Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Wrapping Up Dragon Con 2022: Sunday Favorites & Stories

Happy Tuesday, my marshmallow fluffs and stuffeds!

As John and I skid through the finish line after nearly two solid weeks of work, I have to thank you for still being here, and for cheering me on even when you have no idea what most of the costumes in our videos are, ha.

(Although I bet you recognize these!)

Convention season is mostly over - just themed Halloween & holiday ones after this - so it's been a blast going all out with my Dragon Con coverage this year. Not gonna lie; my spark has been dimmed of late, at least when it comes to working online. It's so easy to get discouraged when your only measures of success are fickle social media numbers. So I needed this real-life celebration. I needed the face-to-face energy and laughter and creativity to fill up my nerd tank, and now I'm fired up and SO READY to tackle our next big project: Halloween.

(This is not a hint for Halloween.)



But first, let's wrap up the best convention of the year with one more "best of" for Sunday. The song we chose is a total chair dance, and this compilation has more silliness and sound ducked in so you feel like you're right there with us:

The Grinch was one of my favorites, he was so perfectly in character! We kept wandering back to get more video. (I think he's wearing purple as a Green Goblin mashup.) Also watch for the Tiki Birds ("Fabulous, Harry, I love the feathers"), King George's shoulder pops, incredible Hatter makeup, side-dancing at 1:38, the Space Camp robot, Turd Ferguson & Sean Connery from SNL (so funny, ermergersh), Delores from Death Star HR (and TikTok fame), the French Knight from Monty Python talking to a guy COMPLETELY ignoring him at 2:45, Bumble(!!), The Mask-Dalorian, a Ralph McQuarrie concept Darth Vader (yassss), the Princess Amidala who won the Masquerade, and of course stay to the end for the sweetest Princess Jasmine moment with a teeny Snow White.

And as promised for those who missed them, here are all my Stories in order from the con weekend:

Gotta add a quick addendum about this Dread Pirate Roberts Challenge, which was one of the best cosplay interactions I've seen and also the most "Only At Dragon Con":

Most of you said you could guess without further explanation, so I'll just add that this fellow - who did a bang-on Dread Pirate Roberts impression - had an entire LINE of volunteers waiting for their potentially spiked drinks. (He pulls up that flap to block their view while he adds the alcohol. And not from a bottle, either; from little syringes, which he invites them to "smell but do not touch.")

Taking unmarked alcohol from strangers is actually very common at Dragon Con; there are folks literally wandering around with backpacks full of Jello shots. I just happen to think that's insane and stupidly risky, so don't mind me over here clutching my pearls about it.

Bringing that Estelle Getty energy in my old age. "PICTURE IT, Dragon Con, 2022."

Anyhoo, Dread Pirate Roberts was back 2 or 3 nights in a row, so I  do wonder how he was still standing by the end of the weekend, heh. Again, dead clever way to interact with con-goers, but also bonkers and I do NOT recommend.

And with that, I believe this finally concludes my Dragon Con 2022 Palooza, friends. I hope you had fun!

Oh, and cosplayers, I now have all of my flash portraits up in the Epbot Flickr gallery, so head there to find and download any I have of you.

Feel free to re-post my photos or video clips of you on your own accounts, no need to ask.

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I know not everyone has funds to spare, of course, which is why we do all this for free and never lock anything behind paywalls or sponsorship tiers. Just your being here is enough, so thanks for that.

See you back here Friday!


P.S. In the Dragon Con-y chaos this month I completely forgot to announce our August Squeegineer winners, so congrats, Lisa J, Heather D, & Faith L, and please check your inboxes for a message from John to choose your prizes!


  1. I always enjoy your roundups!

  2. Of all of these, The Blue Screen of Death got my biggest reaction! Them, and Jinx! (I'm with you on the booze thing. I was handed a jello shot by a TODDLER at Dragon Con, and when I noped TF out of that whole situation, I basically got called a party pooper... WTF?)

  3. *goes through Flickr gallery* Is that... is that someone dressed as... Starbucks pumpkin spice...? I love nerds

  4. That dandelion puff!

  5. Thanks for giving me my yearly peek into Dragon Con! I know that it was more People than I can do anymore.

  6. Oh my God...so true about the unmarked alcohol people offer you at DragonCon. I went with my husband for the first time in 2019 and I remember this guy was going around with a super soaker kind of gun with alcohol in it and people would open their mouths and he would shoot the alcohol directly in. Well, homeboy found me walking towards my husband and actually grabbed my arm and presented the alcohol gun. I was like, uuhhh....no thanks! He started to kiss my hand (dude was DRUNK) and really insist I have a drink. I had to politely and firmly get myself out of that situation and call my husband over. Some people are way too touchy feely and quick to get alcohol in you at that con!
    Only person I was comfortable taking alcohol from was a DC volunteer my husband and I both friended, he showed us around, and gifted us "Apple Pie" as a welcome to Atlanta gift. It was labeled and we were all together as a group when trying it.

  7. You guys might want to meet up at the Central Library - they've recently remodeled and there are some really nice spaces inside to get away from it all and it's right down next to the convention centers. No Sunday hours, but maybe functional for a lunchtime meetup on Friday or Saturday.


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