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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So we're reaching that time again (a time which, for argument's sake, let's say occurs every 28 to 30 days) when John starts begging me to eat chocolate and play video games.

I'm not sure why.

John: [looking pained] "Please. Stop working."

Me: [stabbing angrily at keyboard] "I'm FINE. If this stupid filth-flarned flippin' WEBSITE would just work...!! WHY is it TAKING so LONG?!? Aauuughh!! [now sobbing] And I HATE my toenails!!"

John: "How about a brownie? Look! [waggling video game in front of me] I got you Ghostbusters!"

(If you're thinking John should be sainted right about now, I can only agree with you.)

Anyway, so I've been playing Ghostbusters, mostly because it's one of my favorite movies of all time, but also because I love that the game has a new, original storyline and all the original guys are back doing the voices.

Predictably, I suck at it. (Blasted doorways.)

UNpredictably, it is scaring the ghost-loving JEEPERS out of me.

No, really! It's scary! Honest! I mean, yes, I'm a wimp beyond all wimps, but parts of this game - the ones where you're in the dark with only a flashlight to see by and creepy demonic children are whispering in your ear and flaming ghost spiders keep leaping in your face screeching and doors are slamming suddenly all around you and the music's all "AhhWOOOeeeeeooooo!!" - are enough to make me go running for my mommy.

Or, in this case, for John.

The time: 3AM
The setting: our bedroom
The scene:

Me: [peeking my head in] "John, sweetie? You awake?"

John: [blearily] "Mrphmph."

Me: "Oh, good. Listen, could you come sit with me out here?"

John: "Ummm...why?"

Me: [mumbling to the floor] "'Cuz I want to finish this level but the creepy librarian ghost lady is freaking me out, and the books keep flying around, and it's all dark and foggy and I had to pause the game because I'm too scared to keep playing by myself."

It is a testament to how much John loves me that he simply laughed, got up, and came and sat with me in his game room/office. Within 5 minutes he was even *playing* for me, while I held my nightshirt over my eyes and squealed things like, "Oh no! There she is!" and "I can't look!" and "lalalalala tell me when it's over lalalalala!"

So. Scary.

I'm currently stuck in some haunted sewer, and there's no way I'll be finishing the level until John has time to come sit with/play for me again.

Anyway, other than the game, I've seen a few other awesome Ghostbusters things this past week. (Yes, despite the creepiness, the game is awesome.) A lot of you sent me this:

It's a little stunt by Improv Everywhere, who were actually hired by the NYC public library to do it. "It" being just some guys dressed as Ghostbusters chasing other guys dressed in white sheets around the library, but it still made me grin like a fool for three and half minutes.

Even better, though, are the still photos of the stunt over on Super Punch. Here's one:

See what the "ghost" was looking up? Hah! I love it.

And finally, if I ever do get through the rest of this video game, I may have to buy myself this as a reward:

It's a Proton Pack backpack! Because admit it: you've always wanted to wear an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on your back. :D

This isn't available for sale yet, but it's going to be $40 over on 80s Tees sometime in the future. I think the design could be a little better - maybe if it were all black, or had a few 3D elements? - but the concept is so cool you know die-hard fans like me will have to get one anyway.

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  1. Jen, for everything that's holy, don't ever, EVER attempt to watch the TV show "Supernatural" on your own. You won't be able to. (But the sadist in me would love it if you tried...)

  2. haha...thanks for laugh! And now you made me want to play Ghostbusters! Is it available on Wii?? hmmmm
    LOL =)

  3. Jen, how do I find a guy like John?? sounds like you found yourself a great "other half."

  4. love, love, love it! that was great!

  5. Good for John! My video game would likely be Super Mario Brothers Wii or now the Super Mario Brothers Galaxy 2... takes me back to my childhood and the original Nintendo! I *am* a little chagrined when my kids wonder (out loud) why their mother is better at the games than they are... ha!

  6. I need to get one from my daughter! She is going to be a ghost buster for Halloween, her brother a ghost

  7. Okay, your hubby is such a keeper!!! Not only does he understand that a geeky girl is worth her weight in gold (or chocolate), but he knows how to take care of one!!! What a guy!!!!

    wv: priblea
    Priblea good idea to play that game when John's awake.

  8. LOL!!
    I remember pausing "The Others" near the end and running to get my husband to sit with me.
    Scardy-Cats Unite!!!

  9. I just bought the game too! And you're right - it's both scary and tough. I royally suck at it so far, but I love it.

  10. BWA HA HA I LOVE THIS!!!!! Man! I wish I could've been there! Thanks for the laugh, Jen I needed it!

  11. Last week I while I was in NYC I visited the Ghostbusters HQ and the NYPL. I really wanted video of me in the Statue of Liberty that I could eventually dub "(Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher and Higher" but it was booked for the entire week.
    Glad Ghostbusters made you feel slightly better at any rate!

  12. as embarassing as it is, I understand your fear. The first time I played luigi's mansion it freaked me out...

    I said it was embarassing... why the judgemental eyes?

  13. You are so funny, Jen!

    My brother had a game (Aliens, maybe? can't remember) when we were kids that he'd get freaked about and want me to stay in the living room while he played.

  14. Jen!!! How freaky is it that I have Ghostbusters playing on my computer/tv right now??? I woke up with a serious need for some Dr Venkman (it's morning here) and here you are with your post! Love it! But I totally would be too scared to play the game as well, I am a huge wimp when it comes to scary things..

  15. What a great hubby you have!

    The closest I have come to that was when I was hallucinating from my muscle relaxer and seeing ghosts everywhere. I had to cuddle up to my hubby to make the "ghosts" go away.

    Men like that ARE worth their weight in gold.

    Also, I have sent the link to the proton-pack backpack to my little sister. She is a die-hard Ghostbusters fan, and would (singsong voice) LOVE-IT!

  16. Can't say that I've played any video games that scared the bejeepers out of me, but I also haven't tried. Simply because I'm a chicken poop. I have decided, though, that I need to stop watching zombie movies, because even watching one will transport me straight to nightmareville for at least a month. To the point that as soon as it gets dark out, all of my doors and windows are locked and the blackout drapes are closed so nobody can see any light coming from my windows. Shortly thereafter, all lights are out and I'm in bed with the sheets up to my eyebrows. So, I completely sympathize with you having John come and sit with you while you play. :D

    Speaking of zombies, btw, I'd love to hear your opinion of that kind of stuff.

    Happy gaming!

  17. I love Improv Everywhere! For the record, all of the pictures on SuperPunch came from their website, http://improveverywhere.com/ . They do a write up with pictures and video after every mission, and they're all awesome. I've even participated in one mission in the past!

  18. I agree with the fact that the backpack could have a few more 3D type pouches. However as for the color... if you imagine that backpack against the cream color of a Ghostbusters jumpsuit... that's kind of money...

  19. Hmm and I was wondering if the Ghostbusters game was any good. I could play it on my DSi or the Xbox.. and have my husband laugh at me if I jump lol. Then again if I can handle Resident Evil I think maybe I can handle this one..maybe.

  20. Hubby and I love playing Ghostbusters and who ever asked before it is available on Wii. Even the four year old gets in on it. Ghostbustersis scray but not compared to somethings, at least your hubby never asked you to play Left for Dead (AHHHHHH! Must get out of room) at night with the surround sound on, never do it!

  21. John is awesome :)

    As a geeky librarian... please check out the huge budget cuts that were detailed at the end of the clip, scary stuff.

  22. For some reason, that backpack is making me think about this sleeping bag on Think Geek:


    I've only recently discovered the awesomeness of Think Geek and now I want to own (or gift) about half of the stuff on their site!

  23. 1. Being a future librarian I feel it is necessary to point out that the GB stunt at NYPL was to make people aware of the attempts to cut the budget at a time when library use is pretty darn high.

    2. your husband is the keeperingest keepers of all keepers.

    3. when my brother bought one of the silent hill games, my (then future) SIL and I would watch him play for hours and then be terrified to sleep.

  24. Oddly enough, a friend of mine was one of the video game designers for Ghostbusters (except for the Wii version). So, when my husband was playing, he would call him up and let him know when he thought a level was tough.

    It is a really great game to watch. I'd like to play it myself, but I'm horrible at those types of games.

  25. Oh, I LOVE the show Supernatural!

    And yeah, what game system has Ghostbusers, 'cause now I want it too! Can I get it for my Atari? LOL And yes, I have an Atari, an old, original, vintage Atari.

    I'm jealous that you have Ghostbusters AND a husband who humors you that much. I wouldn't even have been able to wake mine up if I jumped on his head.

  26. Laugh! You are too funny.

    And that John, he's a keeper. :)

  27. I have to make sure it's a very sunny afternoon if I want to play Bioshock, and then I have to watch a Marx Brothers movie right after, and I have to sleep with all the lights on, and I STILL get nightmares of zombie ghosts lurking around in my bedroom.

  28. Knowing your love of all things geek, you'll appreciate this:


    Ghostbusters and Dr. Who, together at last!

  29. Are you playing the Wii version or the PS3 version? We have both, and while the Wii version isn't too bad, my 14 year old son refuses to play the PS3 version in his bedroom alone. LOL He said much the same thing you did, that things are jumping out and the whole atmosphere is creepy.

    Someone in the comments mentioned zombies...Uhh...No thanks!! I've never been able to handle zombies (or anything creepy, really). I went to the amusement park for Halloween this past year, and had to stifle the urge to run screaming when the entertainers were dressed as, you guessed it, ZOMBIES!!

  30. I do something similar with Tomb Raider...when it starts to get scary (and it does!) I get out a walkthrough and won't play it alone...just in case the monster eats me. Love it, Jen!

  31. OMG! I hope and pray the proton backpack becomes available before August. If my daughter opens a present to find this on her sixth birthday, I will be the ultimate WINNER of the Mom game for life! She's already requested a slimer-slash-ghost-logo cake... but I promise it won't be a wreck. ;)

  32. I read a funny quote from Bill Murray from the time when the GB guys were doing the recordings for the game -- he came out of the studio in NY after a day of recording and was humming the GB theme to himself. A passerby just looked at him and said, "Dude, move on." (ie., it was 25 years ago...)

  33. Ok:
    1) I totally have a huge girl crush on you, Jen. This post is hilarious!

    2) Does John have any single (male) relatives?

    3) The movie Ghostbusters scared me for weeks! I was afraid to open the refrigerator!!

  34. @Scooter: Luigi's Mansion freaked me out too, and I love horror movies!!

    That stunt is the kind of thing that makes me yearn to live in New York. Kooky stuff like that is always happening up there!!

    Oh, and, I love zombies!!! Best. Horror. Movies. EVAR!

  35. This reminds me of when me and my friends were playing project zero/fatal frame.
    It took six of us to play it, one to control the person, one to remember the plot e.t.c and the other four to scream repeatedly at the screen whenever anything happened!

  36. OMG, I think I have to get a playstation now just so I can play this game. Looks AWESOME! And original voices and music? Double Awesome.

    I too, love Improv Everywhere and loved their video

  37. Lord. I must say, and I mean this in the best possible way, that yes, you are a wimp. :) But you are funny and smart, so it's a good balance.

    I was watching Poltergiest when I was five. LOL!

  38. Jen, thanks for reminding me that a) I picked the right guy to marry (not that I needed much reminding about that.;-) and b)I need to get Ghostbusters, NOW! I played the demo, and said "meh." but it sounds great.

  39. OMG Jen, you are so funny! I always loved the way you write, building up the cake photos, etc. but your prose is adorable! I love how you painted the scene with John on today's post. hilarious!

  40. Oh dear Jen, I've been there ! Ghostbusters is still one of my fav movie ever and the game is really good. The library made me shiver in a good way and I remembered playing it on the phone with my past g-friend to feel safer ! I'm such a wimp.

  41. Tehe... I totally sympathize with the running to your significant other during the scary parts of games... I was notorious for doing this while playing Half-Life 2... especially Ravenhome *shudder* Hey! Those badly rendered zombies were scary!! Besides if he didn’t play I would end up panicking and wasting whole clips of ammo on one zombie and then have to resort to close combat to finish them off *bigger shudder*

  42. Oh man, I just started playing this yesterday (It was a "happy" from my loving hubby as well) and my 3 1/2 year old calls it the marshmallow game. Perhaps I better not play it in front of her anymore though.

  43. This has minimally to do with your post, but as soon as I saw this I thought of you:


  44. Hsha! If my husband tries to talk me into watching a scary movie I tell him he'd better be prepared to go to bed when I do so that I don't have to go to sleep alone! And I saw the Improv skit on the library's website... I agree, the still pictures make it even better.

  45. My favorite part of that video was the guy who immediately grabbed his cell phone to text his friends about it, while clearly mouthing, "the F---". Wonderful. :)

  46. OMG I love your husband! sounds like my boyfriend (he makes video games) and most of the time i play until drained and then he starts playing for me! totally all about the fear ghosts in video games cause! your the best!

  47. Thanks for the heads up on the game! I've been wanting to play that one, and I still do, but it's better not to go in blind. That library ghost in the original movie STILL freaks me out. I know, logically, that she's not really scary, but the five year old in me just never got over the original fright.

  48. If it's possible, I love this blog even more than cake wrecks. Jen, we may have been separated at birth. I have a box of mechanical things Hubby and I have disassembled to make into steam punk wonderfulness, and I have just purchased the ghost busters video game!

  49. Jen, you are my hero. Nuff said.

    I'm trying desperately to find a game to play on our new PS3 that I bought my husband for Christmas. I love Star Wars, but the games they make for it are too hard. I'm not as into the first person shooter war games like my hubby. I'll watch them while he plays, but put my behind the control and I'll croak faster than a frog crossing the road.
    Ghostbusters might just be the ticket. Plus the games Split Second. It looks super fun. You race on a track and get to blow things up along the way to try to deter your opponents.

    AND....the backpack. I'm now torn between this one and the Yoda backpack. This one looks like it'll hold more. I've heard the Yoda back pack can barely handle books and water bottle.

  50. Your husband's so sweet! I get scared when I get one of those creepy chain mail letters that says something like Mickey Mouse will murder you tonight unless you forward this to 20 people... So I'm guessing I'd get pretty freaked out too. :) Also, I have a secret fear of whispers... Yeah, I don't know why either.

  51. Do. Not. Play. FATAL FRAME. Ever. You're a sixteen-year-old girl with a flashlight and a special camera. AND, because they thought it would be awesome, occasionally, you drop one, the other, or BOTH!

    I'd finish it, but MY husband won't stop laughing at me long enough to "co-play" and my friend that introduced me to it lives 250 miles away. :(

  52. lol I too sat there smiling like an idiot watching the video, and linking it to my hubby in an email... hahaha

  53. I assume these are other (older) versions of ghostbusters games.


  54. All of these comments are making me re-think trying to watch _Ghostbusters._ Which I don't have a copy of anyhow, but one day I could, and then I might want to watch it . . .


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