Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dragon*Con! Continued

More goodies from last year's Dragon*Con:

The away-team red shirts! Always a classic.

As prevalent and unforgiving as spandex is, there's both a lot of tragedy and a lot of "sha-ZAM!" to see around the floor. This gal definitely falls in the latter category.

I felt like a stumpy little hobbit around all the svelte Amazon women there - thank goodness the tragedies helped even it out a little. ;)

A couple more:

Of the crowd of photographers around these two, I was the only female. Hah!
I tried to send John in for a few of these photos, but he got unusually shy each time.

A rowdy Mario group at one of the bars:

Tell me the Mario doesn't look like Kevin Spacey.

Sauron was hard to get a good shot of:

Quite the crowd around him, too.

Gotta include some Muppets here:

And a few great Disney costumes:

This was well before Princess and the Frog came out, too. Doesn't she look great?

And some fun UP cosplay:

She had all the patches!

I'm going to show my ignorance here: anyone know what this is from?

I just loved her chandelier headdress. Is she from Doctor Who? Feels very Time Lord to me.

[UPDATE: That was quick! Turns out this is from the movie The Fall. I'm amazed I've never heard of this film before; it sounds pretty cool. Thanks, guys!]

Another fun crowd-pleaser:

More cowbell!
John even has the cowbell t-shirt; that's one of his favorite SNL sketches.

Another swoon-worthy one for me:

The Rocketeer? Be still my heart!!
I'd like him on my right arm and the Dread Pirate Roberts on my left, if you please. :D

"They're creepy and they're kooky..."

I also took lots of pics of pretty and/or cute girl costumes, just 'cuz I love them.

"Fabulous, Harry, I love the feathers."

So. Cute.

Lots of steampunk/Victorian costumes around:

And this gorgeous gal happened to be sitting behind us during the costume contest:

Some of you asked for Doctor Who costumes. I know there were a few Doctors around - and one impressive David Tennant look-alike in the parade - but all I have are these cute Dalek dresses:

Dr. Horrible with his modified DEATH ray:

And last but not least, a fierce looking Batman:

That's it for me! For more, check Flickr for Dragon 2009 pics; I don't have any pics of the parade, and there were TONS of great vehicles and costumes there.

Hope you guys enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed taking them! Costume hunting on the floor was my favorite activity at the con; I can't wait to see what this year's haul will bring!


  1. Be still my geek heart. i would love to have been able to go to any con to see costumes like these.

    love your style (writing and humor included)

  2. "I'd like him on my right arm and the Dread Pirate Roberts on my left, if you please."

    I challenge you to a nerd-girl battle of wits for them. :-)

  3. The Headpiece is from "The Fall" AWESOME MOVIE

    Picture of said headpiece -

  4. The gal in white is from a film called "The Fall". Which is totally awesome, btw.

  5. Dragon*Con is so much fun, and the costumes really are amazing! The Red Shirts! I didn't see them, that's hilarious.

    FYI for the people asking about Doctor Who - the BritTrack is very active, and there's a huge Who contingent. We had about 70 in the DW parade group alone. Many aren't readily recognizable as costumey, since most of the companions tend to look like regular street clothes - but we have some amazing Weeping Angels, a Sontaran, a White Robot, several Clockwork Droids, Sharaz Jek, all 11 Doctors (although the Eighth didn't show for the parade) and more brilliance!

  6. Hmmm.. The unknown costume kinda looks like something they would put on Queen Amidala in the new Star Wars movies. It's kinda like this outfit they had on her:

    I'm not sure though...

  7. Wow. Those are some awesome costumes. What is hot green spandex woman from? I wish I could ID the chandelier headdress woman, because that is one awesome look. If someone does, post an ETA here and let us know?

    Also I just wanna say I always enjoyed CakeWrecks, but I think I like EPBOT even more. Hope y'all's upcoming book tour is delightful.

  8. I so want to go to DC. I'm very jealous

  9. that costume you don't know about is from The Fall:

  10. AH! I want to go to Atlanta!!! I could totally get in on a Westley/Rocketeer combo too. Amazing.

    My first crushes growing up were in this order:
    1. Westley
    2. Prince Eric (Animated dudes can be crush-worthy too!)
    3. Mad Mordigan
    4. Cliff

  11. Wow those are some awesome shots. Do you know what hot green spandex woman is from? Also I wish I could ID chandelier headdress woman for you. If you figure out what she's from, could you post an ETA here and let us know?

    I've always loved CakeWrecks, but I think I'm enjoying EPBOT even more, in some ways. Thanks for starting it. :D And The Rocketeer! Now I want to get my hands on that movie and watch it again.

    Hope y'all's upcoming book tour is made of awesome and win.

  12. If you're looking for Doctor Who costumes here's a somewhat obscure one I did last year: <a href=">Clicky</a>

  13. For what it's worth, that second steampunk costume actually looks a lot like Kroenen from the first Hellboy film.

    BTW, I thought you were cool just for CakeWrecks, but finding out how deep your geekiness goes on Epbot has totally blown me away.

    Your awesomeness astounds me.

  14. I love Cake Wrecks and am really glad you started a blog about other interests. I've been ready since Day 1 I think.

    I live in Atlanta and organize a group called GALS, we're geeks(!) of the beer variety. We're planning on having a meet-up near the D*C convention and I just want to invite anyone who may be interested.

  15. @Andy - I think you're right about the Hellboy costume; I just couldn't remember the guy's name. :)

    Hellboy actually has a lot of the steampunk aesthetic though, along with League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Good stuff. (Except for the 2nd Hellboy film, of course; that thing was TERRIBLE. Heh.

  16. Since you already know the chandelier costume is from the Fall, I'll only emphasize that it's an amazing movie. I watched it about a week and a half ago for the first time, and I'm totally in love.

  17. I am pretty sure that "awesome green spandex woman" is supposed to be Hel (Norse goddess guessed it...Hel). This is, I believe, the Marvel comics version of Hel.

    Yeah, I am *that* much of a geek.

    Awesome new blog, Jen, and I am so incredibly jealous that you get to go to Dragon*Con. I guess I will have to live vicariously through you.

  18. Plenty of people are telling you about The Fall, but nobody seems to be telling you WHY you must see that movie:

    Two words:

    Lee. Pace.

    also THANK YOU for the amazing pictures, I love stuff like this and it's surprisingly difficult to find well-taken pictures from conventions!

  19. Haha! I love your choice of escorts. The Rocketeer & the Dread Pirate Roberts are both wins in my book.

  20. They're so fabulous! They looked like something Lady Gaga would wear... Especially the second one and the victorian one. Just geeky gorgeous!

  21. Thanks for the pics! I won't be getting there anytime soon (lack of funds), so I have to live vicariously. :-)

  22. "Fabulous, Harry, I love the feathers."

    Thank you for the Aladdin reference! :-)

  23. I LOVE Dr Horrible, but the guy looks a LOT more like Spike from Buffy!

  24. i am all aflutter from the loads of geek boy and girl gorgeousness. and now i am supposed to go run my press?! however shall i concentrate?

  25. Did anyone else see "Dr. Horrible" and for a second think it was James Marsters (aka Spike) from Buffy the Vampire Slayer days?

  26. So... You don't know me, and I don't think I've ever commented on one of your blogs (though I've been reading CW forever and this one since you started it). Anyway. I saw this steampunk furniture on Apartment Therapy and thought of you:

    ...and that's all the creepiness I have for now.

  27. Fun couple of posts!! I guess the question would be...what did you and John dress as?? (unless, I was too busy looking at the pics and missed if you said already.) :)

  28. Blue Oyster Cult FTW! "I've got a fever and the only prescription is MORE COWBELL" Love it :))

  29. I've wanted to go to Comic Con in San Diego for years, but the schedule and distance would never work for me. I'm only 3 hours from Atlanta. What's it cost? Can you just come for a day and see the costumes?
    Love Rocketeer! Dread Pirate Robert would be second.

  30. I think that's the Sauron I saw in the hall last year- scared the hell out of me. I ran for my husband and cowered behind him until that thing passed.

  31. @elise the great - THANK YOU for that pic of Lee Pace...mmmmmmmm, sorry where was I? I'm going to have to check out that movie now..

    and thank goodness that I wasn't the only one who thought Dr Horrible looked like James Marsters/Spike..

  32. @elise-the-great - THANK YOU for linking that yummy picture of Lee Pace!!! I'm definitely going to have to check out that movie now. >:-)

    and thank goodness that I wasn't the only one who thought Dr. Horrible looked like James Marsters/Spike!

    wv: orowr = the noise made when viewing men of the likes of Dread Pirate Roberts, Capt'n Jack Sparrow, Lee Pace, etc etc

  33. You are more than welcome to borrow Cliff/Rocketeer and Westley/DPR from me at any time if you say please.

  34. Jen -- what are YOU going to go dressed as? Do you dress up? Do you need help with a costume?

  35. Love that Wonder Woman costume.. is now envious of anyone that can fit into skin tight outfits but I refuse to give up my chocolate so will just sit and envy and pretend I can fit in them too lol.

  36. Dalek dresses? Niiice. :) Did they go around shouting "Exterminate! Exterminate!"?

  37. I wish I could go to a con like this, but there are very few in the UK (anyone know any good ones?)
    Request for Doctor Who costume photos. Please?

  38. @Marnie I'm not sure if you can go for one day only but here's the link to check out

    I do know they have a parade every year in downtown Atlanta that anyone can watch. In fact we take our kids every year to it.

  39. More More More! You have me so excited for your pictures from this year's upcoming event! I could look at these pictures and read your commentary all day! Thanks!

  40. I think I saw an interview with James Marsters in which he said he was a total convention-going geek, so maybe Dr. Horrible WAS him. Except I think he only did the bleach hair for the show. Oh, well. (drools on keyboard)

  41. Of COURSE you're a DragonCon dork as well. I heart you so hard.

    I love the parade - I went for the first time a few years ago and caught the Ghostbusters car - omg, so awesome.

    I think my favorite table was the guys selling insults. It was hilarious. And hurtful. I met the lead from 'Night of the Creeps' and the dude who wrote 'Last Unicorn' and met Xander, that's all I cared about. What an awesome event.

  42. does anyone else think that the orange feather girl looks like one of the firey characters from labyrinth?

  43. I always love your references on CW and here.

    But the Aladdin reference made me laugh out loud! (And I'm at work.)

    It was obscure, it was so appropriate for the photo, it was so witty.

    Loved seeing you & John in Portland and hope you can swing through here again soon.

  44. You must watch The Fall as soon as possible. It is one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen.

    Even more amazing - most of it is NOT greenscreen.

  45. Oh yeah - I know the person in the second picture. She is a good friend of mine, and she was dressed at Dazzler at HeroesCon last weekend.

  46. The "hot green spandex woman" is indeed Hela, goddess of Death from the Marvel version of Asgard.

    And thanks for putting me in the "shaZAM" column :)

  47. Absolutely love the costumes! Sauron?!?! All I can say is wow. And love the Dr. Horrible, too. You are so lucky to get to go to this! Seems like a blast.

    And I agree with the people who, while we love cakewrecks, it's fun to read about other things, too. Still think I like cakewrecks more, though. Guess I'm just not quite geeky enough (but you may convert me).

  48. If you haven't seen the movie The Fall then you are missing out. It was filmed over 4 years at 26 locations in 18 different countries. Starring the mega hot Lee Pace....

    One of the more interesting things about the film was that Lee Pace's co-star was a little girl who didn't know english (just like her character) and they filmed hospital scenes in order so as the character grows taller and learns english so does the little girl.

    Also, (from IMDB) "a miscommunication between the casting agent and Catinca Untaru led her to believe that Lee Pace was a real-life paraplegic. Director Tarsem Singh found that this brought an added level of believability to their dialogue, so he decided to keep almost the entire cast and crew under the same impression." Amazing right?

    Go see this movie. Some of the images look CGI but apparent none of them are and there are no special effects. Oh how I love this movie!

  49. I'll take Dread Pirate Roberts and Batman. I'm all for Victorian costumes (have you heard of the Japanese subculture Lolita where they all wear Victorian style clothes?)! I LOVE this stuff, but feel I am not quite geeky enough (I just don't have the knowledge after trying to hide my geekiness for so long) and would probably be called out as a poser.

  50. I live so close to Atlanta, and yet I have never been to Dragon Con. Maybe I finally will this year!

  51. We're hoping to get to DC in the next few years. WorldCon has great costuming as well, if you ever get to one of those. Thanks for the great pictures!

    P.S. I thought of you when I was wearing my cupcake earrings last weekend! :))


  52. I live in Atlanta and last year a friend invited me to go with her to spend afternoon in the Peachtree Center food court and watch all the people passing through. It was such a great time. The costumes are incredible. I look forward to going back this year and seeing it all again.

  53. That Dr. Horrible looks more like Spike dressed up as Dr. Horrible! Whedon-verses collide!

  54. I'm so excited y'all will make D*C againt his year! I hoped against hope you would when you mentioned at your Atlanta book signing (I was the one asking you what your fav sci-fi show and episode was - sorry to have stumped you.) I'll follow you on Twitter and try to find you! :-) What are *you* going to dress up as? A hobbit? I know I could pull off a hobbit pretty unbelievably! LOL We are trying to pull a family steampunk ensemble together....among other ideas.

    Love this blog. It's like getting to know a BFF I never knew I was missing! :o) Keep it up!

  55. Oh no! D: Now I'm super-super jealous. Take lots and lots of pictures, please! C:

    Hee! That Ten lookalike is rather convincing, if not for the nose. c: You should also bring kidnapping/man-napping supplies.

  56. "Gorgeous gal" is Maral, from Canada - she is amazing at costuming. Here's her website:

  57. Jumping on the bandwagon of people who thought Dr. Horrible looks a lot like Spike. At least they're both Whedon creations. ;)

    This looks like so much fun! I may have to go someday.

  58. @Jen - Do you think it possible we could convince someone to do a life size, Naked Baby Mohawk Carrot Jockey?

    @Marnie - I think the 4 day is up to $100 now, as the last price breaks usually end in June. Daily tix are avail day-of, no idea on cost. Roaming Atlanta and the Sat parade is free. Sometimes parade clips make it to news and CNN.

  59. The Mario does kinda look like Kevin Spacey, but the Luigi could be a doppelganger of Daniel Stern.

  60. Yay! More geekery! I especially love the redshirts- only a true Trekkie (or Trekker- whichever you prefer) would find them as sadly hilarious as I do. Still you have to tell me; was there even a single Star Trek: Deep Space Nine costume there? DS9 is my geeky obsession, so that would restore my faith in humanity.
    WV: Grexc: A good name for a science fiction villain.

  61. You really need to see The Fall. It is utterly amazing with great cinematography. Besides, Lee Pace who played Ned from Pushing Daisies is one of the main characters.

  62. I was going to point out that the mystery costume is from the sumptuously filmed movie "The Fall"--with my imaginary boyfriend Lee Pace--but others already did :)

    Thanks for the fantastic pictures and the hilarious commentary!

  63. hey jen what do you look like i'm just curious!


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