Saturday, October 9, 2010

Puft Daddy

Thanks to Proton Charging, a Ghostbusters fan site I've recently begun
following, I discovered the best blog post of the weekend, which you simply MUST go and read - once you're done with this one, of course.

It's by Gordon Holmes of More Whatnot, and he presents some...interesting...options for "sassy" (aka sexy) Ghostbusters costumes. Yes, there are pictures. Yes, they are hilarious.

Actually, the one that is most believable is his Stay Puft design. Check it out:

Kinda cute, right? Frankly, I'm surprised this isn't already in stores. Although, it turns out, Gordan isn't the first to think of this. Check out this photo I took at Dragon*Con in 2009:

I saw her at D*C last year, too. Apparently great GB fans think alike!

Then, when I was looking for the new StayPuft backpack that was just released (Google it; it's über ugly), I found this:

via Reddit

Ha! I agree with Gordon; a Stay Puft costume should definitely come with little police cars.

Then I found this:

Then things got really out of hand, as I spent another hour gawking at StayPuft papercraft and cakes and toys and art and more costumes and...yeah. I have to stop now.

Ok, now go read Gordan's post.

And if you ever see something cute and Stay Puft-y, let me know.


  1. What about these?


  2. I love Ghostbusters, and I love the Stay-Puft marshmallow man, but it really irritates the crap out of me that so many Halloween costumes for women have to be sexxxxxy. Can't we be marshmallow girls WITHOUT tight/skimpy clothes that show off our legs and boobs? I like to dress up for the fun of becoming something (or someone) else for a while, without having to worry that I'm insufficiently pornified at the same time.

  3. Holy smokes! that first Stay Puffed idea looks very similar in design to the unicorn costume I was thinking of making for Halloween...I may have to rethink my strategy!

  4. I agree, Molly! I don't mind making an outfit cute and feminine, but why does *everything* have to be "sexy?" The teen outfits can be especially disturbing; have you SEEN the "JailBait" costume? For TEENS?!? (/rant)

    That said, I think the D*C gal did a great job making her costume cute-but-not-sleazy. And Howard's post was definitely poking fun at the whole "sassy" costume phenomenon. It seems everyone agrees they're ridiculous and in bad taste, but until women stop buying them the companies won't stop making them!

  5. Ha, ha..."don't forget yer goat leggings!" Oh... wait... different movie...

  6. My brother went as Mr. Stay Puft way back in the day, when he was about the same age as the little boy above. My mom has all the pictures or I would scan one in, because it was awesome. My mom made the costume for him, and it was similar to the little boy's here, except that my brother's had a hilarious puffy hood to fit around his face and make his cheeks puff out. We were trick or treating in Minnesota, so the hood served two purposes, and served them well.

  7. it's not a costume but check out this stay puff

    and zombie pumpkins had a nice pattern for a stay puff jack-o-lantern and a good slimer too.

    Thanks for the cool blogs

  8. I agree that they have gotten out of hand. It is not just the teen costumes that are going way wrong. The children/toddler costumes are getting really bad also. Check on Amazon!

  9. My roommate went as Stay-Puft for Halloween last year... don't know about cute, but he was convincing!

  10. I Love this post! I was totally inspired by your earlier posting of the Stay Puft girl. I am working on making my own version of the costume this year. I think it's an awesome idea and gives me the ability to be wear a "cute" costume rather than a sleazy one. I do wish one was available in stores, though, so I wouldn't have to worry about making the hat! :)

  11. I found a stay puft ornament that made me go ooooh

  12. not StayPuft but I just found this photo today of a steampunked IronMan - this is a great costume!

  13. FYI, I thought you'd like to know that tonight's episode of Castle features all sorts of steampunky goodness!

  14. I just found this:

    Mr.Stay Puft

    Not the most well-updated blog, but interesting enough.

    And for the grossest thing I found:

    Stay Puft Caffeinated Gourmet Marshmallows

    Ah, okay...what?

    And for all your Ghostbusting needs:

    Ghostbusters Wiki

    But you probably already know about that one.

    I imagine just a good old set of white sweats, white gloves, and white tennies and finding a sailor's cape would make a great costume. The hat would be the only issue.

  15. You inspired me for horse is large and white already...

  16. found this in my late-night internet rounds :)


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