I love Haunted houses and plan to take my boys to one this one this weekend. This one looks really scary. I went to this one last year and it was pretty good too.

  6. My favorite thing to make around Halloween time are these



  7. Mine has got to be watching all of my favorite Johnny Depp movies. Sleepy Hollow, The Ninth Gate, From Hell, Sweeney Todd, Corpse Bride, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and now Alice in Wonderland...

    He is soooo the quintessential Halloween-y actor. He plays the most brilliantly dark roles with awesome-tacular costumes!!! Oh who am I kidding?! I'd watch Johnny all day long without Halloweeen.


  8. Oooh! I love the bracelet and all of your posts! And I'm not even just saying that to win! (though it may help????) This is my favorite halloween costume... Candy Corn Dog Costume

  9. I love/hate this. I'm opposed to dog costumes in general, but my friends have an old inside joke about beedogs.

  10. As a cosplayer who does DragonCon every year, it's hard sometimes to get excited about Halloween (it seems so...tame in comparison!) but perennially spooky Kambriel is really one of the most amazing designers I know. She actually made the coat that Neil Gaiman wore to the Oscars, and she has made numerous things for Amanda Palmer. Her patchwork coverlets are sumptuous and beautiful creations, and her One Of A Kind page features some gorgeously spooky chokers and jewelry!

    Fingers crossed! My contact info is thatdjspider@yahoo.com

  11. I figured giving a huge choice would be best:
    Halloween Goodness

    This site has everything you could ever want in regards to Halloween: history, costumes, pumpkins, jokes, surveys, and MORE!


  12. I love this bracelet! So cute! I bought all of the stuff to make these- now I just need the time to actually make them!

  13. I love Oriental Trading for a lot of my Halloween "stuff". LOL

    Being a Vol. Firefighter one of my big kicks is safety, so I always ordered a lot of their Glow-in-the-Dark, GID stuff and some of their little flashlights to give out instead of candy. Hopefully all of the little ghosts and goblins (or Marios...) are seen and safe.

  14. Love this bracelet! And it will go great with the super-awesome Mickey Pumpkin Head light-up ring that I bought at:

    Disney's Not So Scary Halloween Party

    which I'm posting as my favorite "halloween thing" since I can't find a picture of a light-up ring.


  15. There are tons of cookie/dessert crafts that I want to attempt this year, but my favorite Halloween thing might just be the overall nerdery, illustrated oh-so-wonderfully here: Sci-Fi Pumpkins

    Love it.


  16. Oh my gosh I would go gaga over this bracelet!! NOT Lady, just gaga. I love Disneyland at Halloween!

  17. That bracelet is adorable. As for good Halloween stuff, I really want to dress up as Vampire Willow but I fear I will not be nearly as successful as this person. She must have made that corset jacket herself for all I can find anything like it online. I bow to those with sewing talent.


  18. Favorite Halloween thing? Has to be Monster Mash! It can't be Halloween without hearing that song at least once! :)

    Contact info is sarahjanewheeler(at)gmaildotcom

    (you should have it from the lovely steampunk computer desk picture I sent. LOL)

  19. I love cool homemade costumes Making costumes for my family is the highlight of my year and I love seeing what other people can do! This year I'm stealing the idea from one of your D*C posts and making everyone in my family Candyland costumes! I spent about 4 hours attempting this bracelet & failing. You need an Etsy store so we can shop your crafts!!

  20. Your bracelet is totally rockin', and while it would clash with my costume color-wise, I'd totally wear it if I won...the whole family (me, the hubby, and our two kids aged 4 and 2) will be dressed as a character from this page...

  21. So cool and cute.
    My favorite halloween thing:


  22. Candy Jar

    I came across this the other day and I love it.


  23. i am SO in love with the bracelet! your craftiness is inspiring ;) which is why i also love THESE crafts!!!


  24. oops! I forgot my email address!

    jeburde@yahoo.com, sorry :(

  25. I think this is fully the cutest thing I've seen in a while.

    This is a pic of two of my favorite halloween things in one: costumes & vamprires


  26. The best part of Halloween is, hands down Tootsie Roll Fruit Rolls. Where I live I can only ever find them for Halloween and they are the yummiest candy ever. I always buy a few bags, with the intention of making them last, but I invariably eat it all before Christmas. :)

  27. I love to carve cool pumpkins. So here is my favorite site to get a template~

  28. Oooooh, this would be the perfect bday present for my sister-in-law (who I adore) who is a Halloween baby!

    Three of my favorite edible Halloween creations are snugged in together in the lunch I packed for my son last Halloween.

  29. Awesome bracelet-so fun for the holiday! Favorite costumes HERE and HERE and HERE and (just one more!) HERE. Now, to convince my hubby that I need them ALL... :-)


  30. I gotta say, my favorite Halloween/costume thing right now is the steampunk costumes I made for my husband and me. :D Just finished them a week ago!


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  32. I love tiny things, so I thought this was super cute! I think I need to buy more scrapbook paper... :)

    Naomi at reckless9times@gmail.com

    (I really hope my link thing worked... I've never done that before.)

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Sorry for the last post, I forgot to include my email address! It's inuchan01(at)yahoo.com . :)

  35. Each of my daughters adore having a Halloween Advent Calendar. Easy to make and great for building up anticipation for the big day.


  36. Is it wrong of me to love the pirate costume I made for my son last year the best? This year will be even better. This year, he is going to be a wizard with a sparkly purple robe and hat.


  37. Like everyone else, I love Halloween. One of the things we do is make a haunted gingerbread house; this is last year's.

  38. Such a cute bracelet! So far my favorite Halloween things I've seen this year are dead man burgers. I might not end up making them with veggie burgers, but I'm definitely going to make them.

  39. Making jewelry is one of those crafts I've never really tried...I love your adorable bracelet!

    I enjoy spending Halloween with Charlie Brown and making sad faces every time he gets a rock.


  40. This year my favorite Halloween thing has to be my little monster featured on my blog.


  41. Ah, I've been drooling over your bracelet ever since you posted it! I can't imagine having the patience to pull something like that off. :o)

    I love all the costumes ohdeedoh has been featuring lately, but this collection takes the cake. Who wouldn't love a two year old Nacho Libre?

    Also, you need to go to New York and go to this steampunk haunted house sometime!


  42. My favorite Halloween thing last year were these papercrafts I found through the blog 'How About Orange': Halloween Papercrafts - I love the Halloween Tree especially and can't wait to make more of these in the coming weeks

    Orange is my color, October is my month and my email is melissachae@gmail.com

  43. How could you not love Star Wars costumes for dogs?

    Crossing my fingers,

  44. Yay for random drawings of your adorable stuff! I <3 these things - easy and no craftiness needed since I totally lack skills!


  45. Honestly? My favorite thing about Halloween is candy corn. And this tiny felt candy corn. Winning this bracelet would therefore be super awesome for me! :D

    princessbee728(at)gmail.com :D

  46. I love love love that bracelet!

    These are so cute!!! Halloween Bottles

    sfaangel02@gmail.com (Link Kitty

  47. I love the big bang theory and really want to dress up like Dr. Sheldon Cooper, this website had great ideas! http://mobile.associatedcontent.com/article/2024014/the_big_bang_theory_group_costume_idea.html

  48. I love it all, so orange!!

    My favorite would probably be the Princess Bride costumes I made for us last year!

    Buttercup and the Dread Pirate Roberts


  49. No question, has to be the making of a steampunk pumpkin

    My site....

  50. I love the bracelet! I love all things Halloween, but these skull soaps are my newest favorite find.
    (wish I could link to something on my own blog, but it appears I haven't actually blogged much in the way of Halloween, despite my undying love.)

  51. I could spend hours AND millions here...if only I had either. Lol


    Thanks for the laugh every day,

  52. Oh...LOVE! And I have tiny wrists, bracelets generally don't fit me.

    Pumpkin Whoopie Pies. Tied in little cellophane bags with some fab Halloween ribbon? My go-to Trick-or-Treat treat this year:

    Pumpkin Whoopie Pies


  53. I would just like to say that my favorite color is orange too, and I love candy corn! :D

    I have recently been looking at Halloween things and so I decided I would try to do some face painting on my own girls. I found that this woman had some tutorials on youtube but the work she has on her website is beautiful.

    So far my face painting ventures have been fun but I could never hope to be any where near this:

    <a href="http://rebeccaanthonymakeupartist.webs.com/apps/photos/>MY TEXT</a>

    email: leynak85@hotmail.com

  54. Cutest little bracelet ever, and speaking of cute things I designed this Little Magnet based on my favorite Halloween costume ever - a ferocious grizzly bear.


  55. Extreme Pumpkins (I'm sure I'm not the only one who loves this)

    also I have a small wrist so small bracelet works PERFECTLY! <3

  56. the awesome

    coloring books

    because i am just a kid at heart

  57. Nothing is better than roasted pumpkin seeds! But wait, this IS better! Pumpkin seed bracelets!

    Ericka stryke04@shaw.ca

  58. I just found this link today other wise I would have no Halloween craft to post, and I really want that bracelet. jack o lantern cake
    P.S. I have tried many times to post a comment and it has never worked. so here's hoping it works the one time I really reeally want it to.

  59. YEAH! I love halloween!! And since I *LOVE* to bake, and do things very thematically, one of my favorites is baking stuff like Kitty Litter Cake


  60. I LOOOOOOOOVE your candy bracelets! One of my favorite Halloween crafts is to stamp on candles, like this:
    Halloween Candles

  61. Oh yay, yay, YAY!! I was SOOOO hoping you would do this!!

    This is one of my favorite costume sites!! I love to go and DROOL over all of the adorable-ness that I A. can't afford (because I love all the super expensive ones, of course), or B. wouldn't wear, because I'm not quite *that* brave!

    I hope, I hope, I hope I win! :D

  62. Horse head masks.

    So creepy and delightful at the same time.

    I LOVE the candy bracelet! Would be hard not to eat it.

    Best way to contact me is at jill_1483@hotmail.com.

  63. I'm a confessed SHEGEEK and a science teacher. Any Halloween-Themed Science project is fun - but without a doubt, Spooky Dry-Ice Bubbles are the winner. You will sit and play with them for HOURS.

  64. I love your blog, and I know you'll agree that for halloween, this is a kick !

    (got to mention I'm french -which probably rules me out for the wgive-aways but well-, so I have to make do with this little theme park we have here :p)

  65. This isn't my work, BUT I carved one just like it last year, except my skull and crossbones was just scraped, not carved all the way through (thus giving a 3D effect) DEFINITELY my fave carved pumpkin EVER!!

    Pirate Ship Pumpkin- OH YEAH!

    I think you can contact me through my Blogspot profile? If not, post it- I guarantee I'll be lurking and will see it ;)

  66. I love Halloween TV specials!!! My absolute favorite as a kid is Hocus Pocus. It's so cheesy now, but I still love :)

    I put a spell on yoooooou~


  67. How about... I love your designs, although they're not my style! Been reading for ages, and you are so artistic I thought I'd post and tell you. My talents lie elsewhere on the creativity spectrum. Hope whoever gets this bracelet loves it.

  68. Adorbs! Me (27 year old girl) and all the grandmas in the world will love this :)

    My favorite Halloween thing is obviously dresses up infants as food items.

  69. I love how you turned my all-time favorite halloween treat into an adorable bracelet! (candy corn!!! YUMMMMM...must...not...eat...entire...bag...)

    My favorite Halloween thing is my friends' house. Every year they do a different theme and turn the entire front of their house into something amazing. It's been fun helping them with the process, which you can track here

    Yes, I am in several of these pictures, but I'll just mention that my little guy has been dressed as a naked mole rat for the superhero year (Kim Possible, anyone?) and as a young Prince Philip for last year's Sleeping Beauty theme. :)


  70. My favorite Halloween thing is actually I-Mockery's candy reviews. Ridiculously fun, and helps me decide what to get at the store! Here's last year's: 2009 Candy Review

    You can reach me at tinidril_of_perelandra (at) yahoo.com

  71. Darnit...I don't know what I did wrong...haha...my first time trying this but I will try to link it again:


  72. Since I am horrible at pumpkin carving, I love to go ogle Extreme Pumpkins and dream of doing what they can.

  73. Initially I was intending to link to a youtube clip of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show", because that's one of my favourite things I associate with Halloween. But I couldn't find a good one, and let's face it-you need to watch the whole thing in its entirety! So I found a good free pumpkin stencil website. I did Jack Skellington last year! It was so good! Check it out
    I love the Pumpkin King! Pumpkin cheesecake is awesome too... I just love Fall! krob.08(at)gmail.com

  74. I'm not a big fan of Halloween, for many reasons (among them being having my bro-in-law's viewing Halloween night and having people show up as vampires and such), but I do like Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. Mmmm... I need to make me some of those babies!

  75. I love halloween accessories simply because halloween is my favorite holiday. My favorite halloween activities are scaring small children and dressing up in my favorite attire as Alice!

    And other tom foolery as well! (note, I am totally kidding by the way about scaring children)

    You're late for a very important date you know. You should pick me! acgriffin829@gmail.com

  76. There are lots of cool things about Halloween. Candy, costumes, etc. But my current favorite thing? Disney's Halloween Time. I get to go ON HALLOWEEN this year. So excited.


  77. Here is my very very favorite thing about Halloween. MNSSHP

  78. Favorite Halloween thing?? Hmmm... I don't think I can decide!!
    Candy Corn
    Nightmare Before Christmas and of course
    Sweeney Todd!

  79. My very favorite thing about halloween is candy corn! I restrain myself from eating the awful-for-you, oh-so-yummy candy the rest of the year. :)

  80. My pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies! I'll be making more soon and can't wait to eat some! ;)

  81. Halloween is my favorite holiday! I'm toying with the idea of making this awesome Marie Antionette costume. It honestly does not sound as complicated as I thought it was.

  82. I love this bracelet! It would be worn all year if you pick me. :)

    And my favorite part of Halloween isn't actually Halloween. It's Dio de los Muertos!


  83. The best part of Halloween are the Haunted Houses. The rush of adrenaline, the stomach tingling in anticipation of what's-that-around-the-next-corner?, being able to hold onto a certain guy's arm...I love it! My favorite haunted house is Nightmare on 13th


  84. I LOVE this bracelet, and the box, and even the ribbon! My craft is "rock pumpkins" I am actually doing a pumpkin patch with this craft for a patch of dirt meant for flowers in the front of my house.
    Stone pumpkin

    Hope I did that right!

  85. Since I'm horrible at carving pumpkins I love to go ogle Extreme Pumpkins and dream about doing the things they can do.


  86. Maybe I shouldn't win this. I don't know how I could possibly keep from gnawing on it lacquer and all LOL!

    Here's the best place to scare yourself silly in Ottawa. Even in the daytime, frankly. I spent a really disturbing hour in a hedge maze once. NOT funny.

  87. EEEK! ::soaks up the crafty candy goodness!::

    So adorable! As they say on the radio, 'long time listener, first time caller'. In this case its long time reader, first (maybe second?) time poster.

    I got my mom and two of my sisters your cake wreck book because they have a side business making cakes - They LOVED it! My dad was even laughing when he picked it up one day, we're all looking forward to your next one!

    Since I like Halloween in its entirety, there really isnt just one thing I can say I like the most about it... so I'll just post the wikipedia entry on Halloween because I can.

    is my e-mail :)

    Keep up the awesome work!

  88. These are a must at Halloween for me. My mom made them every year. With out that roasty toasty smell, there is no fall!
    (I am an absolute Luddite, so please no one ridicule me too much if my embedding doesn't work... I tried! :))

  89. My fave Halloween thing was the iPhone costume I made last year, but we have no pics on the copmuter, so, wah wah. Anyway, here's my second favorite piece of Halloween awesome: Victorian Butterfly Halloween Paper Doll

    Hope I win!

  90. Hmmm... tough one. I love theme cakes (since I want to be a pastry chef when I get older). But I also love makeup and costumes (I'm a geek with many random interests :D) so I'd have to say this Tim Burton Look I found.


  91. I am all about carving the pumpkins. However mine always look like a 3 year old went at it with a chainsaw. lol But this site Extreme Pumpkins may help me this year!

    PS. Love the bracelet and think my daughter would as well.

    bannasmom1 @ yahoo. com

  92. When I was little, my mom stuffed clothes with newspaper to make a little person, who we put on our porch for Halloween. His name was Boo. This is the closest thing I could find online. We used a plastic bag with a baseball cap instead of a pumpkin for a head, though.

    <3 candy bracelets!


  93. So I love thinking I'm crafty, but sadly not the case. I found this site a while ago and made all the Halloween cards...super fun and the fam/friends loved them!! =)


  94. I love the pumpkin carving! the guts and seeds, laughing with family! Can't go wrong with it!

  95. Love the bracelet!

    Check out this One Ring pumpkin, I wish I could make one like this!

    torigreene at yahoo dot com

  96. I desperately want that bracelet.

    My favorite new decoration this year: http://blog.craftzine.com/archive/2010/10/how-to_cheesecloth_ghost_hallo.html


  97. My favorite part of Halloween? The traditional viewing of Ghostbusters, and Jaws of course! (what do you mean Jaws isn't Halloween themed? It is in my reality!)
    Or possibly the wearing of my extra long Tom Baker Scarf? Instant Halloween costume for those in the know! Jelly Babies anyone?


  98. Ok, first of all I have a not-so-secret love affair with Candy Corn.
    Second of all my contains two of my favorite Halloweeny things. My very radical x-ray Boston Terrier shirt from all-mighty.net, and my super-fun 7 year old daughter who LOVES Halloween.

  99. I love everything about Halloween! I love making the costumes and hanging out on the porch handing out candy, I also love carving pumpkins. I don't have links to any pumpkins I've done myself, but these are great :)

  100. This year, I think this wreath is my favorite Halloween thing. So cute! I love candy corn!


  101. shoot, just noticed that the gal that did the skull soaps didn't link to Graphics Fairy for the images. you can find the skull image here and the label image here

    (not trying for another entry, just wanting to save you frustrations in finding the images and such)

  102. I have small geeky wrists, this would be awesome! Oh, and check out this milk jug storm trooper helmet!

    calimcook at gmail dot com

  103. I adore this bracelet! I love a lot about Halloween, but this is my favorite hands down: It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! It's just not Halloween without watching this!!

  104. yaaaay I wanna win it! I love candy corn! nasnico@gmail.com

  105. I want this halloween platter

    Orange is my favorite color, and candy corn is awesome!


  106. Can I say I love my kids' Halloween costumes from last year? Self-serving, I know but it's true and I'm still proud of my husband's handiwork with a plotter and cardboard box. This year looks to be more meh, but Wall-E and Yoda were rockin' our block.

  107. Love it! Forked Eyeball Recipe is a tradition here!!!!
    <a href="http://familyfun.go.com/recipes/forked-eyeballs-784937/'>forked eyeballs</a>


  108. Next knitting project hopefully finished for Halloween 2011! Who wouldn't want to be a Lord of the Rings-esque dwarf! ;)



  109. I absolutely LOVE Halloween: the costumes, the decorations, the candy! I even have a black cat that I adopted on Halloween. But my favorite part about Halloween has to be the abundance of horror movies that can be found on TV. My favorite bad '80's horror movie is "Motel Hell". I love watching it around Halloween. MotelHell

  110. Oh, I really, really want this bracelet! I even forwarded the link to a friend of mine a few days ago because it was so cool. I definitely don't have time to make one of my own. :( My favorite thing about Halloween? GIANT PUMPKINS! I have always loved them.

    Word verification: doushing - I won't even go there.

  111. My favorite thing about halloween is carving pumpkins! I like some of the ones found here: Patterns

    perpetual_optimism (at) cox (dot) net

  112. Hmm, not sure if this counts but seeing this is my favorite thing about halloween.


  113. ooo....I love the bracelet. Here's my fave halloween thing this year. It'sthis mask
    that would be perfect for a Poison Ivy outfit!


  114. Next knitting project for Halloween 2011! Who wouldn't want to be a Lord of the Rings-esque !



  115. Love the candy bracelet! I found this cute little bride of frankenstein on etsy today. I might have to buy it. :)

  116. Halloween is my favorite holiday, it always has been. I love dressing up and it makes me sad that there's only one costume related holiday during the year. And of course, the candy doesn't hurt. Well, maybe it hurts the waistline...

    My link is from Martha Stewart, who is my hero, after Jen, of course! Because Jen loves Steampunk. It's this year's pumpkin line up and I think they're pretty amazing. I love really beautiful ideas for carving pumpkins and the leaves on the first slide are pretty spectacular.

    But this year I think we'll be carving Mario Bros. pumpkins. I love themed costumes for the whole family and this year I wanted my almost 2 year old daughter (who LOVES Mario games) to be Princess Peach, my almost 6 month old son to be Toad, and my husband and I were going to be Luigi and Princess Daisy. Unfortunately, I do not yet own a sewing machine and therefore couldn't make costumes. So pumpkins will have to do.

    I'm not sure what we'll be doing for costumes, but I know your fabulous candy corn bracelet would look great as I hand out candy!

  117. Favourite thing about halloween? It has to be that one awesome little kid who trick-or-treats dressed as a dinosaur

    And awesome candy bracelets, naturally.

  118. My daughter would love this bracelet, I showed it to her last week!

    My fun favorite dessert to make it this cake, it's so cute! Pumpkin Cake

    My email is on my profile! *fingers crossed*

  119. I love the bracelet! and my favorite thing about Halloween (and your blog) is all the star wars. STAR WARS COSTUMES!!


  120. I love candy corn and fall colors!! Your craftiness is inspiring, thanks for the tutorials!


  121. I'm going the old-school route and nominating as my favorite Halloween thing. My husband and I watch it every year, and it will always signify the "start" of autumn for me.

  122. I hope this works - my favorite Halloween project so far has been turning my front light into the Eye of Sauron: TheEye

  123. I can count this as my favorite Halloween *and* Christmas movie, right? Here is the intro to Nightmare before Christmas.

    Now for the song to be stuck in my head all day!

    BTW, the bracelet is rather amazing :)

  124. I have been OBSESSED with this bracelet since you posted it, but there's no way I have the mad skillz to make one of my own. That precious little box just puts it over the edge - I would love to win it!!!

    One of my favorite "Halloween" crafts is these faux caramel apples. If that's not Halloweeny enough for you, I also LOVE these stuffed candy corns I made last year. :)

  125. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and your bracelet rocks! Everyone at work would want to steal it from me!

    One of my favorite halloween decorating links is Anatomical Chart and their Budget Bucky skeletons!

  126. Lace Pumpkins

    I really hope I win! I LOVE this bracelet!


  127. My favorite thing for Halloween this year is a candy corn trick or treat bag. I love the thing so much I made one for my daughter. She's only 18 months and tiny so the bag is almost bigger than she is lol. http://myteacup.com/pdf_patterns/CandyCornBagLoomKnit%5B1%5D.pdf

  128. How perfect that I actually read this while I was snacking on Candy Corn? Love that stuff.

    Anyway, my new fav Halloween thing is Pumpkin Carvings by Scott Cummins he does so many great things, including Yoda, Gandalf, Iron Man, etc.


  129. FUNKINS! Seriously, they are easy to carve and then you don't have to watch your work rot away - you can save it to display year after year! I think they are pretty awesome. Almost as awesome as your candy corn bracelet.

    (and in case you can't get to my google account: catherineann at gmail dot com)

    Thanks for being awesome. I love EPBOT even more than I love Cake Wrecks and that is pretty amazing.

  130. Orange is my absolute favorite color too! And I don't think I'll mention my candy corn/pumpkin addiction....

    My favorite thing about Halloween is the Zombie Pub Crawl that my husband and I put together every year. We have made so many undead friends and have the best time doing it!! And you're only in Orlando...so you and John can come! Why not? Jen & John come to a Zombie Pub Crawl to see Jenni and Johnny...how perfect is THAT? :)

  131. Ooo. Okay, how about this ghoulish dinner idea?

    atrain (at) sonic.net

  132. I blame you for my latest obsession: Pumpkin carving templates from Pink Ray Gun.

    I seriously can't decide which one I want to try.

  133. I WANTTTTTTTTTTT! http://www.coachhousegifts.com/seasonal/ cant get the html thing to work. :(


  134. The cool modifications you can make on regular things to make them cooler... and steampunky ;)


    I'm doing this one myself with my own special touches.


  135. That bracelet is ridiculously adorable - and the box made me squee...

    I love Halloween for the Trick-Or-Treaters and for getting to go wander around the mazes at Knott's Scary Farm

  136. My favorite Halloween item is this 3D Halloween card that I created. Out of all my 3D greeting cards, this one is by far my favorite. I almost couldn't bring myself to sell it!

  137. Hooray for staying in on a Friday night! (And thanks to everyone sharing their links--I've found all kinds of new Halloween favorites to investigate!)

    Still, I would have to say my favorite part of Halloween is somehow figuring out how to incorporate my favorite corsets with my Halloween costume while still making it friendly to wear to work. (Last year: FFX's Lulu, and I made the belted skirt out of woven strips of duct tape. My boss asked if I was a witch or a wench...close enough!)

    Thanks again, everybody--and happy almost-Halloween!


  138. I absolutely love the bracelet, so let me share the Halloween Site I look forward to every year.

    I am always amazed at how talented <a href="http://www.extremepumpkins.com>MY TEXT</these> people are!

    My email address is: srstern@gmail.com

  139. Most of my love for Hallowe'en is because it's as much a celebration of autumn as a scare-fest. And I love autumn so, so much.

    But right now, I have this song stuck in my head, and it's making me happy about Hallowe'en.

    (I also like getting to stick an apostrophe in the middle of a word that isn't really a contraction. Small things amuse me.)

  140. Oh man, I just adore that little girl that dressed up as Jareth last year - it still makes me squee at the adorable brilliance of it.

  141. This past Sunday night, coyotes killed my beloved dog TOD. While I love costumes and make-up and Halloween in general (aka my dad's birthday), this year I'll be thinking more of my sweet lost TOD. In that vein, I like this Wikipedia entry about Halloween's origins as festivals of the dead and souls wandering around: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halloween (the link embed thing didn't go so well). Good to know that it's not just a crafting warm-up for Christmas! If it's any help, TOD was reddish-gold - a very autumn-y color. (It stands for The Other Dog - because when my daughters dragged him home, I wasn't going to get attached...seven years ago.) vescomi@yahoo.com

  142. I love the bracelet!!! Here is another children's crafts that I really like.


  143. Can I link to your bracelet?Because I love it, I went looking for my very own Dremel and candy corn the other day. I am attempting to embed the link but I am not sure it is working. And, I'm not a suck up, I just love that bracelet.
    favorite halloween thing

  144. I love the bracelet!! Here is another site for chilren's crafts that I like a lot...


  145. Ok, so yes, I love both of you blogs and all of your crafty ways. I am a fairly recent admirer (in a totally non-stalkerish way), but I went back to the beginning and read everything on both blogs!

    What I'm looking forward to making just as soon as I can, Cranberry Pumpkin bread


  146. I love Sarah's artwork over at Cottage Garden Studios. Here are a couple of her things that I especially love!!

    The Witches' Shops bookmark and the Halloween Tags gift tags.

    Ooooh! and this little house she made is ADORABLE!!!!

    And Sherry Byrum's art.... I don't have enough time! Ahhh!!!

  147. For years I have been wanting to make and wear this Padme Picnic Dress as a costume.


  148. Oh the cuteness! I love the box too. I'm not sure if you can see this link - one of my FB friends is so creative and talented... She hasn't blogged about it yet, but if she does I'll try to remember to link that to you on FB. cute pics

    I hope I embedded the link correctly... lol

  149. This is a completely unfair trick contest! There is absolutely nothing else that I think is as cool as your bracelet. After reading the instructions and discovering that I would be an abject failure at replicating the bracelet, I began contemplating what I could do to pay you to make one for me! Consider balisana at gmail.com to be your first customer.

    Here's a great stencil that I would make a great pumpkin:
    Doctor Who Pumpkin Stencil

  150. I love your Bracelet. Especially the pumpkins that you painted the faces on.

    So my favorite thing about halloween in cooking treats Lots and lots of treats. The one thing I want to make is this yummy apples

  151. As soon as you posted this, I had an irresistible urge for candy corn. And also, to make one of these myself.

    I just saw this recipe today, and I already have the pumpkin, so I'm looking forward to trying it out!

    Contact me through phoenix(takethispartout)ofthestars(at)hotmail.com

  152. I just realized I didn't put down a way to contact me!!!! AHHH! mtwifeofbrian@gmail.com I hope I am not excluded from the contest:{

  153. bracelet is so amazingly cute!!
    I wanna make this so badly but i'm not sure i'm quite skilled enough lol
    Pumpkin Witch Carousel

  154. Love the bracelet. I have itty bitty wrists, so I'd love to show off your bracelet!

    I am enamored of these muffins

  155. I don't even care that I'm pimping myself.

    I carve an Elvis pumpkin every year because my mom is a huge Elvis fan (what can I say, I love him too!) and I always use the seeds to make candied pumpkin seeds. I basically eat ice cream with candied pumpkin seeds on top for an entire week after carving. Soooooo good.

    But if I'm not pimping myself: I also really love Bakerella's Pumpkin Pie Bites


  156. My favorite thing about Halloween is seeing everyone else's costumes. I love the nostalgic ones like this the most!

  157. I just love that candy bracelet! It is so cool! So I've been looking for a cool design for my pumpkin this year cause I just love cool jackolanterns

    I personally like the Yoda one, but I'm not sure I'm artistic enough to pull it off. lol

  158. Would love the bracelet--too cute!

    My Fav Halloween costume is this banana suit that my 2 month old will be wearing....

    Did I mention that my 2 year old will be a monkey?? Tee hee!!


  159. One of my favorite memories of Halloween from my childhood is the under-appreciated Garfield Halloween Special, which seems to survive now only in poor quality you-tube clips.



  160. Loved, loved...Loved...the bracelet the first day you posted it!

    I'm a sucker for Jack...

  161. I love my Fill-A-Bowl for every holiday. During Halloween, it's fun to fill it with different kinds of candy corn.


  162. Butterbeer! I spend my hallowe'ens (or try to) in cool manor houses/barns/etc with a group of Harry Potter geeks :D

    My email is raft.tree@gmail.com

  163. Oooh! Well, I saw this posted on another one of the blogs I follow (owls, woot woot! oops I mean hoot hoot), and I just thought it was SO CUTE. There is kind of a simple craft compared to what you usually do (which means it's more at my skill level, ha ha!), but if you've ever tried to look for a CUTE owl costume for Halloween, then you know how insanely difficult it is to find one!

    Owl DIY Costume courtesy of The Owl Barn!

  164. Is there ANYTHING Halloween other than "I got a rock."? I think not! Except if it's Nightmare Before Christmas, but I've always seen that as more of a Christmas movie, anyway. And it doesn't beat out Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown.

    marythefan @ gmail.com

  165. The bracelet is too cute, the box is super cute... it's almost too much! Almost... I'd still love it. lol This year closer to Halloween I'm going to be making Halloween cake pops and mini pumpkin pies!


  166. My favorite thing about Halloween is...

    Animals in costumes! Particularly kitties:

    So cute :D!!

    My e-mail is sblake1@student.framingham.edu

  167. Apparently I'm not good at this "html" thing...

    One Ring pumpkin

    Hopefully it will work this time...

    torigreene at yahoo dot com

  168. I would love the bracelet!

    My favorite thing about Halloween has to be the The Simpsons' Halloween specials

    I absolutely love all holiday specials but am such a wimp so I can't watch most Halloween ones but I am able to watch The Simpsons' ones :)


  169. The bracelet is so cute! I have to say my favorite thing at Halloween is just all the awesome pumpkins.


  170. My favorite Halloween thing is rewatching Hocus Pocus. It's the BEST way of getting in the spirit for spookiness, grabbing some friends and singing along with "I put a spell on yoo-oou, and NOW you're mi-ine!"

    I love love love the bracelet, hope I win! nearly(dot)nisha(at)gmail(dot)com

  171. I just love carving pumpkins using these Pumpkin Masters patterns - they are the awesomest!


  172. I was going to link back to your page with the bracelet, but instead, I like this:
    I made these for our front yard. Really cute and easy!

  173. Candy Corn was always my favorite part of Halloween but it will be replaced this year by seeing my three year old daughter dressed as Kowalski


  174. Just recently followed you over from your other blog, and was pleasantly surprised to find such delicious geekery over here. And now a giveaway. Fun!

    This freaky video of The Cat with Hands.


  175. Favorite thing about Halloween? Even though my dad is a dentist, it has to be the candy.

    Novelty Candy

  176. I love Halloween even more than most kids do. One thing that I made last year and was requested again all the way back in June are these witch fingers Creepy, easy and yummy, can it get better than that?

  177. Love it sooo much!! My favorite Candy, in a BRACELET? to die for!

    I have been The Wicked Witch Of The West on Halloween for the past 10 years. And it never gets old!


    Jen, SOO sorry I tried to use the html "cheat sheet" but it did not work. let me try agan though, just for you!

    WWof the west


  178. All bracelets are big on me...i'm a normal sized girl but for some reason have small wrists. This would be perfect holiday fun!
    Also, there are outfits/costumes here on an etsy site i found that are just fun! etsy

  179. I belong to a fashion community in which members post their take on various topics. One group is "Flavor of the Month". Obviously, this month's is pumpkin. The link leads to my favorite of the looks so far this month. The owl cookie jar is just too cute! Thanks for the contest!

  180. I love Halloween, as do my five children (4 boys, 1 girl). One of our favorite things to do is to carve pumpkins and we always check out http://www.zombiepumpkins.com for ideas. Our email: mcminn[at]bresnan.net.

  181. Oh my...there are already so many entries. Well, here is mine anyway. The best Halloween "thing" I've seen this year is this. It combines my love of crafts and Disneyland, and it get me all excited for Halloween. I'm totally making a Trader Sam shrunken head to wear to work.


  182. I would love that bracelet, I teach little ones and they would go nuts for it, especially my sweet little one with Autism, he would never let me take it off! I'm loving all the Halloween crafts on this site eighteen25

  183. I love this bracelet and I could totally make my Halloween-crazy roommate wonderfully jealous. In a good way of course ;) For me, there are two things I love about Halloween (besides the costumes because I have no link for that. Fail). First I love Halloween Treats Yes, there are two links because holiday themed sweets are just that awesome.

    And of course, I love The Great Pumpkin Poor Charlie Brown. He only gets rocks for trick or treating.

    Email is rebakah_cooper@yahoo.com

  184. Ooh! The candy bracelet is so much fun, I don't know how you can give it up!

    My favourite thing about halloween is carving pumpkins with my siblings, something that's extra nice to do this year since I may be moving away before next halloween! However, I don't have any photos of this on account of mostly having my hands covered in cold pumpkin goo during the process (we really need to remember to bring them in to the warm a little sooner before carving...)

    So instead, here's a photo I took of some halloween lanterns in the woods, because it sort of fits with the story of the 3 of us carving pumpkins together.

    Contact info: terri(at)zone12.com

  185. I love your candy bracelet. My favorite thing about Halloween besides dressing up the kids is taking them out pumpkin picking and a trip through a corn maze. This is where we plan to go this year.

  186. WANT!

    RE the link... are you kidding? I'm crazy about Halloween, it's hard for me to just pick one favorite thing!

    But I'll pick one recent favorite I came across: Spider Cakes

    No, wait, I have to post another. Shrunken head in a jar prop.

    I'll cut myself off here. I could post so many Halloween links!


  187. I love the candy bracelets and I REALLY hope I win!!! =)
    Here are some of the coolest pumpkins I have ever seen! Some are wacky, but a few are really incredible & creative!
    cool pumpkins

  188. I love corn mazes!

    WV: offent--I hope I didn't offent you with my corn mazes!

  189. I forgot to put in my email address!!! Whoops!

  190. I love this awesome costume more than pretty much anything else. It really is epic

    gabbudd at hotmail dot com

  191. I LOVE candy pumpkins and your bracelet is adorable!!!

    My new favorite candy?

    This one!


  192. We don't celebrate Halloween...but I did just make my daughter a Minnie Mouse dress and matching ears for our recent trip to Disneyland:)

    I tried embedding it:

    my blog

    If I didn't do it right...then here is the actual link:)


    Thanks! honeyscrapcrafts@yahoo.com


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