Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jen's Procrastination Station

Like you, I read blogs. A lot of blogs. I'd never keep track if it weren't for the miracle of the RSS feed. (And by the way, if you're *not* using a RSS reader, what are you waiting for? Google and Yahoo both have great options.)

So, if you're looking for more great blogs to read - and really, who isn't? - here are a few of my time-tested favorites:

Super Punch - my favorite blog, period. I describe it to friends as "a blog for people with Internet ADD," because John (the writer) posts a little of *everything*. Amazing art, funny comics, geeky products, fascinating news stories, and yes, even the occasional cake - it's all here. In fact, much of the cool stuff I've discovered online has been thanks to this blog. Plus, John posts a LOT - a dozen posts a day is common - so I never have to wait long for my next fix.

Great White Snark - all forms of geekiness, served up with a heavy side of snark. I love it. Even if he *does* keep mocking Star Trek. (Grrr.)

Snark is also the only blogger I follow who I've actually met in person. He reminded me a lot of my older brother. Is that a good thing? I'll never tell.

Daddy Likey - In Winona's words, "Daddy Likey is a blog about fashion. But sometimes I write haiku about chlamydia." It's hysterical. I once lost an entire Monday reading the archives, and that remains one of my favorite Mondays ever. I *highly* recommend reading this blog in huge doses; one post at a time is simply not enough.

Hyperbole and a Half - Allie draw hilariously bad pictures in Paintbrush to illustrate her hilariously hilarious posts about random things like showering. It's hilarious.

LikeCool - claims to be the "coolest gadget magazine", but it also has amazing videos, pop culture art, geek toys, fun designs, etc, etc. For some reason they also randomly post pin-up girls, though, so this one isn't always appropriate/safe for work.

Ok, I think that's enough procrastination fodder for now. :)

I tried to pick blogs with a fairly broad appeal here, but I'd love to swap recommendations with you on more specific topics. So, what do you read? Geek blogs? Girly blogs? Humor? Disney? DIY? Art? I love them all, and have plenty of blogs to recommend, so tell me what you like in the comments and I'll plan my next "procrastination" post accordingly.


  1. Thank you.

    Thank you for giving me something to do at work, besides. . .work.

  2. One of my favorite humor blogs is Wendi Aarons (http://wendiaarons.com/). She wrote that letter to the makers of Always about a "happy period" that has been emailed to *everyone*. One of my favorite posts is "A Suburban Mother Tells Her 12-Year-Old Neighbor How To Make His Street Gang More Powerful." She's hilarious and if you haven't read her stuff yet, do it now.

  3. Hmm...Maybe it would be easier to post what I DON'T read? LOL Anyway, on my reader I have things like People.com, TOR.com, SciFi Wire, Mental Floss, assorted comics (who knew there were so many of those??), things from the Cheezburger network (who can resist cute baby animals or lame Facebook posts?), and of course, the all important EPBOT and Cake Wrecks. :) Oh, I also have PostSecret on there (and am sad they only update on Sunday...When I first discovered it a few weeks ago, I lost an entire day reading the archives. Crazy!).

    I guess my tastes are about as eclectic as I am! LOL

  4. I read some GeekDad, Pioneer Woman, Margaret and Helen, and various cooking blogs

  5. Thank you! I'm too lazy to deliberately search out new blogs. I love Hyperbole and a Half!!! That's my kind of humor.

    I've been reading neatorama (http://www.neatorama.com) for a few months--it's got a variety of "Wow, that's neat!" snippets. They've also got a spinoff blog called neatogeek (http://www.neatorama.com/neatogeek/), but it doesn't get as many posts as their main page. I loved the pic of Leonard Nimoy on the set of ST: TOS w/ his son, and both of them wearing Spock ears.

  6. You are normally my weakness when it comes to getting distracted, but if you're ever up for it go to http://www.toothpastefordinner.com/
    and the other Sharing Machine Comics they always suck my time away.

  7. Another blog I like is Urban Prankster (http://urbanprankster.com/). I believe it's maintained by the man who runs Improv Everywhere. The site posts pranks, art, videos, etc. It runs the gamut from thought provoking to funny to stupid.
    My fave post highlights street art in Montreal. (http://urbanprankster.com/2008/09/roadsworth/) I'm not for breaking the law but I love unexpected art and this is so creative.

  8. I came across this blog a few months ago and I read it. Every. Day. I went back and read all the archives back to 2007 over the past few months too. The best place to start is in January 2010. www.enjoyingthesmallthings.blogspot.com

  9. They aren't really blogs, as they aren't updated very often, but two of my favorite websites to read are theoatmeal.com and 27bslash6.com. Hilarious--and they give me something to do at work.

  10. I look forward to checking those out. One that I really enjoy is Neatorama. No geek could go a week without the projects posted on Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. If you're into astronomy: Dr. Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy.

  11. I'm always up for a Cakewrecks fix in the morning (although I was always told you can't have cake for breakfast!), but my other guilty pleasures include Dooce (for the drama), Blurbomat (for the photography), 1000awesomethings (thank you for referring this one!), PeopleofWalMart (for the hilariousness), and My Canadian Boyfriend (for its awesomeness and adorable drawings). Oh, and EPBOT. But you already knew that.

  12. Truthfully, I don't read that many blogs. I go through a lot of webcomics (PvP, Penny Arcade, Questionable Content, etc.) But besides CW and EPBOT, I do read Shamus Young's blog: Twenty Sided - Dork is the new cool (http://www.shamusyoung.com/twentysidedtale/). It ranges from video games to movies to computers to random youtube clips (mostly geek culture), and of course his webcomics. You must read his DM of the Rings, trust me it's worth wasting the afternoon on, if not for the dialog, for the fantastic screenshots from the LOTR movies.

  13. Oh, you're killing me! I read a lot of blogs already, not the least your two, and now this? All while trying to keep up with three blogs of my own?! Oy vey.

  14. I love Allie Brosh, but I hadn't heard of the others. You've given me something to check out! My favorite blog right now is Pretty All True... she posts every day and it often makes me laugh while I'm supposed to be working.

  15. Covered is really rad (coveredblog.blogspot.com). Robert Goodin enlists artists to do their own versions of comic covers and posts them next to the originals.

  16. www.techeblog.com, is my favorite. Plus the dilbert blog is rather entertaining as well.

  17. I'm so grateful that you posted these. I had just requested "good blogs" from my friends, but since I like reading what you have to say, I'm guessing I'll also enjoy reading what you like to read! Huzzah!

  18. Anyone have a good blog for Potter or LOTR nerds? Or maybe even Potter/LOTR nerds?? Thanks in advance; I could always use more procrastination!

  19. Hyperbole and a half is just too funny. Her last post completely brightened my day. Thanks for sharing her link!!

  20. sleeptalkinman.blogspot.com is easily the funniest blog on the internet..... excepting cakewrecks and epbot, of course. Another one to read all of the archives, and the audio is awesome.

  21. I love Cake Wrecks of course, but one that I spend the most time procrastinating on is "www.reddit.com" It's a haven for all things geeky/funny/news/wtf and more.. it's a whole community that is user generator content. I am so excited to try all ones that you have recommended!!

  22. Most of my favs were already mentioned, but I also like Missed Connections, xkcd, thinkgeek (ok, that's more like a catalog but I like to make wish lists), and Cracked.

  23. regretsy.com is pretty amazing.

  24. I'm totally checking out these blogs. Thanks for the recommendations! I have quite a few favorite blogs, but one Disney one that I get a kick out of is www.disneyinmylife.com It's kinda cool to see where people randomly find things (outside of Disney parks) that remind them of Disney.

  25. I like to read Topless Robot - like Great White Snark it is a nerd blog and it doesn't mock Star Trek! TR runs a feature called "Fan Fiction Fridays" which, I have to say, I am addicted to (the author finds some of the weirdest, squickiest fan fiction out there and will post amusing commentary on it).

  26. I like Tavi's "Style Rookie" http://www.thestylerookie.com it's written by a very savvy 14 year old (!)who talks about fashion and feminism.

    I also like http://www.feministe.us/blog/ it's a feminist blog written by a group of very smart savvy women.

  27. what have you done to me!!!! More blogs to read are added to my list, who is going to clean my house, WHO?!

  28. Besides a lot of those which have been mentioned, and get a lot of traffic, a couple of my other daily favorites are This Week For Dinner and Corporette.

    Not as fun and geeky as those here, but, I do love to eat, and so I have a lot of cooking blogs that I regularly read (yes RSS is awesome!) and I am a fashionista failure, so Corporette helps me at least keep an eye on what I might want to aspire to look like when I roll into work every morning. LOL.

  29. o.m.g

  30. I check engrish.com almost as often as I check cakewrecks. :)

    Same with bugcomic.com

    http://www.axecop.com/ is insanely brilliant. Or maybe brilliantly insane.

    And www.tastespotting.com. For my daily oh-yum.

  31. oops. my bad.
    (two g's)

  32. You flatter me. Hence, you may continue to exist on the internets. In spite of your misguided fondness for Star Trek.

  33. Interestingly enough, EPBOT and Cakewrecks are the only two blogs I actively follow. Though I do follow the dgeek blog (David doesn't really update. And I followed because the forum was down) I don't really have any other blogs that I follow.

    Alhtouuuuuuuugh, I don't even know if he's around anymore, but back in the Opendiary/Freeopendiary days I followed a guy named "Krud." He was the first "blog" I ever followed (back when blogs were called online diaries or journals). I still have fond memories. He made me laugh in highschool and definitely offered some relief in my most stressful of days.

  34. This isn't really in the same vein as the blogs you posted, but I find bldgblog (http://bldgblog.blogspot.com/) to be extraordinarily cool despite my complete lack of knowledge about anything architecture related. You should check it out.

  35. http://www.dphowell.com
    I love this one

  36. Anyone else read 11Points? Not as geeky as most of these, but a little bit weird and a lot wonderful.

  37. A few of my favorite humor blogs that I haven't seen mentioned are:
    You suck at Craigslist
    Death By Children
    Starbucks Drama

  38. Oooh now I am going to have to try them.. and my husband can say goodbye to ever having the computer again lol.

  39. Besides CW, gofugyourself.com is my favorite blog. Those girls crack me up - and we're roughly the same age (I'll say early 30s) - so all of their pop culture references from the past are relevant.

  40. Oh dear! You had to ask...

    Young House Love (DIY)
    The Pioneer Woman
    Geek Dad (@ Wired magazine - excellent for all geeks, dads or not)
    The Oatmeal
    Annie's Eats (will make you feel heavier just LOOKING at the cupcakes she makes)
    Defective Yeti

    That's just the beginning...

  41. Curses to you for introducing me to Daddy Likey. It's awesome! :-)

    I do not heart Star Wars (please don't throw things at me); however, I do find these plates whimsical and funny.


    Just curious if you happened to own them. :-)

  42. Other then your two blogs the only one I follow regularly is my husband's blog. He writes about the outings he and our daughter take together in and around Boston.(http://travelswithmaura.blogspot.com)

    I fear I find most blongs not worth the time, though I will have to take a look at the few you recomended today. Who knows...

  43. Ok, the first blog I started following is: Full Moon Howling
    ( http://aylawolf.wordpress.com/ )

    not a geek blog, a werewolf fiction blog with little bits of real life thrown in. It's just good, not always clean, werewolfy fun.

  44. A great comic blog is qwantz.com. It involves a t-rex, his companions, and topics ranging from politics to potty humor to quantum physics to lame jokes. It reminds me a little of the discussions between Calvin and his stuffed tiger, Hobbes.

  45. I just finished reading all of the Hyperbole and a Half posts. They are awesome!

    Other blogs I follow tend to be artsy or comic-based. Hark! A Vagrant (beatonna.livejournal.com), Emmy C. (binsybaby.livejournal.com), and Team Dynamite Lazer Beam (teamdynamite.livejournal.com) are all good.

    Other than that, comics make up most of my feeds. Dinosaur Comics, Johnny Wander, XKCD, Dr. McNinja, and Nedroid comics are all amusing.

    Thank you for doing what you do!

  46. Thank you for introducing me to Hyperbole and a Half, i just burst out laughing at work...which so far has only happened due to your blogs...thanks for an additional ray of sunshine to get through the day. I love Epbot, keep it rockin' :o)

  47. Praying to Darwin (http://prayingtodarwin.wordpress.com) is my favorite behind Cake Wrecks and the Cheezburger sites. Among single-topic blogs I love You Suck at Craigslist (http://www.yousuckatcraigslist.com), Not Always Right (http://notalwaysright.com) and That's My Boss (http://www.thatsmyboss.com).

  48. I read Anger Burger. (angerburger.com).

  49. Sounds like perfect summer reading material.

    www.yousuckatcraigslist.com is among my favorites you didn't mention.

  50. I posted this on FB, too, but this is one of my favorites: http://open.salon.com/blog/tequilaanddonuts
    Deven writes about her mom's movie club at the retirement community and has me rolling on a regular basis.
    and this one is just fun, random stuff posted by the band okgo... and no, it's not all stuff by them, it's just cool stuff: http://okg0.tumblr.com/

  51. The three blogs that I read regularly are epbot, cake wrecks, and candy blog. Candy blog is a wonderful but somewhat painfully mouthwatering blog that has very serious reviews and ratings of all kinds of sweets. This is the blog for all you candy-lovers out there! Another great foodie blog is Much Depends on Dinner, a humorous blog that posts recipes and wonderful pics of good food.

  52. Holy crap - I'm just jazzed I found someone else named Winona!

  53. If you're a real super-duper ├╝bergeek, there's Siskoid's Blog of Geekery, which has a full review of every single episode of Star Trek ever. And other geeky things (mostly comic book related). Lots of Dr. Who stuff too. And cats. Geeky cats.


  54. Thanks for the great links! :) I think it would be simple math to point out that following a Cakewrecks, a blog about cake, I naturally would follow other blogs about food. I love, love, love:

    Smitten Kitchen (incredible food, NYC-style, with humor, no-nonsense fun and a cute baby, to boot!)

    Bakerella (Sugar, made cute and put on a stick)

    David Levobitz (or however you spell this French cook's name?!)

    Technicolor Kitchen (amazing food from the heart of Brazil!)

    ...and that's it, besides a host of other blogs that I won't list here. Rah! Food! :)

  55. Wow, new blogs to put on my feedburner! Wahoo! :)

    You need to look at TheOatmeal.com. It's a better made version of Hyperbole and a Half (in fact, when I first saw the latter, I thought she was plagiarizing The Oatmeal).

    I also like MentalFloss.com. Miscellaneous factoids and articles galore! Plus, they sell awesome t-shirts. :)

  56. First, you give me Cake Wrecks. Then you launch Epbot. For some reason, you decide to blog about 5 other blogs. They are now added to my google reader and my kids thank you for giving them free time to get into all kinds of trouble.

  57. Some of my favorites (besides yours, of course! LOL) are Crazy Things Parents Say, Not Always Right, Wedinator, Learn From My Fail, People of Wal Mart, Ugliest Tattoos, Fail Blog, Failbooking, My Very Worst blogs (there's 3: Date, Job and Roomate), LOL Dogs, LOL Cats and Very Demotivational.

  58. I Love Boing Boing (Boingboing.net) beacuse it keeps me up to date with current events, pop art culture, wierd science and some stuff that i just totally don't understand but looks really cool. I also love passive aggressive notes (passiveaggressivenotes.com) working in an office environment i can realate to many of the notes - the best ones are the ones written by children.

  59. I read Cake Wrecks! But here are some other favorites.

    I read Bruce Schneier for my InfoSec Geekiness: http://www.schneier.com/blog/

    I read the3six5 for journal entries by a different author each day: http://the3six5.posterous.com/

    I read Roger Ebert's blog for frequent profundity (much more than just movies): http://blogs.suntimes.com/ebert/

    I read Kelly Oxford for brilliant randomness: http://kellyoxford.tumblr.com/

    Also, a friends' husband is a Dreamworks artist. His blog recently included his 30 favorite Star Wars characters. I think you'd appreciate them: http://benbalistreri.blogspot.com/2010/05/my-30-favorite-star-wars-characters.html

  60. Not a blog suggestion, but is a great way to procrastinate and involves the interweb....check out SFDebris on Youtube. This guy does gut-bustingly hilarious reviews of Star Trek episodes and the original cast movies. Smart, insightful, witty, and snarky...he's like a male Jen!

  61. I read Disney Parks Blog, Cute Overload, Passive Aggressive Notes, & your blogs ^.^

  62. not really a blog but...


    gets the creative juices flowing and opens the mind by giving you a peek into someone else's mind, one sentence at a time.

  63. In addition to CW and Epbot, I love:
    The Comics Curmudgeon
    Paris Breakfasts (Paris, painting, pastries, shopping and cool stuff)
    The Word Detective
    Not So Humble Pie (amazing baked goods by a nerdy biological anthropologist)
    Go Fug Yourself

    Thanks for all the great ideas – I love finding new blogs!

  64. I just realized I made a mistake... Its iamyourcanadianboyfriend, not my canadian boyfriend. Oops.

  65. This one is highly specific but should be enjoyable for anyone. It's zoowithroy.com . The premise is that it is the writer's dream to go to the zoo with Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay. It reads like it was written by a 10-year-old. He held a twitter-follower drive to adopt a red panda from the Philadelphia zoo and a reader poll to name it. He draws stick-figure artwork in MS Paint. Best of all (for Jen) he wrote a post matching the current Phillies to their Muppet Babies counterparts.

  66. I feel that much cooler knowing that you also read Hyperbole and a Half. See? Two things we have in common.

  67. THANKS! :)

    my fav RSS reader is Bloglines http://www.bloglines.com/

    And another GREAT blog is URLesque

  68. Besides CakeWrecks, and now EPBOT, I read Geekologie, The Raucious Royals (because I'm dork like that), and various other things. I write in my own alot too. I try, like you to just post silly, dorky, and absurd things I find but sometimes I sneak a personal one in

  69. I love to read the blog Post Secret! There are a lot of secrets in this world! I also love the fact that Frank( the creator of the blog) always post a national help line for people who need it. It is a great site! I read that blog every Sunday because he only posts on Sundays. That is also when I read your blogs!!

  70. I second the recommendation for Smitten Kitchen (a food blog)!
    The author has wonderful recipes and BEAUTIFUL photographs. You can even search her archive if you are looking for a specific type of recipe. My favorite recipe of hers so far is called Chocolate Caramel Crack(ers). Best of all, it could be made Kosher for Passover!

  71. My own totally awesome blog is Thrift Madness - thriftmadness.blogspot.com. It's devoted to strange and interesting things found at thrift stores, which is sort of an unhealthy obsession of mine.

    Besides the obvious, Post Secret, 1000 Awesome Things, and some of the pages on the Cheezburger network... i do also really enjoy www.passiveaggressivenotes.com.

  72. Most of the technical stuff is beyond me, but I am in awe of Evil Mad Scientist.


    Last Halloween I even used their tutorial to make (no kidding) edible googly eyes!


  73. I only go to cuteoverload.com and both of yours. I used to read fmylife.com and peopleofwalmart.com every day. But I am lazy and have no idea how an RSS feed works (if someone could explain WHY I need one that would be swell) so I narrowed it down to the 3 that amuse me the most =)

    PS <3 the Princess Bride reference yesterday on cakewrecks >_<

  74. It's probably already been mentioned, but I love this blog:


    It's cute and creative and makes me hungry which seems a brilliant combination to me :)

  75. I am actually a shameless self promoter so I read my own blog,www.28weeksofchange.blogspot.com, lol. I keep checking it to see if anyone has commented (3 total to date whoopee) and to see if I have more followers than just my sister and a dear friend. Not yet but I keep trying :) peopleofwalmart.com is a fave as well as thatsmyboss.com and youdrivewhat.com

    My all time favorite blog however, is in fact Cakewrecks, although epbot.com is coming in a close second.

  76. Thank you for Hyperbole and a Half. I don't know how I lived without it!

    ...or how I'm going to stop reading it and get anything else accomplished!

  77. Thanks for all of the great suggestions. I am always looking for something new and entertaining to read. My all time favorite blogs (besides CW of course) are Thrifty Decor Chick (a hilarious DIY home decorator) and Bakerella (if you want to feel inspired and inadequate in the kitchen all at once).

  78. OK, I'm a day late - so shoot me.... I seem to follow a lot of blogs and you would think I spend a ton of time reading them, but they are mostly pictures. I don't care to read much, but I LOVE the pictures!!

    I follow (or have bookmarked):

    *TombWrecks (which you introduced to me)
    *That is Priceless http://thatispriceless.blogspot.com/
    *A Year of Slow Cooking because I hate to cook so anything to make it easier.... http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/
    *Pearls Before Swine http://stephanpastis.wordpress.com/
    *xkcd (actually a comic, but awesome) http://www.xkcd.com/

    Then the Photography blogs:
    *The Pioneer Woman (I love her photography and photo assignments)
    *Quiet Life
    *The Ivory Hut

    Then the few of my personal friends and, of course, my own (http://justanothergirlwithacamera.blogspot.com/)

    Wow... that's a lot!

  79. Oh, and check out my friend Jeff's blog. He's just a neat geeky guy I met in college. My favorite part of his blog is the occasional contest where he slaps up a photo and has everyone "photoshop Jeff". Great submissions from all his geeky friends.


  80. ari from australiaJune 3, 2010 at 3:01 AM

    One of my most favourites is Fatshionista (www.fatshionista.com), which documents the life and times of various fat-activists with fashion sense and style, primarily Leslie.

    I'm not fat or a fat-activist, but I sure like fashion, and this chick has got SUCH spunk and moxy that I want to hug her for loving herself, and also kind of be afraid of her because she might snap me in half like a twig.

    Leslie also invented the twitter channel, @2wholecakes, which is (tenuously) cake related and therefore awesome.

    Check 'er out!

    ari from australia
    (mmm, two whole cakes...)

  81. Thank you thank you thank you so much for "presenting" me to Hyperbole and a Half, I'm so madly in love with her now ! I've been spending the last few days browsing through her site and she is just so hilarious as well as being witty and gorgeous.

    In exchange I'd like to offer nothingbutbonfires.com, the blog of another very talented and interesting person who writes about her life (just writing and often photos thought no drawings).

    Thanks again !

  82. OMG Jen you have completely killed my productivity at work and I am loving it. I find your stuff awesome and way too funny, and thanks to you I have started reading Hyperbole and a Half and can't stop. Thank you for sharing with us even if I never get anything done at work again

  83. Thank you for this fantastic list! I just spent most of the afternoon looking at Hyperbole and a Half. That's comedy gold right there. Yep.

  84. Have you discovered Dark Roasted Blend: http://www.darkroastedblend.com/
    He's way into steampunk.....

  85. I just started a new blog about sewing and crafting with some cooking and gardening going into the mix soon. I'm not posting as regularly as I would like since I've hit my busy time at work, but it might provide a few minutes of procrastination for the craftily inclined.


  86. www.15minutelunch.com Johnny Virgil is the author, he's had the blog for over 5 years and is very funny. He took a 70's JC Pennys catalog and added commentary. He always makes me LOL.

    And of course, cakewrecks and Epbot. Those are my guilty pleasures.

  87. http://www.jennsylvania.com/


  88. OH! I completely forgot:

    It's an entire blog of artwork based on Where the Wild Things Are. It's beautiful.

  89. Sorry this is late--I've been out of the country. Here's an eclectic list of sites I LOVE to visit:

  90. If you're a Disney fan, there's always something interesting on JimHillMedia.com

    I especially love the articles about the theme parks: their history, funny stories, things that are happening in the future, scrapped ideas, concept art, and so forth.

  91. jen, i blame your choices in blogs for making me convulse in silent laughter (and laugh so hard i cried) while waiting for my laundry to finish at la lavandaria. thanks. now more people are avoiding my little corner. :D

  92. hothhotjapanhot is great!!


  93. THank you for Hyperbole and a Half - she is hilarious!

  94. Try Jumble Mash

    She is just starting out, but she is funny. That's how I found your page, too. She gave you some blog lovin'.

  95. my new favourite blog (aside from yours, of course) is smitten kitchen - it's all about cooking and baking with recipes (for free!!!)! as a lover of baking and cooking, this is a great resource for tested recipes and a bit of interesting banter along the way. there's a red velvet cake recipe i'm itching to try. . .

    i also love to sew, so feeling stitchy is a great resource which shows the super-awesome stuff going on in modern embroidery right now (sounds like an oxy-moron, but even so it's actually ridiculously awesome especially if you like left-of centre design work).

    that's my two cents, anyroad. by the way, thanks for the info re embedding websites (hopefully i did it right. . .)

  96. Hey! Ok, yes, I am behind on commenting (hey, I have this OCD thing about going back to the first post and reading to the current when I start up a new blog haha) but one of the online comics I frequent is somethingpositive.net
    Start at the first comic and just try not to keep reading... It's more RPG gamer/super hero/socially awkward/theater lovers humor but it's quite hilarious and there's a new comic up every day. Check it out!

  97. I like SuperPunch, I found a lot of knowledge with interesting pictures there ..

  98. The Yarn Harlot. She knits, and she is freakin' hilarious.


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